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It was supposed to be just a family Sunday Skating but..

It was supposed to be just a family Sunday Skating but..

at list got it on camera because I’m a
hot girl shit like that yo hi my name is Ricardo Lino and and im a wheel addict so it’s
Sunday morning and Janice chose the skate park where we’re going Janice
Durbin valve skate it’s lest we go into a DIY skate park
these week we go to another DIY skate park we just came to the shop to pick
some stuff like this camera that I’m filming right now and Janice is just
updating your social media my child social media thank you could follow the
jail in life alright we’re now in LA we should be there at 10:00 there’s no
traffic at Sunday morning so let’s do this
I wanted to vote save me there’s no dock today you’re
doing good come I know free free free bossy mommy’s turn take this
did you talk you know what you did wrong
ah you know she’s wrong Janice you didn’t you didn’t spend the full thing
are you okay at least you got another camera shit like that shit like that yo
just take that hard Jalen that’s what you should never be doing Jalen look at
that nose Jalen good the first time they do really felt like that huh yeah it’s
my first ever learn leading for okay learn the new slide it’s not a new
slide is the citric acid slide but I learned it when I turn left I can do it
good check we just got here we’re in Redemption the
last time we tried to film you didn’t do a proper backside talk now you got to do
it come on you’re only doing one thing wrong you need wants to do it you need
to land both feet at the same time Yeah right yes that was it that was good I’m gonna try one thing with this on the
back wheel I didn’t want to do it in the front once I did it again on the back slowly
okay john cornyn okay cool that’s cool come on got it I just want to try this thing I
think I can do it you just need to put the camera it’s time for lunch
my tea just got here it’s still on shorts is he going Matt you have you
been have you did you went out the ramp already you’re going watch out here
because the floor is not the best you can do this one now it’s easy I’ll try
it go with Andrew give it give it give a hand to Android nope no not on shorts
that’s it we’re done for today time for lunch
and yeah don’t forget to subscribe but I hope you enjoyed this one if you did
enjoy this one do not forget to give us thumbs up thumbs up if you didn’t like
it thumbs down let me just show you something I just planned right now I
just I just went over the rainbow in slow-mo anyway if you did like this
video again just like Andrew said don’t forget to subscribe and more important
than anything else just don’t forget why we all started skating because it’s fun
Cheers I just got home to the best news about
Rob G so I don’t even know what to say I’ve been seeing so much support from
this community for Rob G and I’m just so happy to see this all I want to say is
that whenever someone says that skating is that you asked them to show any other
community with the same power as we have I mean we raised more than one hundred
thousand dollars in one day I guess that says it all Rob G if you’re watching
this I wish you all the best I know you’re gonna go over these and can’t
wait to see you on skate soon Cheers

22 thoughts on “It was supposed to be just a family Sunday Skating but..”

  1. Nice video!
    Does somebody know what the name of the song that plays when they start skating is? Sounds great!
    Blade on

  2. The torque guy!!

    When someone falls, ricardo is always there. To tell them what they did wrong. Love it ?

  3. Insurance must Make a killing off you guys! By the time one spouse finally heals, the other is taking another tumble and scrape! ?

  4. I love this video. I did stop skating at my 13years old…with 30 i decided to come back, but on my country im saw as "too old" for that. Watching this shows me how pathetic this old thought is. Thank you, you inspired me to not give up 🙂

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