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Inline Skates Guide | Buying fitness skates |

Inline Skates Guide | Buying fitness skates |

hi and welcome to our short introduction video with a few points of what you need to look into when you buy your first pair of fitness inline skates First of all it’s a very fun and alternative way to get some exercise it’s mild for your joints because you have these long soft movements it’s even doctor recommended if you’re struggling
with a knee injury they’re known for the good fitting and nice comfort and they can be used in all ages from small children
to elderly people when it comes to wheel size you have some different options if you’re looking for a fitness skate
you can use for longer rides it’s a good idea to take 90mm or 100mm
or even 110mm the reason for this is the bigger the wheel the easier it is to maintain the speed and you use less energy on that ride If you want a more maneuverable skate you can use in the city or for shorter distance is a good idea to take 80 to 84mm wheels the reason for this is that it’s easier to turn
and easier to stop Inside the wheel there is something called a bearing The bearing is the component which makes the wheel turn and you have different options when choosing bearings the short version is you have something
called an ABEC scale an ABEC scale defines how much resistance
there is in the bearing and the less resistance the easier it spins and it goes from 1 to 9 and the higher the number the less resistance choosing size can be a bit tricky we recommend that you always go to the website and check the individual sizing guide for each product but the rule of thumb is that you can choose one size bigger than your regular shoe size the reason for this is that you need to have some space
for your toes to wiggle because your feet will expand when they get warm A good idea is to try them on in your
living room for 10 or 15 minutes if they still hurt afterwards they’re probably too small fitness inlines comes with two different kinds of boots we have the soft boot which is very nice ventilated
and very comfortable and we have the hard boot which offers a bit more control and stability most fitness lines comes with a brake a brake can be dismounted or even changed at the other foot if you want to the brake pad will wear down after some time so we recommend that you buy a few extra already
from the beginning so this was our short guide with a few points of what you need to look into when you buy your first pair of fitness inline skates there are three main points that you need to remember think about which wheel size you want if you want a soft boot or a hard boot and remember always take one size bigger
than your regular shoe size but always remember safety first

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