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Ice Skating Tutorial: Stops

Ice Skating Tutorial: Stops

In this video I’m going to explain different stopping methods with 3D reconstruction. Since
so many people asked me in the comments section, I’m covering these: the basic hockey stop,
stopping on the outside edge, and the same with ground touching which provided
our team’s logo. I also mentioned the spread angle stop already in a different video. If
you wish, check that out as well. Make sure you practice your spread angles first, especially
leaning backwards. So, let’s get started! The basic hockey stop. I’ll keep it simple.
Your goal is to drift on the ice. The key is the continous improvement. How? You will
start doing it continously from a simple turn. Now you COULD practice this one from stationary
first, but let’s move on from that. Use your outer leg. The other leg is not really needed
in the first steps so you can use it for support. Start turning. When you decide its time to
drift, give it a tiny push, trust your blade and lean in. Now, don’t put too much weight
because you will get stuck. You can also get stuck if you rotate around your heel. So:
When turning your leg, this will be the pivot point. You will rotate around this point.
Take a look at this slow motion. It is clearly visible which part is being used for stopping.
Of course later, as you gain experience, you will have your own way. Moving on. Stopping
on the outside edge. It might look like tricky, but it’s actually the same if you start it
from a simple turning. That’s why I showed it before even though the basic stop could
be practiced from stationary first. This one only might be a little bit harder than the
regular one because you don’t have another leg for support while practicing. So I figured
out a simple techniqe that can help in this case. If you already know how to stop on the
inside edge (so the regular hockey stop), then use both legs. Put your stopping leg
right behind the other. In my case it’s my right leg I want to learn stopping with so
I put that behind. Then start turning in the same direction (now right) and notice that
this leg will be using the outside edge. As you’re getting confident forget the curve
and do it in a straight line. Outside edge + ground touching. For this its better if
you can aready do it in a straight line. Make sure you have sharp blades because you’re
getting low. That’s not the same as having a deep radius, I’m talking about this in another
video. There is one key message that is generally imporant in freestyle as well: Try pushing
your limits. Let’s see how much tilt you can tolerate or how fast can you go. You will
get to know your limits and this way became a better skater. Also try practicing everything
in both directions. I also mentioned the spread angle and stopping in that position in an
other video, which I’m going to link now. If you have questions or ideas what I sould
do next, let me know. More tutorials are coming, subscribe. Thank you.

77 thoughts on “Ice Skating Tutorial: Stops”

  1. This was great! I currently know the outside edge stop but am struggling with the normal hockey stops.. This should help me.

  2. May I the three ice freestyle video use for a remix for skating ? I would indicate to you as the source , etc. This would be a kostenlise advertising for you ! It would be very nice! thank you! Sorry for my bad english but i'm german 😉

  3. Szia most ebben a videóban tűnt fel hogy amikor faraltaok mennyi jeget szór a korcsolya éle. Ez a jégtől függ vagy a kori élétől. (mert nálunk szokás jól lefaralni azt aki elesik, meg marha jól néz ki 😀 ) Mert én akármilyen sebesseéggel megyek vagy akárhogy döntöm a korcsolyát nem szór sokat.

  4. Sziasztok!
    Nagyon tetszik ahogy koriztok, bárcsak fele ennyire tudnék…:-D
    Abban szeretnék tanácsot kérni hogy hogyan gyakoroljam a sima hokis megállást…mert sehogyse akar sikerülni:-(

  5. én t-be szoktam farolni és ezzel kapcsolatban az lenne a kérdésem amikor csinálom néha meg pattog a korim amikor erősen tolom ez probléma?

  6. thx for russian subs, i have many questions:
    what skates you use?
    how much need train in week to mormally ride? and train time?
    thx for manuals, creatte more videos!!!!

  7. thx for russian subs, i have many questions:
    what skates you use?
    how much need train in week to mormally ride? and train time?
    thx for manuals, creatte more videos!!!!

  8. can you take the curve with your back touching the ice, knees bent and your skates in spread angle position, is called matrix, i've seen it but not on youtube

  9. Baszki. Ha nem látom meg a Nagyerdei Korisok logót, fel sem tűnik, hogy Magyar az egész.:D Lehetne magyarul a Hockey Stop pls.:D

  10. "Let's see how much tilt you can tolerate or how fast can you go" or how many bones you can break.
    Anyway, I'll eventually learn that outside edge stop with turn.

  11. I don't know why but I can do it on one foot. But if I try the real hockey stop my second foot don't slide on the ice?

  12. én hiába akarom kitenni a lábamat egyszerűen nem sikerül megyek egyenesen tovább vagy elkanyarodk balra vagy csak elesek esetleg valami tipp?

  13. And then in the video is not clear what it does mean turn on the pivot point and not on the heel, can u explique me better? I m trying hockey stop from 3 weeks straight but I cannot do it

  14. Köszi nagyon hasznos Kis videó volt. (Igaz a vége felé egyszer elestem át is koriztak a kezemen… ) De megtanultam megállni

  15. I first learned inside edge on one leg. Then I learned both outside edges. Then one day I learned the hockey stop. Stopping on one leg is so much easier. Stopping with two feet is kind of a mess.

  16. do you have a tutorial on that super cool crossover direction change thing? I don't know what it's called but it looks like the feet rock back and forth if you keep doing them.

  17. Hello. Kezdő vagyok a farolásokban ezért egy olyan hülye kérdésem lenne hogy hogy van ilyenkor befűzve a kori a lábatokon?? Egy két helyen figyeltem a videóban, hogy felül alig van meg húzva a fűző, inkább mintha a lábfejnél fogná jobban. Nekem ha kilazul felül akkor ügyetlenebb vagyok és zavar is hogy jobbra balra billeg a lábam és bizonytalanabbul érzem a magam a jégen, nem úgy mint amikor egész magasan is fogja a lábam a kori, de akkor érzem is hogy nem engedi hajlani a lábfejem felfele, úgymond vissza fogja. Válaszotokat előre is köszi 🙂

  18. When i stop as a free style skater for some reason I’ve grown into shaving of ice with my back and my front foot

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