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Olá YouTube, my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a
wheel addict and I’m sitting in the floor and why am I sitting in the phone
well I’m about to act some skates what am I gonna do well do you know these
things here if this thing it’s called sliders I think that’s how people call
it basically it’s a perfection that a lot of the free skates have to to allow
you to slide and protect your boot but maybe it’s not a problem maybe it’s just
in my hand I did saw someone a few months ago
changing these for a piece of rubber and I thought to myself well if I’m going to
be sliding and if the dude touchin if it’s plastic I might fall because it’s
two different sliding surfaces then rubber from the wheels and the plastic
from the boot so it’s actually a really good idea so I’m gonna try it and that’s
what I’m gonna do today I’m gonna show you how to change these or out to make
your DIY Do It Yourself rubber one by using a piece or will by the way you’ll find these piece in
all this different type of free skates these ones are a carbon boot the power
slide article Evo 2 but you’ll find these also
in Imperial which is like a plastic food or all other brands that make these free
skates like saver lining or rollerblade most of the brands come with these
things so we’ll be able to change this thing for a piece of rubber
what kind of rubber am I going to use for that okay so do you remember this I
made a video about these wills the this was like the insert that these bills I
have for I rebound well I have these wheels just laying around and check what
I’m gonna do with these and when I try to transform these into something like
this main difference this is plastic this is proper urethane let’s see how it
goes school yeah I know that these are not the best
tools but here you gotta play with what you got so I think it’s gonna work okay
so tools update I went and bought a dremel I really need one of these for
all the skate modifications whatever we want to call it all the skate acts that
I do so I ended up realizing that it’s going to help me that’s what I did so
now I got some more stuff to do in my sliders that Matteo put it the other way
around that’s it
more way the curse isn’t locked I’ve never
used one of this the drilling is done but not checked is
these one as the foreman to go to wrap around the boot ds1 look completely flat
so I’m gonna try to shave a little bit the middle of these so let get that
curvy thing so that wraps around the boot a little bit better maybe it will
work maybe not we’ll see so excited about this thing like yes
something that you should know this is not my idea I’ve seen D I’ve seen
Vincent as so far in this I said they got from ankylosaurs he did these to
some sever skates with some undercover wheels and I was really intrigued to try
it so that’s it you saw how I did it now if you want to see me trying it now you
need to subscribe to the channel because I’m gonna be using this and I’m gonna be
making videos videos so subscribe to the channel and you’re gonna see me using
this also if you liked the video give me some thumbs up if you didn’t like the
video give me some thumbs down wait wait wait thumbs down important give me some
thumbs up okay let me know what you don’t like about
this video let’s all just not forget why we all started skating because it’s fun
cheers guys see you soon


  1. Very cool hack!

    Pretty curious about the rigidity of the screw holes, whether they hold together as well as the plastic would.

    Nice video mate!

    I am off to Shred Cologne now 😊
    Hope to see you there one year!

  2. Hey that's a great use for old wheels. I don't need it cus I use aggressive skates but I'm sure my friend can when he needs a new one or wants to switch it out.

  3. Nice !! 🙂 Ok I have a question for you being the Master of modifications. I have a pair of seba fr2 2014 and the right boots is perfect fit, but the left one is killing me. There used to be some elastic straps in the liner I cut the out much less arch pressure. Still the lefty is hurting my leg on every skate session. Every other day I do like 15-20km of city skating

  4. I have a question, for someone who ice skating a lot but never did in line skating and want the same feel as possible of ice skate, what's better triskate 125 or 4 wheels 80?

  5. It's funny, but the extra friction will catch your boot on asphalt more, making it more difficult to slide out smoothly in a crash. Probably not a big deal, but not ideal. But, hey, for the lulz.

  6. Dremel is a good tool to invest in for a skate shop, Lino. We at workshop use with it quite a lot on repair tasks, fixing customer's inline skates, scooters, skates. Otherwise that equipment would be unfixable without that tool. Thumbs up for the video.

  7. タイトルが日本語だったので日本語でも大丈夫ですか?

  8. Hola Lino, como te fue con esta idea? si funciono como esperabas?
    Hi Lino, how were this idea? it worked like you wanted?

  9. I hadn't watched this one, and now I'm super curious about the results of the hack, and if you finally reviewed it I can't find it anywhere!😧
    Well nevermind, I'm already lost watching random videos of yours (there's so much I haven't watched…)

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