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Ice Skating Game: America tutorial

Ice Skating Game: America tutorial

Hey guys! Do you like playing games on the ice? Well, here is another tutorial. Last time I talked about our favorite game, this one is also something that we play a lot. It requires a bit more, like 12+ people (depending
on skill). So let’s see how to play it. I’m sure there are more variations for the
name, we call it America. It’s a tag game with 2 teams, the Outlaws
and the Marshals. Just randomly rotate a few Marshals, everybody
else goes to the Outlaw team. Depending on the teams’ skills we play with
like 3 Marshals for 10-12 Outlaws, 4 vs 15 or something like that, really depends on
the skills. There is a prison in one of the corners, make it wide. When the game begins, the Marshals will start
chasing outlaws, and if they catch one, the outlaw goes into the prison. The goal is to catch everybody. However, free outlaws can rescue their prisoner
friends by touching them. And this makes it a balanced game. Furthermore, if the prisoners chain up, it’s
enough to only touch 1 member, then everybody else will be free in that chain. Obviously the game ends when everybody is
caught, or, very frequently the Marshals simply give up after some time because it is very
exshausting to play as a Marshal. Before giving up you can try making the prison
smaller so it will be harder to rescue someone. Different tactics can really make this game
fun. The Marshal team should decide how many will
defend the prison and who goes out to collect prisoners. As we are closer to the end, typically everyone
is guarding except one person. From Outlaw side you need planned attacks. You can lure away guards making more chance
to rescue. Let’s see a few clips with commentaries. This is a rescue attempt that we are doing. Just approaching the prison and see where
we can jump in and boom! There you go. People are keeping me back but anyway it was
still successful because at 5 or 6 people have been rescued. This is the reason why you always catch everybody
who arrives. Look at that guy he just arrives and we’re
free because nobody caught him before.. so bad luck for the Marshals. As I said it’s a little but harder to play
as a Marshal, because people are constantly storming the prison. Sometimes you just let it go, when you’re
alone you can not do much more. At least you can catch the guy who freed the
others and maybe 1-2 more. And when you get some help from the other
guard teammates you can leave the prison for a short time and collect everyone that you
can. Just don’t fall at the end like I do here
because someone will take the opportunity and free everybody. Now look at this! There is that guy over there. I thought I can catch him earlier, but he
just lures me away to a great distance, when I turn back there are 4 people already there. I could surprise them and catch 2 immediately
and we won this game in 1 minute from this point. As a summary this is a really intense, dynamic
game for both teams, a bit more difficult for the Marshals. There is plenty room for tactics, you can
even lie that you were caught, and then free everybody from inside the prison. That’s it for this tutorial, if you’re enough
for this game, make sure to try it out! If not I have another game for less people
and of course for a lot of tricks. See you next time! Have a nice icy day!

11 thoughts on “Ice Skating Game: America tutorial”

  1. I love your videos, but i dont want to know how to play games on ice… Sorry for my dislike, but i dont like the content of thr video. Want to see more freestyle 😉

  2. Ohaa i use to play this in the hood as a kid..haha OMG we wear addicted to it and yeah as you said there are really too much tactics that can be used… But the question is how to get a free ice rink without public skaters!!! "CryingFace With4Tears"

  3. In america we play this game too but we call it freeze tag. I havent played it on the ice. We used to play it at school in a field.

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