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i do not know if this is working
is this working yeah oh I took my name Ola Youtube My name is Ricardo lino and a wheel addict it’s
Saturday morning and this guy right here mo no mo started aggressive skating
about all of you have these skates for okay so about five four months ago I
don’t even know I gave this kid sumo which are some USD sways it could do
some back sides but he could not really grind but now that we got these little
play rail you learned a few tricks and the last time I made a video about the
play rail which there will be something here or here there will be a video
explaining out to make this play rail I said that mo learn how to do 13 grinds
so now he’s a little bit nervous let’s see if you can do the 13 grinds you
ready for this mo no I’m sure he’s gonna do it how did it up brain a few times mo
what’s going to be our first ride let’s see if you know the names my first one
will be the most easiest which is the backside that’s the easiest one for you
okay let’s do that let’s see mo is good with the backside wax break there’s the wax break we need
the wax backside one now you need to do the
switch one right ha ha let’s get my sweet weight bearing that’s the front
side low you want the back side back side means that you turn your bum you
turn your ass to the rail you need to turn your bum to the rail yeah that was
front side think about it if you go like these in New York yes that’s it
do it you did it before dude I’ll do to the topsail it’s the exact same thing you did that before you do the top side
just do the store first do the store you got three grinds I think you can
still do silly you can do switch front side now which
is the exact same thing but you come from the other side of the rail and if
you do it like that then it’s for rhymes done you know what that is poor roads for grinds done you got okay
if it’s 13 13-4 it’s nine more you got nine grinds to go what do you gotta do
no okay wait let’s set a rule here you can do the grinds but if it doesn’t look
good it doesn’t count so it didn’t look good no you can do it yeah what I mean
like this better it’s like can you hold the camera like you remember these knee
comes here you can grab it better if you can grab it perfect if you can’t grab it
at least control it we got this mo get it get it rather try and fail and then
fail to try LC yeah no there’s five grinds done what’s nice music yeah get a
museum you can do it that way okay six cried frontside both ways backside both
ways and Mac you with a grab and without but you’re gonna collect one grind only
and there’s the Mesa what’s coming next mo you likes porn stars shows the porcine you someone has hasn’t
been doing the old work come on just do the stole first you need
to pressure the back booth yes yes get it
Landon what you have to say about that one we’re good we’re good
so there’s seven grinds what’s next mo so get your soul okay so wait what’s
happening here what’s next you’re too bright
come here get darker so it’s like okay the next time is the acid acid you ready
for the acid yeah show me your ethics help me here with the Mets front side
both ways back side both ways for plus makio me zoo porn star and soul there’s
eight okay so there’s five more to go not even first time that’s cool
so there’s another one so we got 9 Grimes four to go dinner what okay show
me the three strangers there’s like a that’s like a farside
Macchio you need to stay more to that side well try to go out a little bit
more that way you got it no next
hey top support we got 10 grand 10 grand yeah 10 runs for the 13 there’s three
more to go okay top porn wait wait wait wait
there’s an extra he didn’t want to but I think I’m gonna check it but I think
more do the backside unity so until now yes ten and a half because that’s not
really top form but it’s not really a back unity it’s not really a tea kettle
I think arrows when you do like a horn but the front part of the skater but
it’s a trick it’s something so it’s ten and a half it’s late and it’s cool it
didn’t move a most time he’d be the top side mouth start get it yes that’s my
boy okay eleven and a half you got you’re it what we doing next their top
easy let’s do it mo don’t forget if you’re gonna do a top side I want you to
lean to death come on otherwise doesn’t count if you’re
learning at oxide if you just put your feet like these you will not see what
you’re doing so if you open your knee you can see it then it becomes a lot
easier so let’s see if it doesn’t now he knows that he needs to open your knee
let’s see if it does a sweat sense good good boy
but those through the fall sir please forgive me yeah boy okay that’s all for
you people I’ll forego I’m to go what’s the half a
grind you wanna do acid and then he can do the top so and then you got 13 in the
house okay hey you still had one more but you’ll
see he doesn’t know yet lean forward huh if he goes for the
Topsail it goes from 13 and a half to 14 and half grinds its Caesar it’s gonna be
easy for you you got it the beating you have any other mind you
want to do I actually want to grind my just let some ices evening huh
thanks that was it for today I hope this teaches you a really important lesson
and that is if you want you can somos is a downhill skater and all the grounds
that is so today how long did it take you to learn that I mean how many
sessions anywhere in this before I actually did all of these today I had
one session and it was a four period of like under one hour with legendry
cordially ah shut up come on the thing is when you want you can do it
of course he has skate control but as you can see is still learning and a lot
of the fault that he had it’s because it’s not used to this that’s it and you
know what this all this falling will just give you a lot more confidence for
all the other types of skating that it does and for everything else it does in
life because we all fall in love if it’s not on skated on something else so this
is a lesson of life skating so that’s the lesson personally I hope you guys
enjoyed this one if you did enjoy this one don’t forget to give me some thumbs
up if you didn’t like it thumbs down and more important than
anything else do not forget why we all started skating why because it’s fun and
if you’re not subscribe to the channel now might be a good time to do it
and there’s a little bell on the side click on that one and you’ll get
notifications every time we upload a video thank you


  1. Yeeeeeeees thanks for doing a video i asked for. One of my favorites for sure. Moe can get mad style if he keeps doing aggressive. Also it reminds of the 90s when my older brother was coaching me on grinds. A big shout out to moe!

  2. Hi Lino and fam! 2 Qs: What are your current "Every Day" Skates and your "Urban or Off Road" Skates?
    Greetings from London!

  3. Hopefully I can get some new frames and wheels this month so I can start skating again. I want to make one of those pvc practice rails so I can start learning how to grind. I'll probably break something in the process, but that's okay.

  4. Too funny guys… ha. Always enjoy watching your fun vids…ps. More, where are your protectors…knee pads elbow and helmet protection… hmmmm. Ha

  5. Lino !! Super dig your videos my friend in looking to buy my first pair of skates I'm thinking of getting those seats mo is in in these would you recommend those skates ?

  6. I wish I had the Lino as my teacher, Lucky Moe! you guys look like you are having so much fun and you are just at the back of the shop, didn't even need to go to the skate park, that's beautiful!

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