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INEOS News 9 – Jim Ratcliffe, Manufacturing in Belgium & Olympic Ice Skating

INEOS News 9 – Jim Ratcliffe, Manufacturing in Belgium & Olympic Ice Skating

– Hello and welcome to Antwerp, Belgium. This is one of 11 plants we have here and we’ll be travelling
to four of those sites to find out what plastics,
pipes and beer have in common. Coming up, Belgium. Famous for chocolate, waffles and plastic. We take a look at the
INEOS plant in Antwerp and find out why they’re
right at the heart of our European operations. – It is a great team here. It is a brand new facility. We have the best technology. We have the highest energy efficiency and that all together
is a very exciting page. – [Host] Fire and ice. We meet the Dragon Vessel project manager and proud dad who’s
daughter has her sights set on skating her way into
the winter Olympics. – It’s a real treat to
be able to come out here and watch her practise. – [Host] In conversation with
INEOS chairman, Jim Ratcliffe, I’ll be getting his take on
Brexit and the importance of free trade. – The UK’s quite an important market. The top five economy of the world. And Europe is important to us. The UK is very important to Europe. – We have details of an
exciting new collaboration with Imperial College, London, looking into new ways to
tackle climate change. – So we’re delighted to
be working with INEOS on this project because
it really demonstrates their commitment to reducing
their carbon footprint. – And of course, we’ll
bring you the latest news and insight from around INEOS. (intense music) Belgium is known as the
diamond capital of the world, but it’s also the heart
of INEOS’s operations here in Europe, and joining me today is Bart De Ceuster, who is a production
engineer here on the site. And Bart, you’ve just completed
the Barcelona marathon. – Yes, that’s correct. However, the marathon itself
was just a stepping stone to the bigger event later this year, being the Namibia challenge
which is also called the In Nam 17 Graduate Desert Challenge. – And more on that later, but first, this site is about to
celebrate its 20th anniversary within INEOS. It’s where it all began for the company. And now, we’re the second
biggest employer in the area. (electronic music) – INEOS Oxide thrived from
its Zwijndrecht home base really because of its logistical location. We’re on the water so we
can bring in raw materials, ship out finished
product at economic cost. It’s a region which has
historically been great at producing the technical capability and the people knowhow. Anyone can have assets,
but to have the people that know how to run them and
improve them is the real trick so we have found a great home in a place that’s suited for the chemical industry and can populate the chemical industry and bring a lot of value. – If you look to INEOS in Belgium, it’s been a fantastic story and we’ve been growing tremendously, so from 230 people to 2,500 people. And when you talk to government and I’m actually the
face of INEOS in Belgium because of our organisation. I know the stakeholders. People do know us. – [Male Voice] INEOS has 11
sites manufacturing chemicals and all the products that are
found in many household items, including cosmetics,
plastic wrappers and even a plant that carries beer to brew. – In Belgium, we are a beer country. So in Belgium, we produce the product that transfers beer from a brewery in the centre of Bruges
to outside the city where they bottle the products. – Both phenyl and acetone, they touch us in our everyday life. You find them everywhere, in the household but also on the street and
as a precursor in many, many other chemical processes. – Well, our products are used
in a variety of industries, packaging, healthcare and diagnostics. – From fragrances, from
your food industry even, you will find our products everywhere. – [Male Voice] Set at Antwerp docks, INEOS is expanding with the introduction of a butane storage
tank, Europe’s largest, which will begin operations in 2019. – Well, the plan is that
we are going to build over there the biggest tank for the butane and this tank is actually
built by the latest standards and safety standards. – [Male Voice] This is
the latest expansion of INEOS Antwerp and
confirms its importance in the INEOS family. Thousands of people work across
the INEOS Antwerp business in everything from maintenance
to research and testing. It also offers the local
community the chance to get involved in areas
they might not otherwise have thought of. – It makes me feel proud. This is the world’s largest
facility for producing these products. It is a great team here. It is a brand new facility. We have the best technology. We have the highest energy efficiency and that altogether is
a very exciting package. – When I go home, when
I look back on my day I really like it that we
