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Ice Skating for the First Time!

Ice Skating for the First Time!

– Are you gonna go on an airplane? – Going to New York. – Whoa! What is this? We are now at Bryant Park. – I’ve never been ice skating before. – [Chris] Me neither, I’ve never done it. – I’ve always wanted to. (upbeat music) – This looks so much fun! – I’m standing. – [Jessica] You’re standing? Why is that such a big deal, Parker? You always stand. – Because I’m on roller skates! – Ice skates! You have the cutest little
skatey feet I’ve ever seen! – [Jessica] Alright, you excited? – Yeah, I’m gonna do this. Gonna try it out. – We are currently buying helmets. Yes I am the mom making all
three of my kids wear helmets. But, you know what, we’re
clumsy folk and we’re from California and don’t know
what we’re doing at all. So we’re gonna be safe. They’re kind of nerdy looking helmets, like there are cooler helmets
out there in this world. These ones are pretty nerdy so, go ahead and make fun of us, I guess. But I don’t care we’re gonna be safe, it’s the most important thing. I don’t know if you’ve
ever heard the phrase, “It’s like herding cats,” but I feel like we could
equally use the phrase, “It’s like herding California
small children in ice skates.” – [Christopher] It’s a much
more condensed phrase, Jess, we should adopt that. – [Jessica] I like it, it’s better. Need help standing up, buddy? – Super hero! – [Jessica] No, stop being a super hero! – No! I’m a super hero! – [Jessica] No, don’t,
you’re gonna hurt somebody. Don’t jump. You’re gonna slice my toes off. I feel like everybody in
the comments is now going to give me horror stories
about all the times they broke all their parts ice skating. That’s what happened when
we went roller skating, there were a lot of terrible
roller skating stories. – I’m ready! – [Jessica] Okay, wait,
Jacob’s gonna go first. Alright, Jacob. You got this dude! – [Christopher] How’s that feel? Hangin’ on tight? – [Jessica] How’s it feel Christopher? – [Christopher] You ready? (squealing) – I’m feeling so stressed
as a mom right now! (playful music) I kind of feel like I should have bought Christopher a helmet too. Okay, I think it’s been like
10 minutes and they’ve gone, I wanna say like a quarter of the way, maybe, around the ring. I can see them over there. (playful music) So, Jacob is huggin’ that wall which is exactly where I want him. (lively music) When I’ve gone skating myself, that’s what I did for like, a solid hour. Then I was able to get to a
point where I could let go of the wall for like, a little bit. That’s all we should expect
at this point, right? (lighthearted music) So far it looks like it has
been mostly about survival. They have fallen a few times but they’re going a little faster. Like, Jacob is still in
it and trying to zoom. I think that Christopher seems like he’s actually gettin’ it pretty well. ‘Cause he’s really amazing like that. I think they’re almost back. How was it? – My feet hurt so bad! (laughing) It’s fun! But trying to keep your
balance for the first time on the ice while dragging a
child around is difficult. He gets under you! – I’ll try it one more time! – [Jessica] He can go out
on his own now, right? – [Christopher] You
wanna go out on your own? – [Jacob] Really? – [Jessica] Yeah! Just
be safe, hold the side. – [Christopher] Make sure you’re going the direction everybody else is going. – Okay.
– You got this, dude! No fancy tricks, get
used to it first, okay? Alright, you guys got this. (perky music) – [Jessica] How’s it going, Jakey? – [Jacob] Good! – [Jessica] Whoa, Parker! Skatin’ man, how’s it goin’? – Really good! – [Jessica] Do you like it? – Uh-huh! Daddy just let
me go but I don’t fall! – [Jessica] Wow! You went skating all by yourself? You big boy! – [Parker] Daddy just let me go then I just raced over here with dada. – [Jessica] Whoa! I think we
need to tighten your helmet. – Oh yeah. It feels like it’s snowin’. – [Jessica] Yeah? What does
it feel like to your legs? – Um, very tired. Everybody should do this. So, how you get really
concentrated is you have to hold your dad’s hand for a while. And then you get the hang of it, then you can just go on by yourself. – [Jessica] It’s your turn to skate? Bye, Bailey! (lighthearted music) – How’s it going, Bailey? – I love it, it was so much fun! (lighthearted music) – They’re doin’ great, huh, Duncky? Skatey skatersons! Oh, you’re a boogie mess. You’re kind of a boogie mess! Go over to the stuff and start changing your shoes. Yeah, that’s it. – That’s it? We’re done? Too much fun! – [Jessica] How was it, buddy? – I wanna go again! – [Jessica] You are going
so fast now, Bailey! – Thanks! Can I do one more circle like, right here? – [Jessica] Everybody is
asking for one more circle. – [Christopher] One more
circle, hear that, Parker? – Okay, everybody, one more circle. (all children celebrating) The safety staff just ran
over to get Parker but, I think he’s fine, he got back up. They’re really great in here,
they have a bunch of guys in yellow jackets and
they’re rescuing people. They’re doing a great
job, I’m really impressed. Hey! You’re zoomin’! Okay, go change into shoes. – Wow, I can’t believe I
did that all by myself. – [Jessica] Amazing! Yay! – No this way, that’s the door right here. – [Jessica] Come here, buddy! Alright, say bye! – [All] Bye. – We met some cool people! They wanna be in the vlog so
hopefully that makes it in. – When I wasn’t touching a wall and I felt like I was gonna lose my balance I just spinned and I got my balance. – [Jessica] Whoa, that’s a fancy tip. Do you recommend skating to people who have never done it before? – Yeah! It’s like the best! – That was so awesome! Our kids and Christopher’s
first time ice skating at Bryant Park in New York City. What a bunch of fancies! Whoa! Feet on the ground, dude. You are so cool. – It was the best fun ever!
– I loved it! – It was awesome! Wanna see me do a whole bunch in a row? One. – [Jessica] Wow! Fancy dude! Careful of daddy! – That’s my best cartwheel.

