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Inline Skating with a SPECIAL Person!

Inline Skating with a SPECIAL Person!

hey guys it’s me tiago the french inline skater. in the
process of the making of this video i have been physically assaulted by a very
very mad man basically someone just kicked me my stomach’s been punch me on
my head fans scream I’ll kill you I’ll kill you
I worked everything in detail on my facebook page at Lego and I’m scared
check it out if you want to know more about what happened but hey I’m okay
let’s start the episode today I skated with a very special person access Oslo
special because he’s the one who introduced me to inline skating so I
can’t be thankful enough for this excellent I were classmates in senior
high school and we both passed our arts degree and then we took a different path
he does 2d animation and I work as a photographer I still like to draw but
it’s more like a hobby to me it’s been three years since we be with me and we
absolutely wanted to scape together some people ask me how do I skate how do I
learn stuff here is an example I just don’t think about what I’m doing
I just moved to the music or keep moving around I mean we keep goofing around he
introduced me to remind skating and I am introducing him to freestyle slalom this
is his very first time skinny Aaron Cohn and I am impressed okay now let’s go meet overnight skaters
in Paris first thing you can see is that I got to remove my scarf oh but hey
becoming warmer I can now wear my shorts yeah my knee is still recovering from my
injury from my last basketball game it’s great a little better but I still have
to wait before jumping doing speed slalom and other stuff it’s hard to
speak in English I’m doing my best I still struggle when trying to
pronunciate certain words like this sentence is so hard for me to say like
another word I still can say is rollerblading who’s difficult for me
roller roller how do you go back I hope my English will improve but I’m
doing my best to be understandable if is the word we arrived to our destination
and they’re inline skaters we’re to the inline skating community is awesome
seriously no matter what the discipline is no matter the level you have you can
easily make friends and have fun if over inline skaters we started playing the game I recommend
to everyone I’m scared no matter the level it’s very fun and makes you
improve amazing great back in France we call it a Belgian I tried to find the
equivalent in English and it stays with British gold-bug games the goal of this
game is to become the last survivor have to safe zones one hunter and the other
players the players will have to run to the other side of the field and the
hunter will try to catch you if the hunter touches you you will be on his
side trying to catch the other players the last survivor wins and this can be
very technical for inline skaters you will have to jump like dodge sprayed
everything you can do to stay alive or to catch with other players and trust me
it’s very fun so fun bye I forgot about my knee injuries but the pain was coming
back slowly and I’ll set the pasta put this on your
Rollie little lady when we live in your constitute open way pretty much here but about the
about Mario’s long after watch i really suggest you to create wrist games for
friends it’s one of the best ways to improve
quickly and have fun at the same time thanks for watching don’t forget to
subscribe for more videos and check the links in the description to check our
work see you in the next

71 thoughts on “Inline Skating with a SPECIAL Person!”

  1. I know that game!!! I never played it on skates but I played it on playgrounds and the pool! In America (or at least in Washington DC) we call it "Sharks and Minnows"

  2. I agree your English is great. Very sorry to hear you were assaulted. That game looks like a ton of fun on skates, but that skill level is way over my head.

  3. don't feel bad about your English. I cannot read French at all. sometimes I would be reading a book to children, and then come across a French saying, and I get so emabress that I would butcher it that I mumble it and skip it over

  4. Next time someone attacks you kick them in the knee or shin hard as you can with your skates. They won't be attacking you anymore guaranteed. Smooth skating btw. Your friend did good for his first time using cones in hockey skates.

  5. You should have gotten the police involved. He should be in jail for assaulting you and the others before you. I'm so sorry, you're too nice of a guy to try and calm his ass down. He didn't deserve your condolence.

  6. Thanks for another great video, that looked like a whole lot of fun! 🙂
    So sorry to hear about the assault, no fun at all, especially when you were on skates and with an injured knee.. 🙁

  7. Hoooooo !

    je connaissais pas du tout ce jeu !

    Merci de l'avoir partagé avec nous !

    ca à l'aire super cool !

    Je vais tester !

    En plus, il a l'aire de faire progresser très rapidement techniquement, pour tout ce qui est évitement à la dernière minute etc.. ce qui peu être très très très utile en freeskate !

    Yeaaaah ! bien joué !

