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Installing the Alpine KTP-445 Power Pack | Crutchfield Video

Installing the Alpine KTP-445 Power Pack | Crutchfield Video

In this short Crutchfield video we’re borrowing
a coworker’s Jeep to show you how easy it is to install the Alpine KTP-445 Power Pack.
The Power Pack is an add-on, 45-watts per channel amplifier module that works with Alpine
stereos. Installing the Power Pack is really simple.
It connects between the stereo and the original Alpine wiring harness. First you’ll have to
remove your stereo from the dash. Carefully pull off the trim ring as we’ve done here
and use the removal tools that came with your stereo to release the locking clips on the
sides. Then pull out the stereo and carefully unplug the wires and set it aside. Next find a place to mount the Power Pack
behind your dash. Alpine made the wires long enough to reach the stereo from just about
anywhere in the dash. In our case, we were easily able to stick the Power Pack right
behind the Jeep’s glove box. Now it’s time to hook it up. Plug one end
of the Power Pack’s wires into the harness that’s already connected to your cars wiring,
then grab the stereo and plug the other connector from the Power Pack into the back of it. One
nice thing is that the plugs only fit one way and that makes it easy to get right. Now carefully re-install your stereo and guess
what? You’ve more than doubled the power in your Alpine stereo without the extra work
of installing an outboard amp and that extra power will bring out musical details you weren’t
hearing before. You can learn more about the Alpine Power Pack at
or give us a call at 1-800-555-9408.

79 thoughts on “Installing the Alpine KTP-445 Power Pack | Crutchfield Video”

  1. The Alpine Head units have an output of about 16 watts Rms per channel. So with this amp, are your speakers getting 45 watts RMS per channel, or 45 + 16 = 61 watts rms per channel??

  2. Honda,

    The 16 watt RMS power rating is what the amplifier can put out continuously. The 45 watt rating is peak power, the amp is only able to put out that kind of power for short periods of time.

    They are two different ratings for the same amplifier. RMS is the most reliable number to use when matching it up to a new pair of speakers.

    Speakers are also rated in RMS and peak power. Make sure to use RMS when matching a radio/amp to speakers

    Hope that helps
    800 555 9408

  3. Hi Honda,

    Sorry it took so long to respond, we've been slamming busy around here lately.

    You will get a total output of about 45 watts per speaker. You don't add the head unit power plus the 45 watts, it's a total of 45 watts.

    I hope that helps,
    800 555 9408

  4. So you do not add the the power that you already have from the deck? This replaces that power completely? So if thats the case each speaker will be getting 45 watts RMS right, since its 45X4. So that would be a total of 180 watts RMS right?

  5. Hi Brandonc308,

    Great news, the KTP-445 is definitely compatible with the Alpine CDE-102.

    We have the removal keys for most factory radios, and you'd get them for free with the CDE-102 from Crutchfield. If you need radio removal keys for an aftermarket radio in your dash, try googling "Crutchfield Partsearch" They should have them for you.

    Call us to make sure you get all the installation gear you'll need for your specific vehicle.

    800 555 9408

  6. Gotcha,

    You can get Alpine removal tools one of two ways. You could order them directly from Pacific Coast Parts (Alpine Parts Dist) 800-421-5080.


    You could try local Alpine car stereo shops, they probably have a bunch in a box back in their install bays. It takes about 3 seconds to remove the radio, maybe you can find somebody that will give you a set of tools, or just remove your radio for you.

    Worth a try.
    800 555 9408

  7. hi, this is compatible with a marvellous vintage alpine 7980m?the place for amp is only in glovebox(i used a small blaupunkt v420,after only 15 years has gone..) . .all other amp 4 channel are too big.
    hope this item can solve my problem.bye.

  8. @Bobo2600

    Yes indeed the KTP-445 power pack is compatible with the Alpine CDA-105. You can find both on Crutchfield, or just call us.

    Thanks for the question,
    800 555 9408

  9. Hey Bobo2600,

    If you bought it from Crutchfield, you can call Tech Support at the number on your Crutchfield invoice. Im certain they can help with your question. One of the reasons to buy from Crutchfield.