have a nice atmosphere in the plant. – The future is bright for this site. We see a lot of investment. We see market demand growing. We see new markets are coming up so I’m really looking
forward to the future here on this site. – [Male Voice] And the support for INEOS being site in Antwerp
rises to the very top. – It is a very innovated company when you look to chemical plastics. And secondly, I hope
that also in the future, a very important player to
make the chemical plaster in the chemical industry in Antwerp more important than is already the case, because when you have
some companies like INEOS, it’s very added value for all. – From what we can see over the years, the relationship has grown
stronger and stronger and the presence of INEOS in Belgium has kept growing which, of
course, we are very happy about. – Cleaner carbon capture
could become a reality under a new proposed scheme between INEOS and the Imperial College, London. – INEOS would fund the
Ph.D. student who would work at Grangemouth on emissions. – It’s part of a drive to find new ways to capture and store carbon. – [Female Voice] Grangemouth, one of INEOS’s largest
manufacturing sites, producing over nine million
litres of clean fuel and almost one million tonnes
of chemical product a year. But with such a large-scale operation comes harmful byproducts
that need to be dealt with. So what is INEOS doing to help develop the next generation of clean production? – Carbon capture is the process of taking the carbon dioxide that
forms during our combustion processes out of our fuel gases and then capturing it and then
being able to store it rather than it being emitted
into the environment. – I think carbon capture has the potential to be a key part of the
manufacturing industry going forward but it does need to overcome the hurdles from the technology. So Imperial College
London is going to have a Ph.D. student who will
be focused particularly on the areas that elegancy can sort him. It seems is to try and
understand ways in which we can better develop the technology, better understand the business the case and understand the
policy framework required to support the diplomas of
industrial carbon capture. – [Female Voice] And this is where that Ph.D. student can come from. Imperial College, London,
one of the world’s leading universities. – It’s important to capture carbon because as we go into the future, we are going to have tougher and tougher climate change budget targets. One of the unavoidable
ways of reducing carbon is going to be capturing
carbon from power plants and industrial processes
and putting it underground. – [Female Voice] And what
better place for the future INEOS Ph.D. student to practise than at Imperial College London’s
working pilot room. – Of course, we are a
university so we can’t build big things at scale, but
what we can do is use lab and pilot-scale facilities like this to demonstrate how carbon capture works. Our current plans with INEOS
are to jointly supervise a Ph.D. student, look at
how carbon capture storage can be employed
principally in Grangemouth, and with a principle
focus on hydrogen-based carbon capture storage. – [Female Voice] So will it
be here at Imperial College that INEOS can find the
future of clean production and help further the future
of carbon capture technology? – I think what we want to show them is for their different parts of their system, what kind of technologies
might be suitable and what some of the costs and
other implications might be. So we’re delighted to
be working with INEOS on this project, because
it really demonstrates their commitment to reducing
their carbon footprint and is very interested in
what we’re trying to do around hydrogen and carbon capture, so it ends up being a very good mix of their interests and our capabilities. – We’ve got a very
international NTV for you today. Belgium, the UK and now over to the US, where an INEOS colleague is busy juggling a groundbreaking project at work with Olympic dreams at home. – My job involves
interaction with suppliers, negotiating deals,
making sure we get ships to the US in time. Ships come in 24/7. You have to just be ready
to work through things and make sure ships get out. My family lives in Colorado
so I work here in Houston. I visit them on the weekends. It’s challenging at times. I’ve been doing it for seven years. My family moved back to Colorado so my daughters could train in figure skating. My youngest daughter tours the world skating for team USA. She’s on the world team. She just recently moved
to Los Angeles to train. She’s always been a hard worker. (piano music) – It takes a lot of commitment. You have to completely
dedicate yourself to the sport so even when I’m not at the rink, I’m doing things that
will benefit me on the ice the next day. – It’s my first world championship, so I don’t really know what to expect but I know that I’m getting
