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Ina & Dungjen – 1997 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Pairs’ Free Skate

Ina & Dungjen – 1997 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Pairs’ Free Skate

taking the ice necks will be the current leaders they are also the three-time US silver medalist we ran up close and personal look at Kyoko ena and Jason dungeon here’s Robin Roberts they are two opposites with a common goal Jochen ena grew up in New York City it’s too quiet at night sort of father’s hand almost scares me because I don’t hear the sirens or just people Michigan’s countryside is Jason dungeons home just outdoors just back to nature and just quiet peaceful time full opposites attract and thing but like husband-and-wife team Jenny Meno and Todd sand off the ice this pair leads separate lives but on the ice they share their greatest love we are not lovers and we do get along we enjoy working together and we enjoy the success we’ve had together but everything is done together as a business partnership while these business partners have the speed and the big tricks without the intimacy can these friends about the passion and love they have for skating the problem that we’ve had is people perceive us as it’s certain way you watch other teams and if they are married of course you’re gonna perceive passion and they’re skating but is it passion anymore than what we have because we have a passion for skating at last year’s nationals this passion earned Kyoko and Jason first place going into the long program they skated what seemed to many to be their best performance ever Jenny and Todd took a fallen along program but went on to win anyway with their romantic presentation very very disappointing event for me personally but I felt terrible to her guilt and Jason and the event was judged on past merit it wasn’t judged on the performance of that day they skated an excellent short program they did a wonderful long program and I mean all my coaching friends and officials that I’ve known for a long period of time felt that they deserved the title patience is the art of waiting the knowledge of time how to pick your moments how to bite your tongue after a second-place finish for the third consecutive year they know their persistence will bring them another moment I think right now the national championship is something we really want we’ve wanted it for several years now I think I think at this point though we’re ready to take it they were not at all happy about the way things turned out in San Jose a year ago and believe that they deserve better than second place where they have been since 1994 they are the leaders though heading into this free skate KOCO ena and Jason dungeon and the beginning of their program is the most difficult part they have quite a few elements in these first few moves the first one is a nice side by side triple toe loop very strong beginning for them they’re skating to the Grand Canyon sweet by the Cincinnati Philharmonic besides there are three silver medals at these championships they also in his six at the world a year ago watch the triple twist into a pro triple loop that they do coming up very shortly they closed Goodspeed sure a wonderful athlete the waitress sustained she gets such spring could be side-by-side coming up the death spiral you never can relax they skated program for them well it certainly was an interesting one and one that looked at it Tillett was working very well and obviously it’s pleased this audience tremendously well they have certainly put the pressure on Jenny Meno on Todd Sam Eamonn dungeon the leaders heading into this free skate if Meno and Sandow to repeat as national champions they better have a spectacular free skate and so much for my criticizing them for not being having great unison they seem to have it wonderfully in this program well we’re back in Nashville and Kyoko ena and Jason dungeon in their free skate you could see them gain confidence and their technical merit large 5.7 of the 5.9 by and here is a look at the opening of their program the throw triple salchow that sets the tone of this whole number very solid and they executed all of these difficult moves triple toe loop following very solid yet this game these parks are very good there is plenty of room left over Mino and Santa Paul if they skate well but they will have to do that in order to be able to pull back into first place

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