    If you bought it elsewhere, you can purchase our Tech Support. Call us for more details

    I hope that helps,
    800 555 9408

  10. @4ERHG

    yes, indeed it is compatible. Now, we've never carried the CDE-9848RB, Alpine told me it was a model for sale outside of the USA. But an Alpine rep was able to confirm that it is compatible with the KTP-445.

    We may not have carried that radio, but we've certainly got the power pack, give us a call to place an order.

    800 315 0030

  11. I have a CDA9855 head unit with Sps600 in the back and SPR-17s component speaker in the front in a 2002 civic. I have upgraded the system with the ktp-445 but don't see any difference in sound. I've read on numerous forums only good thing about this unit and I wonder if I did something wrong. One thing is for sure I know exactly how my speakers were playing before and even how some songs will sound with different Xpander settings and there is no change with the ktp installed(

  12. @omegaSQ

    That's definitely not what i would have expected, you should certainly notice an improvement with the Alpine Power Pack. If you bought it from Crutchfield, you can call Tech Support at the number on your Crutchfield invoice. I’m certain they can help you make sure it's connected properly. It's one of the reasons to buy from Crutchfield.

    If you bought it elsewhere, you can purchase our Tech Support. Call us for more details

    I hope that helps,
    800 315 0030

  13. Yeah I paid 150 w/ tax and all I noticed was a few volume louder no change in sound quality, but I took it back as I saw it wasn't worth it,

  14. @illSPOKEN207

    The KTP-445 connects to any 2005 and newer Alpine headunit that has a black power harness. The CDM-9821 was a 2004 Alpine. I'm not sure what color harness it had. But it's looking like it's probably not compatible.

    800 315 0030

  15. @crutchfieldtv That is not entirely true, the Imprint module CAN output the signal to the RCAs on the back of the head unit, which are set to operate as inputs when Imprint is used. But If you go with an Imprint moduel, you are better off using a proper outboard amplifier.

  16. @EastCoastGuitarist

    The possibility that you'll blow those 30 w RMS speakers is certainly there. After all, you'll have 50% more power than they can handle. However, if they are halfway decent speakers, I'd say give it a shot and if they blow, go ahead and replace them. Doesn't sound like they are great speakers anyway.

    800 315 0030

  17. @EastCoastGuitarist

    Well, you'll have 15 watts more than they are rated to handle, which is 50% of the 30 watt RMS rating. I guess you could look at it either way.

    Kickers are decent speakers, I've owned several pairs over the years. I've also blown several pairs because I fed them too much power, specifically too much bass to a set of 3-1/2" Kickers. So, you'll need bass blockers or a head unit that has a high pass front speaker output.

    Call if you need help,
    800 315 0030

  18. @KrazyRMjumps While your factory equipment may bear the Alpine name, it does not offer the standard Alpine aftermarket wiring harness and, therefore, will not connect properly to the KTP-445 powerpack wiring. I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you there. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  19. @SubZeroSkyLine

    Here's one of the actual customer reviews (there's over 50 of them to read) for the KTP-445 on the Crutchfield website:

    "Great Amp
    Written By Ed, USA on Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    For the money, you cannot beat this amp. I have CDE-126BT, Alpine SPS- 610C up front and JL Audio TR coaxial in the rear with NO SUB! And my system pounds!!!! For the money, you will not find a better amp for your Alpine HU, period."

    800 315 0030

  20. @FabianFant Not a stupid question at all. The power pack is designed to plug directly into Alpine stereos only and is not recommend for use in any other application. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.815.0030–Crutchfield

  21. @dcarriger Good question. There are no provisions for mounting the KTP-445 power pack. It plugs directly into the harness connection on a compatible Alpine stereo and the Alpine’s stereo harness connects to the output of the power pack which wires to the vehicle harness. No mounting required. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  22. @shaggythemaster

    Yes, the harness for the KTP-445 has a turn on lead.

