I’m Still in Swimming Lessons? | Hannah Stocking

Welcome to swim class 101 the YMCA was booked up this month, but luckily I Have a great ex-wife cause I’m using her backyard. But it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t it’s about you guys not me All right. I don’t want to make this whole thing about me Steve It’s the wrong one it’s wrong roster, you know, we all make mistakes. I’ve made mistakes all I I’m making a mistake right now *scuffs* Jessica here! Stephanie here Amy right here lele,present! Fuzzmo! *waves awkwardly* Hannah Hannah No, it’s your loss jumping jacks 1 2 3 4 5 6 All right Are you Hannah? I’m sorry what? -You’re Hannah? Of course I am who else would I be ?You taking the classes too? Oh, no, this is my assistant Join the line. Just give us a moment. We’re gonna do some visualization techniques You’re not ready. Just one second. Yeah *ready music* *mumbles* Ok She’s busy You know the wet cap is completely unnecessary you don’t need it you don’t need it at all. This was $800 It’s limited edition Michael Phelps signed it. Yeah, you don’t need it at all Michael Phelps wore it. You could have just dressed up normally like everyone else This is a special skid it cuts through water like a seal. We’re not gonna be swimming over five feet today since Michael Phelps is my uncle Let’s Start some shoulder stretches! Let’s Go Man! Let’s do this! All right, let’s jump in the pool I ladies see some dives one by one *water splash* Love it *water splash* Beautiful *water splash* *water splash* As you’re killing this put somewhere energy thick *water splash* It’s nice stuff. Hannah Let’s do it. *water splash* What they’re I think one of the Tiles is loose. You get that checked out, you know, let’s get on the line. Alright enough nonsense Alright I’m just gonna get out from here. You know you can just from there You’re gonna have to get up look, okay? Hey coach, I’m gonna let them go ahead. I’ll swim solo *lots of water splashes* Immatures my turn (sighs) *agressive rock music* water panics Oh My God! I think she’s like drowning What?What do you mean? Why do I need to breathe? You’re loosing. Stop. Stop. I was just looking for my goggles Oh My God she lost her goggles. She’s losing. Increase heart rate, pale skin, blue lips. Alright administer CPR Thank you sir(slaps). It’s not working. loosen up now administering mouth to mouth. Not mouth to mouth Oh. I am so sorry Give her a try. Alright.Let’s go No. I was not drowning. Welcome to tadpoles 101 we take this class very seriously Lilliana here. Dylan here Zoe, present. Trinity here Hannah Hannah what’s up? Start off with warmups. Do you guys like my swim cap? $800 limited edition Michael Phelps is my dad cool warmups

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