myself to be as trained as I can possibly be and
I’m so excited to be there and experience this. It’s gonna be awesome. (intense symphonic music) I just feel really
lucky because my parents are so supportive and
have given up so much and done so much for me to
be able to chase my dreams. I know that he’s very, very
busy so just to have him here and have my mom here too,
in the stands watching. So I feel really lucky. – From Houston, I work
through the Wednesday. Wednesday night, I flew to Denver. Denver, worked from home
for the day on Thursday, and Thursday night flew
out here to California to watch Mariah. Jugging flights around and schedules, I don’t get out here
very often to see here so it’s a real treat to
be able to come out here and watch her practise. This is definitely an
exciting part of my life to be part of such a great
project within INEOS, to be the first company
to export our thing and the incredible amount
of work and team effort that that took was just amazing and Mariah coming into her on as an elite skater, it’s just an incredible time right now. – And we wish Mariah every
success for her quest for Olympic medals and
we hope that Andy has some smart moves of his own. – Now on each edition of IN.TV, I get the opportunity to put
your questions to Jim Ratcliffe but this time, we’re gonna
do things a bit differently. Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have shown that you can
take nothing for granted. When I sat down with
Jim earlier this month, we talked about these
and other major events. For the last few months, I’ve seen some seismic
shifts in the global political scene, both
in Europe and the US. So we thought we’d take some time, this time on Ask Jim to talk
about some of those issues. So Jim, let me start with Brexit and ask what do you think the
impact of Brexit is for us? – I think it’s been relatively limited in the eight months since the vote. And if you look at our business in the UK, they’re all doing really well. So I have to say, I only feel
optimistic about the future in the UK at the moment. I think there’s a general
recognition in mainland Europe that the UK is quite an important market. It’s a top five economy in the world. And while Europe is very important to us, the UK’s very important to Europe and negotiation now is
going to probably be sort of sensible and pragmatic. There was an associated question
that came in from Antwerp which says the Antwerp chemical cluster is the biggest in Europe
with an ever-increasing share of INEOS on the sites. Will INEOS remain interested
in Belgium post-Brexit? – Belgium’s a great manufacturing country. As many of these northern
European countries are so you’ve got a huge amount
of investment in that country and a great track record of success and nothing will change in Belgium. Let’s cross the Atlantic
and talk a bit about the US. We’ve got a very different
incumbent in the White House now. How do you see the Trump
presidency impacting the industry and, in particular, what do
you think the risks are for INEOS, as an international
company with a sort of more isolationist approach? – I think the recent surge
in the American economy has been on the back of
the investment in Shell. He’s very positive about Shell. And I think if he does
what he says he will do, which is reduce corporate tax rates, then I think that will create
another wave of investment. Because if you’ve got
low tax rates on top of the world’s largest economy, which is also probably the world’s most vibrant economy just at the moment, then
you know we’re gonna see that stimulating lots more
investment in America. So I mean all that stuff
is good for chemicals. – Are we getting a rebalancing. Is it more of the same? – Well the only issue I think that one might be concerned about is protectionism. The other side of that
is that if you’ve got a strong American economy, it’s
gonna be good for the world because a lot of the world
trades strongly with American. – Okay, finally, a very
important question here from INEOS in Antwerp. In the past, there used to
be a football competition between INEOS High and INEOS Antwerp. Seeing as Manchester United
are now playing Anderlecht, is it time to organise INEOS
London against INEOS Antwerp? – Oh that’s a super idea, yeah. The last time I played
in one of those matches, I remember two things about the match. Firstly, I was carried off on a stretcher and I had to come back in a wheelchair. And we lost five – one. But the second thing I remember which was a bit of a lesson
in Europe, I have to say, it was on the Friday. We all went over on the Friday
night and we were taken. They were very sociable. They took us out drinking. Anyway, we pitched up
the following morning and the football pitch,
feeling a little worse we were, and all the Belgian guys
were there in their strip and we didn’t recognise
