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Japan’s Last “Ama” – The Female Fishers Who Free-Dive For Seafood (HBO)

Japan’s Last “Ama” – The Female Fishers Who Free-Dive For Seafood (HBO)

The Ama, or sea-women, practice a Japanese
fishing tradition that dates back at least 5,000 years. With few options to make a living, women learned to dive for abalone, sea cucumber, and other delicacies to sell at the markets. The Ama plunge as deep as 60 feet
in freezing water with no oxygen tanks, using techniques passed from generation to generation. Today, of course, women in Japan have other
job opportunities, and divers’ ranks are dwindling, from 20,000 after World War II, to just 2,000 today, and a tradition unique to this country
may be on the brink of dying out. VICE News followed one mother-daughter
Ama team under the waves.

43 thoughts on “Japan’s Last “Ama” – The Female Fishers Who Free-Dive For Seafood (HBO)”

  1. Funny, I remember seeing documentaries about this as a kid in the 80's, was considered one of the deadliest jobs in the world. Like coal mining, why are people trying to bring this back?

  2. VICE News traveled to Japan to look at this disappearing vocation, one of the last sustainable practices left in the age of commercial fishing. WATCH MORE:

  3. Is it possible to have the name of the songs you used in this? Especially the first one. Even if it's just some ambient music.

  4. One theory is that women have more fat and stay warmer in the water.. another theory, and the most plausible, is that men are little babies and women have a stronger pain tolerance. 😉 lol jk…. kinda!

  5. They used to dive topless.…9677.11112.0.12013.….0…1.1j4.64.psy-ab..1.1.79…0i4k1j0i4i24k1.0.EItEIW5kpCg

  6. Kia ora…In New Zealand it is illegal to dive with oxygen tank for certain seafood example,Paua(Abalone) Kina (Sea Urchin) etc…Us maori have been free diving for generations&as kaitiaki of Aotearoa(New Zealand)&respect for tangaroa(god of sea) we want to leave kaimoana(seafood) for generations more! Tautoko&ka pai mahi to all the Ama women of Japan

  7. living of the sea, healthy job, and healthy food.. the Japanese have been doing this for 5,000 years wOw! that is a long time
    westerners are starting to eat sushi and sashimi..

  8. here's another with emphasis on sustainability:

  9. Wow I wanna try this. I think I have it in me to do this. I’ve always liked diving and at swimming pools I always try to reach the floor at the deepest part of the pool

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