100 thoughts on “Ice Skating for the First Time!”

  1. Keep your kids safe! I moved to the UK from Canada and when I see kids without a helmet on bicycles it really concerns me.

  2. To calm the mind. I live in the netherlands and ice skate all the time. I grew up on ice skates. A few bruisis here and there. But nothing to mutch to handle.

  3. I do figure skating at Alexandra palace and I’m level 5 and when I was 7 an I first started I never wore a helmet

  4. Helmets are so IMPORTANT!
    Just under a week ago i went iceskating without a helmet⛸. A little boy skated into me, so I felt and hit my head on the ice. I was unconscious for 3 minutes and got a concussion, my dad had to call an ambulance….
    I've learned from my mistakes?

  5. In Canada, kids always wear helmets until they're older and better at skating. Maybe take them skating for the first time somewhere with less people. That's not the best place for falling kids learning how to skate.

  6. My first time skating was on a school trip and I was expecting it to be really slippery but it was pretty much the same as roller skates. Only one of my classmates hurt themselves (broke her wrist ?).

  7. What a cool experience to skate in NYC! If you are ever up in Santa Rosa, there is a Charles Schulz rink that is so cute. At Christmas time, they have everything decorated, photos with Snoopy, giant sugar cookies, and they play Vince Guaraldi music. It’s like being Charlie Brown and Lucy in a Peanuts cartoon.

  8. I live in Canada and play hockey! I love seeing people get the chance to learn how to skate and be on the ice! Great job Ballinger family!

  9. You're doing the right thing by making them wear helmets because if they fall they could hit their head and get really hurt if they hit their heads hard enough it when they fall in that lead to a concussion and that could lead to a trip to the hospital and that's not something weird why is it so you're doing what's right it's for the safety better safe than sorry

  10. This was sooo cute and amazing! I love It! I found it weird tho that other child didn’t have helmet! Here we have a rule that every child under 12 have to have a helmet to skate!! I did 6 years of figure skating! Its so much fun! Im happy the family love it! :D!

  11. Although the American commentator at the olympic opening was wrong about our ice skating all the time every winter, we do do it every time there is ice! i've been ice skating since i was little

  12. I started skating when I was Parker’s age and I took classes for about four years and my cousins were on a competition team for two years. I haven’t gone recently because I don’t have time but you should definitely continue skating

  13. I was about to say that helmet is not tight enough to do any good. I also have never seen anyone wear a helmet. I've seen injuries, but mostly to hands and face.

  14. I used to take lessons when i was younger. I love ice skating! and yes i have fallen and gotten like a bloody lip before but that's about it. I haven't been ice skating in such a long time though, i miss it and i can't do any of the cool tricks i learned anymore.

  15. No way Christopher hasn't skated before! He was amazing with the kids. Awesome job dad and woohoo kids. y'all did it!! I ❤ the Ballinger's. ?

  16. Wow, I’m surprised Christopher made it this long without ice skating! Growing up in Wisconsin and now living in Minnesota, skating on lakes is really common. There are lots of people here who make rinks in their yards in the winter, and I just take it for granted that people who live in warm climates skate in indoor rinks all the time. Glad the family got to experience it!

  17. I work at a roller rink and it's so funny to see the difference in ice skating compared to roller skating!! love u guys, u should make a vlog roller skating!!! it's much easier and warmer ??