    Also, splicing into the wiring for this product at all will void the warranty. It is only designed for use with compatible Alpine head units.

    Hope that helps, call us if you have more questions.
    800 315 0030

  23. @Zone6atlantian Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. No. The Alpine power pack is only recommended for use with compatible Alpine car stereos. I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you there. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  24. @onebad70ss The power pack uses the same 12 Volt switched power lead as the Alpine stereo and should turn off with the receiver. While any aftermarket stereo uses a constant 12 Volt power for retaining your settings, this power draw should not be enough to drain the battery when left overnight. HTH!–Crutchfield

  25. Installation was super easy. Took about 15 minutes start to finish (it was my first time attempting hu removal). Everything sounds crisper and more detailed. I highly recommend this especially if you have after market speakers. Love the Alpine brand, and Crutchfield's customer service is awesome!

  26. Since the original comment was posted, Alpine has announced the new KTP-445U model with the "U” on the end standing for "Universal". The new model is designed to work with most factory and aftermarket car stereos. You can pre-order the product by typing our stock number for it (500KTP445U) into the search window on the main Crutchfield website. HTH!–Crutchfield

  27. If you can measure the resistance of the speaker wire with the speakers installed and you get 4 ohms (or higer), then yes you can. However, if you get anything less than 4, then you should not use it–Crutchfield.

  28. Bought the ktp-445u with the impression that it will be "plug and play with any newer alpine head units" well it is missing the correct wire to plug into a alpine head unit, information i read on their website was wrong.

  29. The original KTP-445 was exactly that: designed to plug directly into compatible Alpine aftermarket stereos. The newer KTP-445U is "universal" and designed to work with almost any car stereo (factory or aftermarket) and does not come with any Alpine-specific connectors. HTH!–Crutchfield

  30. I have a question about eh ktp-445u. I have the ktp-445 and noticed on this one it has gain inputs for the front and rear is there a big sound difference between the two? Did they make any improvements like adding a full range phase instead of low and high options? Please let me know as soon as you can thanks.

  31. The “U” model offers slightly better amplification (bridgeable) but noticeably better gain controls (for both speaker & pre-amp signal levels) & variable high-pass filters. The only advantage the original KTP-445 offers is the ability to plug directly into compatible Alpine stereos. HTH! Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  32. HI! Will this unit change sound quality ? I have alpine 9887 and I am afraid of defecting beautiful sound ??? What is your experience ?

  33. The power pack simply offers more wattage for powering your speakers. It offers no equlization and will not affect the audio adjusments of the connected stereo. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  34. I have watched this video a few times and I am certain that I do not have enough connectors in the box based on what I see here. I cannot figure where he gets that female connector. THen he says to plug the cable from the amp into the receiver which will not fit into my cd player.

  35. This video was made for the original KTP-445 power pack which was only designed for use with compatible Alpine stereos. You may have the KTP-445U which is a slightly newer “Universal” version designed to work with almost any factory or aftermarket car stereo. Because the Universal version is not model or manufacturer specific, it requires more hardwiring. Alpine now offers an even newer version: KTP-445A which, like the original, is only for compatible Alpine stereos. HTH!–Crutchfield

  36. No. You could use the universal model (KTP-445U) to power additional speakers in your system but you could not use multiple power packs to the same speakers. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  37. I have the 445U installed on my stock head unit. There is a hissing noise present even when the radio is off. I know if I turn the gain down some the hiss slowly goes away. Is there any way to keep the gain levels at at least half and get rid of the hiss? Thanks.

  38. Hiss can be a difficult problem to diagnose. If the hiss was not present originally, I would be sure your connections and ground are attached firmly. If you are unable to get the results you’re looking for, you may want to speak with the retailer that sold you the gear for additional troubleshooting. If you bought from Crutchfield, the toll-free tech support number is printed on the back of your invoice. HTH!–Crutchfield

  39. I have forwarded your request onto the Crutchfield Video Team for review. Hopefully, we'll have some content for you in the near future. Please let us know if you need anything else: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  40. I have forwarded your request onto the Crutchfield Video Team for review. Hopefully, we'll have some content for you in the near future. Please let us know if you need anything else: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  41. i have an alpine cde-121 head unit. can you tell me if this power pack is compatible with it because i remember reading something about how it has to be 2005 or newer? thanks.

