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inline skate 3 tips for a good push (pascal briand vlog 62)

inline skate 3 tips for a good push (pascal briand vlog 62)

today’s video is about the three main point you have to think where if you want to do the right push [Music] in the previous video we have seen a information about how to land a skate how to take outside edge next step is to think about the bush so I will give you information about what I think when I do my push most of the time we say we have to push to the side with all the wheels it’s a right ID but actually we have to push mainly down before pushing to the side because if we only push to the side like in this direction we don’t really get enough grip so you also have to think of pushing down before getting to the side the more you push down first the more grip you get you will get for your push [Music] that’s also why it’s important to take a outside edge at the moment you take outside edge your body weight is over your skate and you’re loading a lot of pressure on your skate then when you go to the push if you go to keep this pressure on your skate down to the ground then to the side you will probably get a quite effective push when you do your push you have to focus to try to push as much as possible as possible with the ill with the back part of the skate the more you can keep the pressure in the back of the skate the longer you will keep an effective push to the ground almost all the pressure must go in the back of your ski [Music] the three important information is to try to keep your skate as much as possible in the direction you’re going if you open too much you skate you will have the your legs going very fast to the back so you will miss sort of push so try to keep your weight as much as possible in the direction you’re going [Music]

28 thoughts on “inline skate 3 tips for a good push (pascal briand vlog 62)”

  1. bien le petit schéma animé avec les capteurs de pression ! comment as tu fais ? en tout cas c'est clair cette fois : pousses dans le sol et tu avanceras

  2. Bonjour Pascal cette année je suis allé au Mans pour la première fois (j ai 14ans ) j était en équipe découverte et j ai fini 35eme sur 70. A la fin j ai rouler avec mon entraîneur Claude Viltard c était génial et super vidéo !

  3. Cool ? je suis tes conseils et j'ai augmenté mon efficacité. À quand de la "vraie" vitesse? Départ arrêté, jeux de bras, les étapes du sprint quoi ? moi je monte à 45km/h em 4×110 mais je sais que je peut monter plus. On veut toujours plus ? merci.

  4. Thank you Pascal for these videos about landing the skate, outside edging and pushing. I don't even have speed skates and this has taken my skating speed/efficiency up a level since I am pretty much self learned with the help of awesome people like you on youtube. One thing that I observed from your technique and have stolen 🙂 is the leg recovery (I don't know if you have a video about that but it has made my stride a lot longer and more balanced/comfortable! )

  5. Hello, Pascal! Great!
    Is it some kind of device which measure pressure on your feet? Can You rent or buy it?

    Do you have any video where You are teaching how to get right shoulder and arm position?

  6. Bonjour pascal j’ai regardé ta vidéo et je pense que je ne prend pas assez le temps sur mes pousser et je ramène ma jambe trop vite ducoup je reste moin longtemps sur ma jambe et je n’utilise donc pas de quart externe

  7. Is it possible for an average person to get to ~30km/h average speed? I have started skating four months ago and i have only managed to get to 18km/h (10km) :/

  8. Hi sir I'm from India. Ur videos r more helpful for me to teach my 7 years old daughter . She is state player in quad skates.Thank u. But
    I have a doubt sir . She is skating very harder to go fast that is she is controlling her front skate and making her legs to pain. What to do to skate smarter sir

  9. My daughter controlling her front skate and not allowing to move forward. Sir how to keep her body weight lighter to skate. She is putting her full body weight in the front skate and making it to stop so she can't cover the distance easily she need to put full effort and loss her stamina and energy. Pl help sir how to change it..

  10. Mon niveau de patinage est très loin de l'Equipe de France, mais quand j'arrive à me concentrer en me focalisant sur tes conseils, je gagne facilement plusieurs km/h en restant en bonne forme physique. Un très grand merci pour ton travail avec ces vidéos techniques !

  11. I’ve been practicing inline skating in the apartment basement and the surface is extremely smooth (some surfaces are shiny).
    I’ve gotten used to the slippery surfaces and I can decently skate and turn.
    I can’t transition to the rough surfaces of the outside grounds.
    I’ve tripped over many time because of non-existent rocks.

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