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Ich fahre SNOWBOARD!? + Lift tour BTS – #STORYBASE2019 Tag 7 & 8 (German / English)

Ich fahre SNOWBOARD!? + Lift tour BTS – #STORYBASE2019 Tag 7 & 8 (German / English)

Good morning and welcome my old and new friends of 4freeskier. Today is day 7. Yesterday evening got a bit late, thats why there was no outrow but i hope that you understand that. It was really funny for sure! “You have to take the days like like they are and take the chances πŸ™‚ Now we are 100% fit again and on our way to the Kohlmaisbahn. Today we will se a “behind the scenes” of the gondula. I am really excited and i hope you are as well. And after that… there will be a crazy battle my friends Because you wanted see your boy (thats me :’D ) on a SNOWBOARD if you only want to see me snowboarding, fast forward to 4:47 And our snowboarder Verena is going to take my skis i will use her board. We will rent the boots. And than we will see who sends it more! This is the battle for today, so prepare yourself for a crazy video! What i alsways wanted to know: how is the cable pulled around and put together? “That is really complicated. When all the support pillars are build” “than a small, thin rope will be put in place by hand.” “After thet the cable is attached to the rope and pulled around” “Than the 2 ends are forced together with a special tool and the power of some snow groomers.” “All the single parts of the cable will be undone” “Like you can see here” “In the middle of the cable is a plastic core” “and than the 2 ends are twist together and after that you cant see where the cable is bonded together.” Crazy guys, check this out! Down there the gondulas are moving. I hope you can see it These 2 huge hydraulic cylinders, that are moving slowly right now they are used to compensate for the streching in the cable for example temperature changes, if it is colder the steel contracts and if it gets wormer the steel ecpands so there is a lot to compensate or if the lift does a emergency stop Than you need tose cylinders to dampen out the acceleration. Check out that huge thing! This is tho motor. It drives this red wheel under my feet This is the “safty” motor So if the main motor fails, this can be used to move all gondulas slowly in the valley. So… It’s time I am back from the lift tour And the 2 of us. Verena and myself, We are on the way to the sportshop because she will rent skiboots and i’ll get snowboard boots. I already dressd in the right way! Very dope on the run today! So the style is 100% already but hopefully the style on the snowboard – and for her on the skis – will be sick too! but first lets go in the shop and find the right equipment. So now we are there: at the Intersport Intersport Breitfuss in Hinterglemm so lets take a look insinde! Are you ready?! I’ll just put my skis down over there… WE ARE IN THE GONDULA! There is now turning back now! I said before, i feel so naked without a backpack and without poles. Only one board πŸ˜€ So now it is all for the downhill… i am really excited. Verena, are you excited? “Totally!” Are you scared? “NO!” Not even a little bit? “Okay, a little bit” My plan was to wear a beanie, to get the best outfit possible… but because of safty reasons i did choose the helmet πŸ˜€ funny :’D So vote right here: who do you think will be doing it better? Me on the snowboard or Verena on skis?! And later on you can decide for yourself Verena is up there that’s her that looks so gnarly How is it going so far? “Really shi**y So lets go!! Into the POW POW! So that you know: I was snowboarding for like half a season when i was 11 or 12 or so But since than i did not touch a snowboard So i think i am ripping it today! (I shouldn’t have said that!!!!!) The bail: straight for the video. If the slopw falls to one side i always crash! That is so hard!!! Verena is preparing the post for the Instagram vote We tought that we did great, so we decided to do a 2nd run. But guys, i didn’t crash on the slopes for a really long time and i have to say: it really hurts much more than crashing in the powder It is fun anyway. But after that we will switch back to our disciplin πŸ™‚ And now we fast forward to the last morning for the storybase crew… Hey guys, how are you doing? “Shi***” “I am so sad…” We ar the last one left of the storybase crew 5 people are left everybody is said right? So now we will eat a few left overs, pack our stuff and goodbye… the last recording from the storybase 2019 winter… These are the last pictures you will see from the skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn So we will walk up to that door and close it one last time and than drive home with tears in our eyes πŸ™ so… are you ready?

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