  42. Yes, 2005 and newer models. The current Alpine-specific model (KTP-445A) is compatible with your CDE-121. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  43. The "U" means "Universal" as it can work with many factory & aftermarket stereos. The "A" stands for "Alpine" and is designed for use with compatible Alpine models only. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  44. For compatible Alpine stereos, the 445A will plug into the harness connector on the back of the chassis. You will need to connect the output leads of the power pack to the vehicle harness for your ride. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  45. If you are referring to the KTP-445A model ("A" signifying "Alpine-Specific"), yes. You could also use the KTP-445U but would have to hard-wire some of the primary connections. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  46. [Massive Edit Because I Reworded It Much Better]

    I have a KAC 9104D Amp, a KDC-348u Head Unit and the KTP-445 Power Pack. I'm trying to figure out how to set this all up correctly because I didn't pay attention to how it was all connected when I took it out of my Toyota. Right now, I'm stuck trying to figure out how the power pack and head unit relate to one another in respect to the harness in the car.

    Obviously the power pack has the two ends:
    -One leads to the Head Unit via RCA connections which also has one blue/white wire coming out of it as well.
    -The other end has the exact same wires the Head Unit has that would presumably be connected to the harness in the car.

    Now, my problem is, does the head unit get connected to the power pack via the RCA connections AND get its harness wiring get coupled to the Power Pack's harness wiring, thus they both connect to the one harness in the car (like a Y connection) or does the Head Unit simply connect via RCA to the Power Pack which then gets connected to the harness in the car?
    (still not sure what becomes of the blue/white wire on the RCA end though)

    After that's sorted out, how would I connect the amp to all this? I vaguely recall that there was only a single thin blue wire going from somewhere between the HU and PP that went back to the amp.
    Aside from that wire there were the obvious wires:
    -A silver cable connecting via RCA leading directly from the HU to the amp
    -A thick red power cable with a built-in fuse connecting from the battery leading back to the amplifier
    -A short, thick, black grounding cable.

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you.

  47. I have a cde 135bt head unit. I only have a 10 amp fuse. I have heard alot of people that are using it this way and not having problems. What do you think?

  48. so, you can you use with any other headunit, it just needs to be directly wired? rather than using the connection provided…?

  49. Hello,i have LG LCS500UR headunit and i am from Europe.Headunit has power connect Dim 16pin.Will this amp connect to my headunit?

  50. Can someones please help me, i just bought this powerpack for my alpine headunit and when i connect the powerpack and turn on my headunit it makes a loud high pitched noise coming from the speakers,

  51. Im thinking about buying this Alpine product but the question is would it work on my Kenwood deck. I upgraded my speakers to JBL's 2 6.5 and 2 4×6 in the back of my pick-up and i just want a little bit more accurate sound and bass! Also i have no subs and no big amplifiers.I don't want none of that.

  52. Will this work if my vehicle has no factory amp, but is a 6 speaker system with door tweeters? Or is this only for 4-speaker applications?

  53. So… did the video skip a step? I thought these needed a 12V power line ran from the battery? But in the pictures of the product I do not see anywhere that power line would plug into. I thought the whole benefit of this product was that it would run off the factory wires for the stereo unit? (I already have a conversion harness from Metra setup for my Alpine head unit)

  54. I just watched another video and it looks nowhere near as easy as this. There's a lot of splicing to do, testing of the wires, supposedly the wires polarity is marked wrong, it looks like it takes at least an hour to do this job, not two minutes like in this video.

  55. Ya think you could show more details? This video is very vague and only applies to an alpine stereo

  56. I have the ktp-445a.
    Must i use both input and output harnesses? Or can i go strait into the brick with my head unit harness? Am i required to use the input wire harness to link them? Old post, i know. Hope for a response.

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