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(baileytubevlogs) 2.22.18 What’s up guys! So we just got out of a protest for the teachers. Now we’re going to go to Target, for a “mommy & Bailey day” What’s up guys we are now at Target, and we’re going to try to go to the toy section. and we got coffee!! I love him! I found Zhu-Zhu pets. I didn’t know they still existed, and they look so colorful now. (Bailey is teaching her mom how to zoom) (Bailey practices her hula hooping skills) (Take two!) (Trying to add a second hula hoop) (Doing better now!) This feels … very weird. Mom: Ta-da! (singing) All the snacks, all the snacks… Favorite movie, or tongue tattoos? Mom: um, favorite movie. Do you not approve of the tongue tattoos? (Singing again) It’s beginning to look a lot like Thursday We’ve got all the snacks Mom, they have stuff that I can pet! These aren’t that soft. Like a really fancy little kid? Lauren (cousin) would say “What are those?” It’s supposed to be like a chew toy for a dog, but Cam (guinea pig) could sit in it. Cute! (The peeps marshmallows) We’re on TV! (It’s actually a security monitor) So we are done at Target, and now what are we gonna do, Mom? Mom: We’re gonna go ice skating. Ice skating!! So we made it to the ice skating rink, and now we’re putting on our ice skates so we can go out! (Bailey’s Penguin Trick) So we’re done ice skating. We attempted to take some pictures in the arcade area. Now we’re gonna go get some sushi, because we’re hungry! So clearly we changed are plans, because we are now at IHOP (a pancake restraunt). The sushi place we were going to eat at didn’t serve us. We sat there for the whole time, and they just didn’t bring us our food, or even take our orders or anything. Mom: Thirty minutes, we waited. Why’d you say it in that order? That was something I would do! Mimicing, “Thirty minutes, we waited!” Yum, yum, yum! (Obviously we can see the food excitement) Whoa, Mom, can I see what you have? That is thick! Mom: It’s a steak omelet. (Cupcake pancakes with cake frosting) (Bailey approves!) You can taste the icing very well! Wait, I have to vlog the fact that the “O” in O’Charley’s looks like the puffle O’s that you give your puffles on Club Penguin! I love Barnes and Noble. Mom: Or Books a Million I don’t remember. That’s a difference. Mom: It’s the one with the coffee shop, and the big magazine wall! (Thinking) Does that mean I can get another coffee? Mom: Do you need another coffee ?!?! (Bailey is shocked) Well, I mean, I want another coffee. Why are we going to a place that has a coffee shop, if we’re not going to get a coffee? That’s what I always say. (Singing along to music) Mom: “Piggy” Banks. They’re that big?! Dude! What kind of bank are these kids making? Nice. JoJo glitter nails JoJo microphone that lights up and changes color, and sings her song. JoJo bow maker, JoJo’s dog in a stuffed animal; JoJo doll! …More JoJo bow makers. Mom: What is it? Spray on Lucky Charms? They’re lip balms! Mom: Oh… whose lips are that big? The rabbit? (The “rabbit” is from Trix cereal advertisements) That’s like “spray on shoes” from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Except it’s spray on cereal! (Laughing at Bailey’s joke) (Hei Hei from Moana) Haha, what the heck! Mom? Mom: Marco? Polo! Marco? Polo Dog: “You’re awesome!” Aw, thank you! Wait, how do I sense this guy? Yeah! Mom, what is this?! Mom: I’m not sure, but it is comfy-looking. …and so fluffy! I like that guy. Sneks! (snakes) A giraffe- uh, holding a baby giraffe. Mom, I love ferrets. Puff ball! It looks like the kind people have as key chains What? There ya go. “Here ~ let me just emerge.” (The birds were making out ???) So we are back home now, guys. Thank you for watching this vlog. Don’t forget to subscribe. I’m gonna go get a snack and then go to bed, but I’m really tired! I had an awesome day. I hope you guys had fun coming along with me! Let me know if you enjoy seeing this kind of video. If you like them, comment below to let me know, and give this a thumbs up so that I’ll do more of them 🙂 I’ll see you guys next time I vlog!! Bye ^-^


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