Inline Speed Skating, Part 2: TO2015 Pan Am Games Hopefuls

I’ve wanted to be in the Pan Am Games since I started inline speed skating. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I want to skate fast, make my country proud and have my friends and family there to see me. That would just be a total dream. Having it in our backyard is going to make it even more exciting and I get to have all of my family come down, hopefully if I make it, and watch me. I think it’s going to be awesome to have the home crowd behind us. A lot of our big events are overseas. It was my dream to represent Canada at Pan Ams since, I guess, 1995. So to finally achieve that was fantastic. I look back at that time and I’m so happy to have worn the Canadian colours. Guadalahara in 2011 was a really amazing experience. It’s ultimately why we do this sport. It’s really the pinnacle in terms of multi-sport competition for inline speed skating. It’s the biggest event we’re involved in. We have a few young people who are working really hard. I have the privilege of coaching them and helping them understand the nuances; the dynamics of the sport. So this is a great venue where they can all come together and be friends. Sometimes the teeth come out. They’ll try to out-pace each other to keep the lead. When we step on the track at the team trials, we’re going to certainly have to set those friendships aside momentarily and lay it all out there in the hopes that you’re the lucky one.

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