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hey guys I madison thunder and this video was not pleasant at all I just came back to from the airport probably own to enter name and now I’m Lola I just discovered something that I like just shocked me and it made me so damn happy because that’s not what I see in my life especially in Brazil cut will never happen it doesn’t also happen that often in the Netherlands so to tell what we’re going to do in this video actually we are going to ice skate and yeah we are going to ice skate in a real legs so legs are not freezing for like more than three years according to Canaan that is like you driving for us to be there a bad person effort we are just so excited to do it again coordinate also really excited because or when he was a kid he always used to escape and now it’s over like for long time get so sad for the kids for me because I like a kid to do all those things like I stayed no no pops new politics how can i say no company in english park in the collection edge in english it probably is no man is no mess early yet more than these in the netherlands is also seeking to escape in a lake and river tyne more than ice skating and 4 i’m doing a tradition of the netherlands and my channel is a little bit about it about nanners and enjoy things and we’re going to see me I skating soon in this video that’s for little heart I change it all the time for the things of the silliest person ever I am am NOT thanks okay let’s go oh ok i thought i’m having my first classic rene and it’s just so hard how can it you do this how can you borrow doing this or maybe I’m just super Stephen are there is not for me because look how I do hello how are the Elkhorn a mom like it’s normal to me your Genelia katie rose normal nom ok joshi emboldened obey me CNBC MSC nuevo loco yo Cindy honey ganamos nah I got em mas fuerte Sega Tommy dig a message ms e cig amazing MSC e you can just look how good they are and how bad I am for me here it’s better than them the water you use also i do the whole here what do the side stop stop stop if you thought I would fall then you were pretty wrong because I was perfect I was a perfect classmate work on it because I teach you will hear a lot and I teach you a lot so if you like this video give the thumbs up if you want to share with the friends with your family if your enemy just do this because it helps a lot extended to grow even though and you know it if you like this video if you like to ice skate if you wanted to ice skate with me maybe in the promotion’s I give you a nice opportunity I skaters with no you’re not going to have them because it is never happened this is really where that’s it this is the end of the video it was really nice for me I feel like a key to be here to do this and by


  1. Meu deus, isso é tão legal!!! Pena que ao invés de ser que nem um filme da sessão da tarde no meu caso seria uma tragédia pelo tombo que iria levar hahahaha adorei seu entusiasmo no carro HAHAHAHAHA

  2. AHHHHHHHH QUE MAXIMO!!! Deve ser um sonho realizado! Achei tão legal que vou colocar na minha lista de coisas que eu preciso fazer um dia! Parabéns pelo canal, seu trabalho é incrível!

  3. inclusive qnd começou o barulho pensei em Jack frost e como ele virou o propiro Jack frost e pensei também fudeu

  4. não tem risco de ter uma área que esteja menos congelada não? eu morreria de medo de cair num buraco gelado hahahhahahahahahhahahahah achei sensa

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