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Jeep Wrangler JK Alpine 10 in. Weather Resistant Subwoofer (2007-2018 4-Door) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler JK Alpine 10 in. Weather Resistant Subwoofer (2007-2018 4-Door) Review & Install

Ryan: This Alpine 10-Inch Weather-Resistant
Subwoofer is for those of you that have a four-door 2007 to 2018 JK that are looking
for way to mount a subwoofer in your Jeep that is gonna be resistant to any sort of
moisture. You leave the top down, it rains, you do some
wheeling in wet scenarios, whatever it might be, it’s not going to affect your subwoofer
and it’s also going to be mounted in an area that is otherwise unused. So it’s going to be a nice clean installation,
you’re never even gonna know that this is there of course, until you’re listening to
the radio and you have that bass turned up. This is going to be a pretty easy two out
of three wrenches for the installation, of course with any sort of stereo equipment,
there’s gonna be wiring involved in getting everything hooked up. This is going to be no different, so again,
we’re gonna go two out of three wrenches here but we are gonna show you how to get this
installed. There are a lot of different solutions when
you’re looking to add subwoofers into your vehicle. A more traditional way would be do have a
box usually built from MDF wrapped in carpeting just sitting in that rear cargo space. The downside to that is it takes up a bunch
of space, those things can be very heavy. They are not going to be weather-resistant,
so again you have the top down and it rains that can damage your box, it can damage your
sub. And this is going to be a much, much better
solution than doing it that old school way, at least in my opinion. This is something that comes with the sub
already mounted in the box and the box is designed and molded to fit directly under
that passenger seat in your four-door JK. Now I mentioned the box and the sub separately
because they are essentially separate pieces but they need to be designed to work together. So the sub itself, the size of it and the
way that it performs is directly related to the box, so the volume inside the box whether
the box is ported vented for the outside or whether it’s sealed. All of these things are very, very important
to get maximum audio quality. And when you get something like this from
a company like Alpine, you have the sub, you have the box, everything is designed to work
together, you know you’re going to get that really high-quality sound out of this which
is really what you want. Again, the reason I like this so much is the
fact that it does mount directly under that seat and the fact that it’s waterproof. So this is IP66 waterproof, it’s completely
sealed up. Any sort of moisture that might end up in
the Jeep is not going to cause any issues with this all the way down to this weatherproof
connector on the end here. This is designed to work with a 500-watt amplifier,
that’s going to be enough to drive this. This is not going to be something that will
be a direct replacement for a factory subwoofer, or something that you’ll really want to just
bolt in and connect up directly to the head unit. You are going to need to have an amplifier
that will run this thing. So again, that’s where some of the installation
comes in. You will need additional components, you’ll
need to tie into that factory head unit or an aftermarket head unit if you have one,
you have to have everything wired, so there is going to be a little bit there as far as
the whole installation goes. One other thing to note is that this is designed
to fit perfectly underneath the passenger seat of your four-door JK if you have the
factory carpeting installed. If you don’t have the factory carpeting installed,
you may need to put a little bit of fabric underneath the subwoofer just to make sure
that everything fits as it should, otherwise you are going to have a little bit of a fitment
issue. But again, if your Jeep is factory, no problem
there, this is going to bolt right into place. Now as far as the cost goes from a company
like Alpine, a premium company that makes a premium product, you would expect to pay
a little bit more. This is gonna come in at right around that
$350 mark, I think that’s really fair for what you’re going to get here. Again, the quality is here, everything is
matched, the box to the sub, completely waterproof, really clean installation, not something that’s
gonna easily be seen or someone is gonna cut open your soft top and try and get in there
and steal your sub. It’s tucked away and you’re going to get really
nice quality out of it. So for all those reasons, I do think this
thing is going to be worth the price tag. So as we mentioned before, two out of three
wrenches because of the wiring involved here. Let’s show you how to get it installed. Man: Tools required for this install: flathead
screwdriver, Phillips head, a push pin removal tool, wire strippers, some side cutters, and
crimpers, various extensions for your three-eighths drive, an 18-millimeter socket, a T30 and
T45 Torx bit, optional is an impact. All right, so the first step into getting
your Alpine 10-inch subwoofer underneath your passenger seat in your JK is to of course
get that passenger seat out of here. So I have an 18-millimeter socket on the end
