Inline Skating motivational

Matt Digital Studio, Coimbatore. Logo I am a wheel addict now when I say wheel addict it is not limited to skating alone kbut includes bikes, cars and so on no crashes could stop me from driving or riding and no obstacles could shatter my dreams now when I say bikes it is again not limited to road bikes alone it extends to motocross and flat track as well Hi, I am Matthew Edwards I just made this short motivational film out of my own experiences as a skater I went to every skate park I could and was told it was only for kids and I would’t be allowed to skate so I looked for other possibilities and came across this stretch of road that was closed to motor traffic as there was bridge construction underway on the other end I strapped my skates on and started rolling by but all of a sudden came across this stretch which was full of broken liquor bottles I felt shattered and went home with the fear of tripping over and ending up with bruises all over but after some thought I came up with the idea of bigger wheels that could climb over these obstacles now I have the right weapon to tackle these and came back with a fury and started riding over them and shattered them I said to myself I’m not going to let anything shatter me but instead I will shatter them, I will terrorize my obstacles This is my first nature. Riding in the rain was scary as well but soon I enjoyed my rides be it rain or shine or anything, nothing could stop me from enjoying my rides This is my short story of skating Hope you liked it Let nothing stop you from what you love to do. Thank you

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