Isaac Newton will help you swim faster. Physics of swimming part 2

In the first part of physics of swimming we
talked about floating in the water. On this video we will focus on another force
that acts while you are actually swimming. Friction is what makes us move and also what
slows us down in the water. To understand this you need to understand
the three laws of Newton. I’ll put it on my own simple terms since
we don’t have of time and if you want a more scientific approach I’ll leave links
in the description for you. The third law states that when you push the
water, the water pushes back in the opposite direction. So when you push the water back with your
feet and with your hands the water pushes you forward, this is called propulsive drag. The first law states that a swimmer in motion
will stay in motion unless stopped by another force. As you know, you don’t keep accelerating,
which means that another force is stopping you, a force thAt in swimming terms we can
call frontal drag. The second law states that your speed is a
constant battle between these two forces. To go faster you can either increase propulsive
drag or reduce frontal drag. On this channel we mostly give you advice
on reducing frontal drag by perfecting your technique on every stroke, which in our opinion
is the best way. You can also do other things like shave your
body and wear a fast suit, also good but not as significant. However, you can also increase propulsive
drag by changing the position of your hands, which are very important sources of propulsion
or by kicking with very flexible ankles which will change the direction of your push and
help you go faster. Another option is to move your arms and feet
faster, assuming you keep the same technique. On this study:
it says that the optimal pull is with around a 10 degree finger separation. But I will have to leave the explanation of
that for a later video. If you don’t want to miss it make sure to
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