  8. I don't understand – why didn't you call cops on the assaulter? Or asked witnesses to assist you in reporting him? I hope you at least did report this assault to police after you got home, as the guy may also be a danger to other people.

  9. Don't be stupid like me and don't ignore fatigue/injuries – they can become chronic if you do and you don't even notice it at first.

  10. сool city ride but after seeing ur slalomway n hearing u speak, i have to ask something: r u – by any means- a homosexual hipster or a hipster homosexual?

  11. Hey, glad you're alright! There is some crazy mad people out there, the best to do is ignore them and skate away… this is even worse because all you wanted to do was check if the guy was OK and he went ape shit on you… well, shame on him, and again, i'm glad you're okay!

    It is hard for me to speak english too. I can read it alright and listen to it quite well, but speaking is a whole different story. But don't worry too much, you speak very well, i have no trouble understanding you at all.

    I should get in touch with the other skates in my city… but for now, i'm raising my own community, trying to get a few of my friends to start skating with me… i'll have to try that game when they can! looks like a whole lot of fun!

  12. Great video and your English is very good — plus French accents are always cool ;). I got to skate some in Paris last summer and did the Friday night skate from Montparnasse — that was amazing. Love the game — I will try it with skate friends… Although they're hard to find here in California.

  13. At the moment my school has two weeks off and there is a place where LOADS of other freestyle skaters go not too far from where I live. So I'm going to try get my inline skating friend and go there together and meet all the people as I have not been before and I will try send you some pictures to your Instagram.

  14. i just wish morre people here would ride inline… i would so be up to play that game, you earned a sub for sure though 😀

  15. Hey, I loved the video! That game looks like so much fun, I wish I had skating friends, or random inline skaters, to play with, hang around and learn new things… :(I'm glad you're okay, the assault sounds awful!By the way, this is your first video I watch, you have a new subscriber ;)Oh and your English is pretty good.

  16. Hey j'y jouait quand j'étais gamin j'adorais ça.

    Vousl vous connaissiez tous ? ou c'etait un rassemblement organisé sur un site tiers? Y'aurait-il une "communauté" sur paris avec qui s'amuser s'entrainer etc?

  17. Nice music from 1:36 onwards. mind sharing what's the song?
    I wish I can come to Paris and bring my skates there…

  18. you are doing good job… I can understand u very well… I'm from new York… so if I can understand than everyone  can

  19. "Roller" is hard to say?:P try to say polish "Gżegżółka" :d Nevermind:P ur english is easy to understand, so I see no problems 🙂

  20. Love your videos man. I'm just ended my first week of learning to inline skate.Subbed and learning a lot just watching. ??

  21. The danish equivilent of the game. thats played running is called mother hen 😀 basically the runners are the chicks the catcher is the wolf and the one in the safe zone calling the start of the game is the hen mother 😀

  22. I'm glad you're alright, it must've been quite the experience!
    And the game looks like a ton of fun, even though it's far too advanced for me as of now xD

  23. Bro, do not mention anymore that your English not enough..
    That's the first movie I saw when you're questing your language skills. It's very good. Focus on skating and never stop!

  24. I’m sorry you were assaulted. I would like to point out to you that you do fly very close by people at a fast speed. You can look through this video and see the reactions of some of the people you startled. You are an excellent skater and you have a ton of control, but those unsuspecting people don’t know that. They only feel the instant fear you create for them by suddenly appearing so dangerously close to them. The wheels make a loud unfamiliar noise to most people especially when you brake. Think about their perspective.
    Did you happen to record your encounter with your attacker? Obviously what pushed him over the edge was feeling threatened. I know that is my greatest trigger (when a person selfishly or ignorantly makes me feel threatened).Please keep that experience in mind from now on and pay more attention to and have more respect and consideration for the pedestrians around you. Physically harming another soul is not okay, but Inflicting fear on people isn’t very cool either.

  25. Your English is amazing! The subtitles are whack! Eat some pasta little lady, haha! Wish there was a skating culture, everyone I ever see skates alone & no slalom!

  26. dont stand and trade words with a guy who is pissed off. just leave the scene and live to skate another day. glad you are ok.

  27. In Australia we called the game Bullrush (good luck pronouncing that "r" ?) and it was banned in primary school. So we would play it anyway and call it something else

  28. your so lucky , in my country there is NO ONE who will or even can coach inline slalom or artistic skating , there are how ever a few speed skate coachs

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