hey guys it’se me tiago the french inline skater and
welcome to those videos today I decided to go get you a little bit to see how
many is going so why not going from the Eiffel Tower to the gums on ass there’s
around 1.7 kilometers between the Eiffel Tower and the Gong vomit where I decided
to take a different path called random seriously I didn’t plant anything so I’m
trying to make my injured knee get used to skating again so I won’t push too
much at this for the moment I’m actually working on the next tutorial and try to
guess what it’s going to be about I’ll give you some tips but will help you
skate backwards in no time trust me I’ll do my best to make a cool video like my
previous tutorial I really enjoyed doing that one I’ll put a link in the
description so you can watch it if you want here’s the Eiffel Tower now let’s
start the running path to eternal darkness like going under a fancy bridge
and the mi Wilson weight is one for this couple stones it’s a night wet skip here
let’s go outside much better now I can go wait there’s a mud man in the bag and
go all that time was where my scape I miss it so much
good just like this weather I recently received a very interesting comment by
Danny buoy which says how does it feel to skate after some time from wearing my
skates to hit with a pavement after a long time so it’s only been two months
since I slowed down and even stopped men screaming because of my knee injury from
a basketball game but to me it seems like an eternity so I find it really
cool to fill this and describable feeling like when you bite your first
bears case and you’ve all this magic feel do you see what I’m talking about
so this is what I was experiencing during this flow I may not be smiling
here but trust me I’m very happy to wear my skates again the other part of
Danny’s question is why do you enjoy skating very cool
let me tell you how everything started I was and still am a huge manga and anime
lovers and I discovered a manga called Air Gear when I was a kid and it’s an
amazing Shonen manga about inline skating I really recommend you to read
or watch it right now basically it’s about a young dude who began practicing
a new discipline inline skating with hi-tech inline skate but enable you to
make incredible things like skate involves super high jumps and a lot of /
crazy stuff and it’s all about the beauty and the feeling of skating it’s a
very funny and amazing manga and in the French edition at the end there are a
few pages with some inline skating tutorials from Tai Chris you know of a
man who jumped from the Eiffel Tower on the landscape
a few years later everything of mine introduced me to inline skating and I
began to understand what the characters of this manga were saying of course I’m
not doing the same level of tricks they do sorry I can’t jump over building
sweeping landscapes I’m sorry but I quickly began addicted to it I focus
more into fulfilling my tricks provide than their aesthetics so why do I enjoy
skating because inline skating makes me feel so good hey so I look like I know
where I’m going I told you I took a round have to go to the tour Madonna but
how do I stay on track I just try to locate by building I think it’s the
tallest building in Paris without counting the Eiffel Tower always it’s
not a building it ok nevermind there is something about the place I’m going to
become a bonus this is the meeting point for preparation Friday night skate
called Valhalla every Friday thousands of
inline skaters go there and we all skate together this is also where I’ve met
some of you it’s a very cool event if you are inline skater and you come to
Paris we definitely have to do this so basically we make it to of Paris of
around 30 kilometers there’s a lot of down and hop hills it’s a very sporting
event and I really like be Friday nights can have a few problems
these last days the police started reading this event rates okay now we are
mobilize to protect this association we still have our Fright Night case
wha-ha-ha-ha-ha nobody will take this from us do you
have inline skating related events where you live please tell me in the comment
section I’m very curious about it I’m discovering this pair of bars at the
same time as you I’ve never been here so I’m looking everywhere Oh a camera
shop but now something happens my skates I forgot to tighten my frame after all
that time what wearing my skate so just after passed these people I felt
something was very strange my frame was going nuts
it was completely loose they come don’t move too much I got this black again is it good now looks like so
let’s continue I think I talked too much I’ll let you enjoy the flow we’ll do a
little bit I’ll be back very soon enjoy I am in a huge uphill now what do you
think about scaling uphill I personally like it because it’s more difficult and
when you manage to overcome this obstacle it’s very rewarding at least to
me it’s like when you come back from an intense training when you feel your
sword body it means that you’ve done a good work and it’s what I’d like to do
to gain more strength on my legs almost there I can clearly see the two on
ghana’s now it’s dark building in the middle okay almost there keep pushing here it is finished not over I have to
go to the over side of it what if a Friday night skate begin Wow this place is very slippery I bet
this is amazing place to do slides in a new spot for me a gala vilified in Montana’s yes very
merciful girl he’ll appear in France and not just in Paris but this one is less
popular compared to the one in Omaha and here we are this is the meeting point
for preparing for a Friday night scale and what’s cool of it is that this just
in front of a subway and railway station so you can come here easily ITIN essence
we were doing construction stuff but it’s okay if you want to participate or
what more information about it and recommend you to go to our website you
can find everything you need to know about this event and yes it’s totally
free to participate participate participate oh I don’t know anyway I
really hope you enjoy this slow don’t forget to subscribe for my next tutorial
and please help me making a skinny one popular machine these videos your
friends you can change everything think about it alright guys see you in
the next episode

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