of my impact and I’m gonna remove the two bolts in the front first. And then you’ll see underneath here is our
electrical connector for our seat belts and our airbag sensor and stuff like that. If you have leather and heated seats, you
may have another electrical connector. So let’s move this tab to the back and disconnect
this. Now we’re also going to move the seat forward
and gain access to our seat belt down here. Now that is a T45 Torx bit, put that on the
end of my impact and remove that. Now we’re gonna move the seat all the way
forward and remove our rear bolts. So what we’ll do first is remove our floor
mat here to gain access to those bolts. And again, these are 18-millimeter. All right, so we’re actually gonna remove
our headrest to make it a little easier to clear this roll bar. So let’s go ahead and press on the tabs, slide
that out of the way. And then I’m going to bring the seat back
all the way up, grab the seat, rotate it a little bit, and then it’s free. So one thing we have to do is remove this
wiring harness bracket right here. There are going to be two little wiring looms
that we need to take a push pin removal tool and just pop off our wiring harness here. Then we’re going to take a Torx bit, a T30
and remove this bracket. Now one thing you can do is take a zip tie
and just zip tie this loom to one of these springs at the bottom of your seat. So now I got my zip tie, we’re just gonna
zip tie our wire loom to seat spring and get it pair of our diagonal cutters, cut
off that [inaudible 00:06:25] end. So what we’re gonna do now is take the pigtail
connector for our subwoofer and attach it to some speaker wire which then we will attach
that to your amp. Let’s go ahead and crimp these on. All right, so with the pigtail crimped, we
can get the subwoofer in and test it out before reinstalling our seat. All right, now we’re gonna go ahead and bring
our subwoofer in and just place it right there. Best way to tell is just see this, we want
that to line right up there and you’ll have enough room for your seat mounts and your
connector for the seat. So now we’re gonna plug up the tail end of
our subwoofer and hook it up to our amp. All right, so let’s plug in our connector
for the subwoofer, lock it in place with that. And then we’re gonna tuck the wire underneath
the center console here, all the way around to our amplifier on the driver side. All right, now let’s hook up the speaker wire
to our amplifier. So as you can see we are using an Alpine amplifier
and I have my power remote ground and our CA is hooked up back here. Our last step is to connect our speaker wires. So I already have these loosened up, I’m just
gonna slide it underneath that little metal hold down and then tighten this into place
and connect the last one here. Now the last step before installing your seat
is of course this test out our system. All right, so I have the system on, I have
my volume up to 18, I’m just gonna hit play. It’s pretty good. And this is what it sounds like with a subwoofer
off. It’s really flat. All right, with the sub wired up and tested,
now we can install our seat. Just make sure that we don’t scratch our new
subwoofer. We’re just gonna place this right on top. And make sure our alignment pin and our connectors
are right there. All right, so let’s start our hardware in
the back here first. So we’re gonna go ahead and tighten the bottom
bolts first. All right, now the last couple things to do
is to of course reattach your seat belt here with that T45 bolt we took out earlier. All right, now we’re gonna put the front bolts
in, gonna start a couple threads. We do not want these going in cross threaded. Let’s go ahead and tighten these down
and then we can make our seat connection and that plug is right at the top here. All right. So as you can see we have our doors on the
Jeep now and just a heads up, we are using the Alpine ILX-207 which you can find on All right, so this first sound clip is going
to be with the subwoofer completely turned off and that’s what your Jeep will sound like
stock. All right, so this second sound clip is going
to be with our subwoofer turned on but our level set at zero. So this next sound clip is going to be with
the subwoofer on, set to level 10. All right, that sounds pretty good. That’s gonna wrap up my install of the Alpine
10-Inch Weather-Resistant Subwoofer for your Jeep JK. And for all things Wrangler, keep it here

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  2. Love how they branded it right on the side …so everytime I take my doors off, the crackheads will have a target. They probably won't get it, but I can't wait to see what all they tear up trying…


  3. Audio doesn’t do this justice. For a single 10 it’s a great addition. Almost never in stock at XT so ordered from Crutchfield. Just as an FYI it’s a 2 ohm sub so choose an amp accordingly.

  4. Anyone have this? I have a single 10” in my jeep JKU. But I don’t like how much room it takes up in my trunk area. But I LOVE the bass being a bass head. Does this product supply a good bit of bass? I LOVE that it’s waterproof and how sleek it is

  5. I have a 2007 jku and I have more harnesses under my seat than what you show. Are there more than one seat mount for these jeeps? Yours looks like it sits higher than mine(more depth under the seat…

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