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Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and
I’m a wheel addict today I’m gonna teach you how to do a power slide a power
slide can be one of these three things can be a way to stop it can be a trick
and it can also be a progression for other trick today I’m gonna try to break
this streak into different parts so that it’s gonna be easier for you and the
first thing that you need to know is to do a power slide you need to be able to
first be able to go from forward to backwards you need to be able to go from
here to here that’s the first thing that you need to know if you want to do a
power slide and also if you want to do a power slide you also need to know after
turning from forward to backwards you also need to know how to roll backwards
once in order to roll backwards you’re gonna want to learn how to roll
backwards without having your feet together you want to be able to roll
backwards with your feet a little bit far from each other and when you do
these you want to have all your weight on the front foot so you want to be more
like this see all my weight is on the front foot and the back foot is rolling
but my weight is not really on it why do I want to learn it well when you first
start doing a power slide all your weight goes on the front foot and the
back foot is basically just dragging but like super super smooth also because not
all surfaces are the same if you’re gonna do it in a rougher surface usually
it’s a lot more grippy and it’s a lot less consistent so the best is always to
roll on the other foot and then slowly start dragging into the other one but
we’ll go there later having completely new wheels it might make it harder
usually when the wheels have that shiny material that makes them a lot grittier
and when the wheels are really grippy it’s weird especially if you’re learning
so let’s make it the easiest the easiest would be going to really really smooth
pavement and using used wheels that will make it easier for you if you’re
learning okay now let’s do it so basically the first progression would be
you go forward and then you turn into backwards start rolling backwards and
then once you start rolling backwards you’re gonna put all the weight on the
front foot you’re going that way up and you put all the weight in the front
wheel what you’re gonna do next is you put your heel up in the air and then you
spin it until it touches the floor not with the back foot 90 degrees from the
front once something like this imagine this you go like this and then you spin
it and then you’re making it tea with your feet this is how you do a power
slide this is the position that you need to have your feet in a power slide
you’re going to be making a tea also super important is that the fruit that
is going to be dragging the filter is going to be sliding you need to be on
the inner edge this is super important looking from there if I’m gonna put my
feet my foot straight I’m not gonna be able to slide if I’m gonna put the
harder the outside edge I’m not gonna be able to slide
I’m gonna need to stay on the inside edge of my sliding foot that’s the only
way to do it then again if you put more weight on the
front foot and the other one which is going to be dragging stays on the inside
on the inner edge that will make it a lot easier for you and then that’s it
you go from forward to backwards you spin 180 degrees you roll a little bit
and then you start like you pull your heel up in the air you spin it and you
start by sliding like that we time you can skip this step is not gonna need to
do these and these you can go straight from here to here what you need to know
is that when you go from the rolling position to the powerslide position you
need to put the inside edge of your skate in the floor and again leave all
almost all your weight I would say maybe 80% on the front leg 20% on the other
leg then if it’s the trick if you want to do it longer just for a long par
slide then you can keep the 80% on the front leg and the 20% on the back one
but if you want to stop then gradually you’re gonna put more of your weight in
the back foot always keeping the inner edge I’m gonna show you a few different
power slides so that you can see what you should be doing let’s do this and that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed
this video I hope you learned something today and if you did enjoy this video
don’t forget to subscribe to the channel give me thumbs up if you liked it give
me thumbs down if you didn’t like it but hey let me know why I didn’t like this
video let me know what I can do different in my next one other than that
let’s just not forget why we all started skating because it’s fun cheers guys


  1. Hi Ricardo,
    Omg I didn't know that this was an actual trick, when i was 14 years old i used to skate my freestyle inline skates. And back then i thought i invented this trick, cause i never went to the internet to learn. This is a great tutorial, thanks a lot 😀

  2. Hola Ricardo!
    Really nice tutorial, thank you very much for this. I've been practicing and using powerslides as a braking method for a while now, I need to keep improving! Cheers and keep it up!

  3. Hey Ricardo!
    Great video like always, i've sent you some messeages on instagram. Would love to hear some tips from such a great teacher like you are! Best regards and thank you for your effort,
    Kenny 🙂

  4. I found it easier to go into the slide as I turn backwards (basically the same you did but without lifting my foot up). Because every time I lift my foot up and hen put it straight down for a slide I feel like I'm getting stuck real quick on the ground and the slide is not as smooth. It's brobably because I don't have a clue of how to do freeskating stuff but anyways ???

  5. Good stuff. Really enjoying your videos.
    Would like to ask if you can make a video about different types on how to stop. Like compare which stop would be efficient (magic slide, parallel slide, power stop, t stop, regular break, etc) I believed Sean from shop task did but would like to see your take or breakdown 🙂 esp what you did on the which wheels setup is fastest. Anyway, skate safe and have fun 🙂

  6. This is a good tutorial- but having to turn backwards takes too much time in many situations. What about the 'power stop' or whatever Bill Stoppard uses to stop where he does a little t-stop and swings that dragging foot forward? Can you teach us that?
    The backward rolling front wheel pivot (of back foot) is something new that I'm going to try… Thx, Lino!

  7. Neat tutorial; always interesting to see someone do it their own way. The easier way to learn a power slide: (This is the Inline Certification Program standard)

  8. Hi ,is it the same thing When you use the roller skate (4 wheels ) .?
    Your tutorial are really good and easy to understand .. thank s very much ?????

  9. I want and try to learn these fancy brakes, slides and stops but for now I will stick to my heel brake for safety. In my location there are many hills and most of them are really steep..

  10. Ahh. So you hop into your powerslide? I must try this method. I (unknowingly) always could do a powerslide but I always thought it was a "cheaters" way to stop due to the fact I always saw my friends (when I was much younger) do a parallel stop on ice. I do a powerslide via a mohawk turn and push into the heel. I still can't do a parallel all too well but thanks to you Lino I have other ways to approach such advanced tricks. For now, my parallel stop / slide is my go to "full dead stop" method. But I must say, mine is nowhere near as stylish as yours.

  11. Hey lino, im a big fan of your videos,
    I have a question!
    ¿ what kind of skates do you recommend just for hang out and make exercise maybe a few jumps . Triskates or agressive ones?
    Thank you so much

  12. +The Lino Life what's your opinion on the easiest frame/wheel setup for learning slides (parallel in particular)?. I can do powerslides on 3x110s and 4x90s, though seemed a bit harder on the 4x90s (that frame is a 296mm speed skate frame vs 243mm for the 3×110). I have a pair of Imperials I want to use to master parallel slides & I'm wavering between a Seba 4×80 frame (243mm) vs an identical length 3×110 (the PS Pleasure Tool) vs a Megacruiser 3×125 (a little longer, I think 255mm). I'd prefer the bigger wheel frames for general usage/commuting etc, but my main priority is getting my slides down properly.

  13. All of my friends including me use luiginos and vanilla inline skates and can slide probably half way across the skating rink if we go full speed and it is very fun (we are ten and eleven years old)it's especially fun if we get one of us to lay down and then we powerslide as close as we can to the person laying down. Keep in mind we are the fastest people there and we can go all the way around the skating rink in about 15 seconds or less

  14. Please, say that you dont use russian language in your description to video and name of the video. I hope this is a youtub's bug….

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