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Jacques de Vos Dives With Orcas

Jacques de Vos Dives With Orcas

now [Music] [Music] I’m a underwater photographer and cameraman and also a free diving instructor trainer so as a kid I always had an interest in the ocean I also even wanted to become a marine biologist that interest led to an aren’t giving me a cook as a gift and there was a section on Orca in their little description of one Orca are and that always fascinated me just the way they look this was the apex predator years went on and things worked out where I did not become the marine biologist I ended up studying Chemical Engineering the circumstances I ended up working in the oil field around about 2009 there was a recession and I was round about the time I decided that I had an office of oil field and this isn’t something I want to do anymore and you know I always still had this love for the ocean so I started scuba diving and actually in my time off worked up to the point of becoming a scuba instructor this is where I started developing my photography more using freedom [Music] I’m very lucky to be working with guys like Guevara who know the coast around northern Norway really well they also know the marine life cold warning but anyway I should not go down the divers I’m glad between us we have a pretty good idea of potential spots where we might find the animals also you know understanding the weather knowing where you can dive or where you can sail to is also a really important factor [Music] oh that’s perfect audition 3d together good so I’m on the road looking out and we see a group of humpback whales approaching us so the first thing I do is I dive down and wait for them basically you see the shapes long before you see any fine details so you see any shadows appearing out of the water as they come closer and I look up and you can see that now in this moment they’re aware it’s really humbling to have an animal that big stop turn and look at really really look at you before moving on and that’s not just an animal which is seeing something in the water and trying to avoid it as genuine curiosity that’s really something special to experience we [Music] I their justice based on what we’ve seen before we tend to go to places where we know there are areas with a hairy pentanoic and where we know when we seen whales before but that can change from day to day right they were done so badly again sorry a lot of in and out of the boat today moving around [Music] oh yeah they will take the arrogant down [Music] there’s birds right overhead that the eagle and all of these or car racing in the same direction is something there all right more side on or side are perfect and switch off the engine so do not swim towards them until I tell you to get very quietly get in the water now we come into the Seward and we think that there’s Orca here we look around and always see in every single direction is Orca and humpback and they’re just everywhere every 20 seconds you have Orca coming next to you and you know Cobb is coming to look at you and you have contacts just appearing out of nowhere and then disappearing and followed by more cast [Music] it’s one of the most intense experiences I’ve had with so many animals part of the reason it can be so intense is that when you’re freediving you are using a lot less equipment compared to scuba diving this means your movement both physically and in terms of your ability to operate variable depths is not as restricted this usually results in better experiences [Music] here [Music] as a kid the idea of seeing one in the wild like from shore isn’t something I ever imagined would happen so I perceive them underwater it’s just the furthest thing I would ever imagine what actually happened to me [Music] [Music] that’s honest um that was positively amazing this is some of the most impressed vocalizations I’ve ever heard you grab me a blanket I can just sleep out here on the paddleboard

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  1. Wow soooooooo beautiful….
    Why does it look like circles under the water… Thats really interesting looking?? Can someone explain that ?? Idk how to word how i seen the way the water looked like you could see different rings like..

  2. We need to take action to protect wild life from people. Governments make long speeches about protecting wild life but never take action. Whales are very beautiful mammals.

  3. This is amazing.Whats Amazing is that they know that we are no seal,and they don’t attack us,not even for a taste or a nibble.Why is that?Such intelligent animals,I wish we could understand their language…

  4. Looking at videos like this, with such magnificent scenery, wonderful humans and magical creatures, makes me believe that maybe God exists after all.

  5. It’s incredible how there have been no record of attacks on human by wild orcas, I always wonder if it’s because they simply don’t register us as a food source or they can sense our intelligence.
    I also wonder if they would attack an overweight person compared to a normal one since they love high fat preys.

  6. That is the beauty of life see those whales swim so graceful and free in the water is when you realize that God is perfect.

  7. 2:39 ?why pour water on ur head if u getting in the water? Isn’t that like washing at the sink before u get in the shower? ?

  8. Loved this and Jacques resembles the "Bee Gees" he could've been one of the brothers….
    I'd love to dive with whales.

  9. free divers!!!! respects/thanks to you photographers and the teams for risking your lives for these amazing pictures.

