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3 guys on Triskates in Cape Town Olá Youtube, My name is Ricardo Lino and I´m a wheel addict. we are in Cape Town me, Ramon Daniels and Greg the Rapper he doenst want to be seen so, we´re on the top f this hill and we´re about to start this thing, come with us! lets go Ramon just fell..wait wait wait are you Ok? are you Ok ? that was Ramon´s first time are you alive? I´m alive oh god..are you ok? seriouslly yeah, i still got my fingers my keys! thats my keys! oh my god did this happened? lets go!! we keep going! i just teached Ramon how to go down stairs and now its the final test, Let´s go Ramon. Check this! yeah!!!!! you did it! that was good! now i just wanna go down backwards..let´s go fast! so i haven´t gone down stairs backwards…i wouldn’t say in a million years, because i´m not a dinossaur. what do you think of that one? do you like or whta? or its to easy? no no no now we´re gonna film Ramon properly , Ramon.. I´m Ready! ok, 3, 2, 1, lets do it!


  1. very nice flow, by the way those triskates look quite fast, whats like the max speed you can get with them on flat ground?
    I'm guessing 50km/h? Since I get max 30-35km/h on 80mm.

  2. Was telling my self ! do those stairs have an end !..

    Can't wait to publish my inline skates vlogs on my channel!!!

    Your vlog was so nice ! great job !

    Love the gopro swap ! haha

  3. Wish i had money to buy Triskates.. they look awesome!!! So sad they're so freaking expensive here in Brazil.. gotta stick with my 80mm and 100mm 4 wheelers for now T-T

    love your videos! keep it up !

  4. I was once in the city, in Chicago, and I saw this guy who had a whole uniform and he seemed like he was dressed for speed, like cyclers. It caught my eye. Is that normal?

  5. +The Lino Life where are those stairs? I'm not great on stairs, but they look pretty mellow. I'm visiting CT in August, would dig to give them a go

  6. Fun video! City skating is so fun and such a great way to explore the city. I recently started doing my city skates in a 3×100 setup and I love it! So much speed compared to my 4×90 or 4×80 setups, and rolling over rough terrain is so much nicer. I'd like to try 3×125 too!

  7. Amazing video Ricardo, really nice to watch!!!.
    A bit scary the part of the car…but feel how much fun filming the video

  8. Hey Ricardo, I'm subscribed to yours, Bill Stoppard's Pinto Pony Productions and Shop Task skate channels, and you guys are all awesome. I love your enthusiasm! and your fun is infectious.
    I'm in Ireland, in the countryside, and I don't skate around at home very much because the roads are pretty rough tarmac and chippings, and I skate Seba FR1 80's (80mm 85a wheels), I'd really need a tri-skate to roll around here. I do skate whenever I can, I keep them in the car and when I have time and I'm in town or elsewhere with some nice skating opportunities I get those Seba's out and skate for hours, love it..
    Just wanna ask you, would it be worth me buying a Seba three wheel frame for the FR1 or would I be better off buying a good tri-skate, probably something with the Trinity frame? I'm not sure if you had any experience of the Seba three wheel frame, I'm thinking it probably has more flex than a Trinity setup.
    Loving your videos, I get much inspiration from them

  9. nice to see the varied aspects of road skating, no danger of pedestrians on narrow paths (y) yes there is still risk advanced skaters only I guess.

  10. Olá Ricardo ! Primeiramente queria agradecer por fazer videos tão bons de serem assistidos , eu realmente me divirto ao ver o quanto você gosta de patinar !
    Eu tenho juntando dinheiro pra comprar um patins pra me divertir também, parece ser muito legal ! você me indica um bom patins que eu possa comprar ( moro no Brasil , os patins são realmente caros aqui. ) ? Nunca andei de patins antes.
    Ah, e continue com os ótimos videos , adoro seu trabalho !

  11. Thanks Lino in regards to a previous video about wheels and wheel type and your other video about you swapping chassis on your skates. I just did my first one today. I switched my stock wheels with those same bullet type you mentioned. Quite a chore for a first time but rewarding with what I ended up with. I have yet to actually skate with them but just standing on them is almost like a totally different experience. Your advice to just"go have fun" and "skate how you want to skate" has struck home here. Now to test it! The skates I mean.

  12. Nice video Ricardo !
    That makes me want to skate right now, but I can't, need to go to work first 🙁
    Cheers from France !

  13. Awesome flow! I loved how high energy it was. Really enjoying all you youtube content. Inspires me to get out there and keep learning and improving.

  14. Yo dude! I've always thought skating is one of the most effective way we can transport ourselves, I mean wheels on our feet instead of riding a big bicycle or have a wooden plank with 4 wheels and complicated steering. Or a 'scooter' also cool but skating is so cool I'd like to start doing it myself! Can you tell me what will be best for a beginner? It would be for city cruising with some rough sidewalks here in Belgium 🇧🇪. Thank you in advance, Stay safe!

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