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my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict I’m with Alex and Tom these two
guys are from the UK and they’re visiting Cape Town so today we’re just
gonna skate around the promenade area we’d like hopefully a good view I know
there’s a little bit of wind hopefully it’s gonna work so come with us I think I lost them already sorry Tom
and Alex are skating chart kids they work with power slide tri-state
Tommy skating with the with the Casa super Cruiser 110 and Alex is skating
with the Imperial also super Cruiser the red Viper skate then you remind me of
Bill Stoppard come on bill Stoppers you can take it okay now you need to go their way might be a little bit too windy huh
floor is actually really good here you guys need to move to South Africa so interesting story the first time that
I ever came to South Africa I stayed in a hotel which is like three
kilometers away from where we’re staying now yeah
and here right where you are like that’s the waterfront which is like the main
shopping mall yeah from Cape Town not the main one but like
the one that all the tourists come so these roads that were going right now
I made these roads with aggressive skates well I didn’t really do it I
tried to make this broad with it you can go I tried to make it with aggressive
skates and then I made like probably the first two K’s and the last kilometer I
had to walk because my wheels died I guess that’s just another reason for us
to skate with this thing dude slippery will learn those slides or
what Tom we’re going to learn slides or what let’s do it
I’ll tell you how to do it so just start by doing something like carving and then
when you call you’re gonna try to to carve like harder and harder and harder
something like this just try to feel both like the outside foot you want to
feel the the inside edge the inside the inside foot you want the outside edge
you really need to go on those two edges okay the biggest problem is a lot of
times can you just hold the camera like this of course a lot of times a lot of
people do it one like these in the other ones straight you need to go on these
one inside edge these one outside edge I can check this other one here Detroit
check I’ll do it like just one here let me try turn see what yeah just hit
so here I don’t want you to slide right away just a turn do it
yeah you got there but see you did it like – can I use this word too abrupt
yeah yeah you did something like this and you need to do something more like
more progressive checked is like way more progressive yeah you know what our
most of the times I say when you want to slide you want to slide in that 70
degree position okay not in the 90 it’s getting there the tar is actually good
like show us so is what you got there wasn’t no edge thing that I was
telling you just when it’s nice and clean but you know what sometimes what
sometimes when it’s less sleep it means that there’s less surface of the wheel
touching and makes it easier it’s just here so what’s happening right now is I
imagine if you want to slide in that direction yes you can never go here so
if I want to slide in that direction usually I go there I do like this car I
go in that direction and that’s what I gonna try to slide if I go in that
direction I’m gonna slide in that yes something like this
and then from here you’re gonna slide oh we’re not falling maybe try whose do a slow a slow turn yeah we got that too thin your middle
I’m getting better so I’m gonna take you guys to a cool place come with me this
is something for the kids but it’s actually really really cool
check this are you going now you’re ready I’m gonna be slaves isn’t it come to the
right line come on come to the right line okay three two one go do 1815 Tom your turn
three two one go hey wait let me tell that you’re slow we
do it I’m gonna try it one three two one go fifteen for a nobody know what that was
a guy I was I was playing at home it was there was a guy on roller skates here
yeah like a roller derby guy I think I lost the truth but this guy did it like
four in 11 or 12 something yeah on roller skates but it’s like really
really tough yes quick turns yeah now we like grip your wheels it’s actually
quite cool let’s keep going that’s why I love 125 that’s like a new
road I’ve never saw this one check why I love 120 pots right here boom
take this take this take this is actually quite you guys lose that I love 125 that’s
cool wait let’s make an entry to this guy what do you think of inline skates is it school boob take you man I like
what do you think of inline skates that’s nice I’ve been looking at you
guys the whole time it is the playground here so people
often ask me why did you move to Cape Town now I’m gonna make one question to
these two guys would you move to Cape Town yes there is anything else I guess
like their expressions I said it all then it’s just like seriously from the
place that I’ve been hurt and I’ve been lucky enough to travel it’s my favorite
place I told you I love 135 what mining
reminds me a little bit if like the French Riviera nice can the cheaper
cheaper but much cheaper skinny by the beach you know the thumb tan Tanner didn’t
turn ended today Dan Internet walking on the beaches looking at the
beaches they did internet but there’s no bitches on the beaches
not today I don’t know if they seem steep but this is the little Bantry Bay downhill it’s short but super steep Alex
and Palmer down there I’m gonna give it a go I don’t have any protection so
don’t judge me to cruise a bit and I’m dying
let’s see how it goes enjoy haha here he goes we got Alex good fun
you flying yeah you want to go oh you’re gonna go live with more now let’s do a
lil bit higher so let me down one good luck with that one gonna get it get it good luck be that one goes right there
father mother mother she’s got it I hope the chain doesn’t
break oh my god gotta get it good it is three two one go someone’s mad hey wait I’m like if we
keep doing something like that like two two more tries to do it from the stop
yeah the thing is always the same yeah progression cuz the biggest problems
most of the time people try to go straight from the top they panic and
that’s when they die die let’s just correct that so now we got the wind not
really I think I spoke too early I was about to say that now we got the wind in
our back and now I got the wind in my face still it feels good I love the wind
in my face I guess that’s why I skate the surface is actually quite cool that was supposed to be a something
right I don’t know the name of that that’s something we’re almost where we started
hey man what I sell them busted mind can I see you skate yeah well yeah we just
falling out okay no where are you from know where you got skates on you roller
derby ladies runner so did I got will for you that’s like
you need to like hotcakes the frame mmm
can you write the number yeah so it’s all seven I’m not gonna let you listen
to this it’s funny because tom was just telling me that he sees it skating
coming back blah blah blah blah blah and then there’s the guy randomly walking
with skates in the bag looking for wheels well for me it’s not about coming back
cause it never left but you say I’m gonna skate anyway but I think cool say
the move more people see people skating especially choice gang the more
interested they get and it gets pull people into the scene
that’s it it’s like their work schedule big wheels and callers like these okay
skills with these collars at least not everyone likes it but at least they’re
flashy enough for people to notice us yeah Alex port hey my man yeah we got
superheroes kids that’s it now you know and that’s it we’re about to end this
thing I’m about to get to where we started where we met and he was cool
meeting these students cool to meet Alex and Tom he’d already almost handed the
funny way wipers we know looking down so it was cool meeting these two they’re
leaving soon like in two days right today yeah living in two days I’ll stay
but I’m sure like the skating world is not that big so I’m pretty sure we guys
gonna see again each other really nice meeting you guys nice for all of you
watching this I hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video first
let me see if you did enjoy this video don’t forget to subscribe to the channel
you yes and if you did like this video don’t forget to give me some thumbs up
if you didn’t like it give me some thumbs up but like it or not the most
important thing is for all of you to never forget what we all started
skating which is because it’s fun I hope you guys enjoyed this one and see you
soon Cheers

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