  10. This is so amazing! A friend and i have been dreaming of swimming with orcas for a long time, because we also are photographers, well he's the photographer and I'm a videographer. Anyway, we've looked so many ways to be able to swim with them and it turns out it's is very difficult to get a permit to be able to…. We've traveled to the south of Spain, Tarifa in particular in search of orcas even though we weren't allowed to swim with them we wanted to see them in real life. After 4 days, unfortunately we had no luck finding them and it we had to go back home, but we did see bottlenose, stripped and common dolphins, pilot whales and fin whales, so we weren't that disappointed but still, we were there because we wanted to see orcas. Well, there'll sure be a next time and a second opportunity

  11. Wow that was amazing . I need to get to Norway to see these guys . That was beautiful . I love killer whales.

  12. Is it possible for normal people like me to do the same thing? It's been my dream. What does it take? How long does it take to train to be able to free dive? What's the rules for diving with orcas?

  13. When I see stuff like this it baffles me how people can say Jehovah doesn’t exist and care about us. He Does.

  14. Most people don’t know that Orca Whales are actually classified as Dolphins and not whales. They like really large goth kid dolphins that listen to Jesus and Mary Chain (Psycho Candy era) and go to shows on the weekend ?

  15. Claud is for scuba… Tell me the truth Reuban… Happy as a Hippo, no? Cant' believe I'm referencing "Along Came Polly", but this guy just wreaks of the scuba instructor who potentially has sex with your significant other. Or, maybe, my low self-esteem has created jealousy, with regard to this man's unmitigated amazingness. Orcas are cool too…

  16. Most beautiful videofootage of Orcas I've ever seen… just amazing. You can clearly see their intelligence and their family bonds. They travel as a big family, caring for each other. Just impressive…

  17. It's amazing that they look at us differently than seals or dolphin and don't just take us. Swimming with them might be the safest place to be. No shark is getting anywhere near them.

  18. so want to dive with them. lucky to have such amazing animals that are non aggressive in the ocean to humans. cheers

  19. Katy Williams was right. I have to get more white friends. I'd love see orcas in their natural habitat. I couldn't pay these negroes to get near an orca. Is there a way a brother can deal with the cold like those guys? I'm thinking about going to new Zealand and diving there.

  20. I imagine this must be the most intense sensory over-load….the orcas' accoustics must be mind blowing, not to mention what your brain is registering through your eyes and skin.

  21. They’re soooo cute!!! God is amazing! Not that I like all creations (rodents etc) but I’m glad y’all captured this for us to see what we otherwise would not be able to.

  22. Absolutely stunning video, stills, and audio! I live on the west coast of Canada and we have resident and transient Orca and I love them all ❤️

  23. That's was amazing! I grew up wanting to be a marine biologist but wanted to work with orcas or dolphins and watching this makes me fall in love with it all over again! More video of them..its just majestic!! Thank you

  24. i saw red bull advertised.
    to everyone watching.
    Realize that thanks to
    Red Bull drinks in tin can- and Coke etc.,

    the environment is becoming ever increasingly polluted – land and water alike,

    in all countries.
    People need to speak up whenever possible about this.

  25. Music videos gets millions of views and these amazing footages barely broke 1m. This is amazing. This is what people should see more.

  26. This guys nuts, dressed juuust like they’re common food, a seal. if one of them we’re hungry… oh man.. but then again they’re so intelligent and know his intentions they probably let him be because of that

  27. One of my dreams is to become a scuba diver/ free diver so I can interact with these magnificent creatures including sharks ?????

  28. i wish everyone would watch this video and see how orcas are really suppose to look and sound they do not belong in tanks!! they’re such intelligent creatures it’s literally torture for ppl to be locking this orcas up they have feelings and emotions and can feel emotional pain just like us humans, it’s like locking a human in a tiny box the rest of their lives.

  29. It may look easy, but you gotta remember, these are unpredictable apex predators with a level intelligence that rivals our own.

  30. I'm so jealous of you diving within short distances next to the most perfect whales in the great oceans that we have on this planet. 7 years ago I dreamed about doing that in the wild unfortunately I have a bad case of heart disease that has set me back from my dream but I really enjoyed seeing your great video and would like to see more, please

  31. This is a REALLY BAAAAAD idea. You're better off swimming with sharks than Orcas. Why? Because Orcas are highly intelligent mammals… that hunt in packs. Good luck trying to out smart them IF they decide to come in for a bite or grab. I'll take my chances with a dumb animal versus a smart animal any day, LOL!

  32. Not sure why but I got teary eyed. This is truly beautiful. If you come to Vancouver island I'd love to help you in any way. So amazing

  33. Worked in oil for the money… realised there is more to life than just money so followed passion. Now has an amazing life wow so great to see this that you can make a change any point in your life so cool

  34. My question for the Divers:. You know what a Killer Whale can do to it's prey. Why are you not afraid of them? Have they ever attacked a Diver?

  35. Divers are infact very very brave.. they risk almost 100 prcnt in all possible ways to survive yet take a risk

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