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Jenna’s Review-Burton Step On Bindings Snowboard

Jenna’s Review-Burton Step On Bindings Snowboard

Hi I’m Jenna, I just got off the new Burton Step-On System. I give this system 4 out of 5 stars. This system is great if you’re looking for convenience, and something that is really easy to get in and out of. At this point i’ve ridden it for a full day. And while it took a little bit at first to kind of figure it out, by the end of the day I could get in much faster than simply strapping in my bindings. So you actually connect into the high back, and then you’ve got two toe clips in the front which holds you in as well. It’s cool because i did get a chance to ride it on powder today when there was a lot of snow in my bindings, and if i accidentally didn’t brush it out i was still able to click in. Which wasn’t the case with some of the old step-in systems. I was pretty apprehensive going into it and I was pleasantly surprised and the system itself rides really well. It’s comfortable, and it actually gave me more response than a strap in binding did. So again, 4 out of 5 stars. Give it a shot!

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  1. Your description sounds like you really liked it and it gave more response than normal bindings… why not 5 stars? Anything you didn’t like about them?

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