a single one of them because the guys who took us
out were not playing football. The football time had had
a night drinking water. We could hardly put one
foot in front of the other. – Okay, well there’s your answer guys. Get the beers on ice. (laughter) Thank you very much, Jim. Until next time. – Now let’s catch up with some
other news from around INEOS. – [Host] INEOS has announced
that, for the first time, it’s to enter the car market and is planning to produce an
uncompromising 4×4 off-roader. Jim Ratcliffe decided
to try the new venture after the Land Rover
Defender, a car he admired, stopped being produced. Jim says the new 4×4 is
inspired by the Defender, but it will be a major
improvement in terms of quality and reliability. The new headquarters
building at Grangemouth has been nominated for
multiple design awards. The building was opened in
2016 and houses 450 people. It took just 366 days to
build from start to finish and was designed Michael
Laird architects of Edinburgh. The building has been
nominated for both BCO Awards and the RICS Awards, which
will be announced later in the year. The INEOS Shell programme
has stepped up a pace by increasing the number of
licence areas in the UK by 10%. Our most advanced projects
are in the east Midlands, where we’ve carried out
numerous private consultations. – So the first piece we
do is look at all of the historic data. A lot of these areas have
a huge industrial heritage based on the geology. We can use that to cite
where we would like to drill a vertical cord well. What we’re trying to do there is take samples of that geology, understand the mineralogy,
understand the pressures, the temperatures, start to get an idea of the geology, the structural complexity and the potential of those basins. – [Host] During the year, whilst
Asian markets were weaker, European markets remained
good and American markets remained strong, thanks to
their feedstock advantage. Former world champion hurdler
and Welshman, Colin Jackson, welcomed the news that
the Welsh government was committed to
introducing the daily mile in all its schools. We are very excited about
the launch of the daily mile across our wonderful country of Wales. Not only will it make them
fit, but also in their mindset I think it gives them an
opportunity to then be able to focus on something
that they will enjoy, and that focus then will
be taken into classrooms. There’s no doubt about it. – INEOS of course is built
on enterprise and adventure, lean and adaptable. We take on challenges that are
beyond other organisations. – And this attitude is
embedded and well known throughout the organisation. But we’d like to make sure that newcomers such as our graduate trainees also pick up this can-do attitude, which is why we’ve launched
exciting new challenge for them. – [Female Voice] The Barcelona Marathon is the graduate’s first major
milestone on their journey to completing the Namibia challenge. For many of them, it’s their
first marathon attempt. – I’m feeling petrified about tomorrow. – If you asked me a
year ago, would you ever run a marathon in your life, I would’ve said hell no. – The main reason why we’re
doing the Barcelona Marathon is just to make sure that
everyone can actually cover the distance and mainly know that they can do a marathon
and I think it’s also a good benchmark as to how fit people are and how fit they’re gonna be
to deal with Namibia in May. – [Female Voice] As they
clock up the kilometres, the graduates’ months of hard
work is starting to pay off. – Near the half mark run is done. So I’m having a great time until now. Hopefully the second half is the same as how far I’ve gone. But I don’t expect that. (laughter) – I can’t wait for this
to be over to be honest. – [Male Voice] It’s gonna be
a bit of pain toward the end. A bit of slowness, but
that makes the achievement. – [Female Voice] in less than four hours, the first of Team INEOS have
reached the finishing line. But did they enjoy the
experience or just endure it? – I’m ecstatic that I did three hours, 52. So huge PB. – It was hard, the last
10K went slower and slower. I was like,’why is it going so slowly?’ But I did it. It took five hours. I’m really pleased, a
little bit emotional. You probably can tell. (giggling) – The biggest challenge I faced here was definitely keep going and sometimes I just wanted to quit. Luckily, I had someone by my side that really supported
me and pulled me through the hard bits. – Doing this everyday in Namibia
will be quite challenging. Now we have a taste of
what it will be like. It will be exciting, challenging. – Good luck to all of our
graduates, including Bart. – Thank you. – That’s all we have time
for on this edition of IN.TV. Thank you very much to Bart
for joining me this time in Antwerp. – You’re welcome. – Until next time, goodbye. – Goodbye.

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