  18. Watching Christopher skating with the kids reminded me of when my dad took me skating every winter when I was a kid. We would go skating every weekend and sometimes after school. They are memories with my dad I'll never forget. I thank my luck stars I had the dad I had. I miss skating and playing hockey with dad ?

  19. everyone in southern California always uses the excuse "I'm from California so I don't know how to act around snow or to ice skate" but hey folks up in Northern cali we skate and play in snow all the time! so please don't include us in your excuse?…. also your kids don't need to be babied on the rink like that I know they never have been on the ice before but sheesh give in a little ?

  20. I taught my kids to ice skate shortly after they learned to walk. We are by no means ready for the Olympics, but we love ice skating. Hopefully you wore 2 pairs of socks so your feet stay warm and you don't get blisters.

  21. In my opinion, helmets are necessary, but so is teaching the kids how to fall. Falling is inevitable so teaching them how to fall is key. Like always keep your hands close to your body so people wont run over your fingers.

  22. PReviOUSly oN? Is this real life? There's that metaphor that your life is a book and you're the main character… well your lives are a TV show and you are the main characters! Whoa

  23. Even though they were low key (high key) struggling to keep their balance, they kept at it and still had a freaking fun time! That is inspirational! Adorable and makes my heart happy to watch 🙂

  24. how have you never gone ice skating!? where i live in iowa it’s really cold in the winter and everyone loves to ice skate!

  25. I’m totally waiting for the Michael’s $4 grab bag haul video. ? Totally cool, I wish I can iceskate in NYC one of these days.

  26. I used to skate. I still have my skates. This vlog took me back to taking my son ice skating when he was Parker’s age. He didn’t take to it, so, we only did it a couple times, but Thanks for taking me back to those memories. I hope the kids want to do it more.

  27. As a momma it made me so nervous watching the other people zooming past them. And the weaving thru lots of people were doing. I was so scared they would get distracted and fall and possibly take out Christopher in the process. Christopher you are a brave man. I was glad you took the kids separately. But it did scare me when Jake went out the same moment Chritopher had Parker out. I'm glad no fingers got cut off and no cuts were had by blades and no major pile ups happened.

  28. At my local ice skating rink they have young people in bright yellow vests and when you fall they zoom over and rescue you. I'm glad the rink you used had it too.

  29. Why didn’t anyone else notice the random father smacking his son in the face at the beginning of the video?!

  30. I was actually thinking about going ice skating for the first time after my exams! I’m sure that’s exactly what I’m going to do

  31. I* literally always come to these videos to make me happy, this family has the best bond and seriously couldn’t ask for anything better ?

  32. I think your children would enjoy figure skating lessons!!!! I’ve been doing it for 8 years!!!! I love you guys! ?

  33. Here in the netherlands Its mandatory to wear gloves when going on the ice skating ring. Safety for the fingers when you fall and someone rides over them. But that aside. I just love your family! It makes me wanna have a family just like yours!

  34. As a Dutch person, who is used to go ice skating every winter. It's so funny to see all these people trying it for the first time cuz here you have like so many 5 year olds totally nailing it lol. Although I would rather live in a place where it's warm all the time.. 🙂

  35. I grew up in New York and only moved away two years. Ice skating was a way of life, lol. There was an ice skating rink 5 minutes from the house. It was pretty awesome because we went ice skating almost every weekend. I also went ice skating in Bryant Park and Central Park.

  36. (Yes I am about to do exactly what you said we'd all do and add to the terrible ice skating stories):
    The helmets were an EXCELLENT idea Jess, the first time I went ice skating I was doing pretty well, felt like I was really getting it and started going a little faster. It was almost time to leave and my Mum told us that we could do one my lap so I decided to sprint. Literally metres before I got got the exit I fell and landed head first on the ice. Needless to say within a couple of hours I had lost all of my vision and was throwing up about 3 times a minute, ended up being rushed into hospital where I stayed for 5 days. I had to have MRI scans and veery thing and was told I was very lucky to get away without any brain damage I was that badly concussed! To this day, about 6 years later, I am far more susceptible to concussion and have t be extremely careful about being hit in the head! However, I have been ice skating many times since and loved it, sometimes injury is inevitable but a lesson learnt or at least some previous fun will come out of it!! 🙂

  37. I love ice skating! My dad taught my sister and I when we were five, I highly recommend they get more into it, they'll enjoy it, I'm 14 and still love it and now rollerblade with my dad every weekend, they'll gain more skills from it if they continue. If you tighten the skates more, your feet will feel MUCH better. Love you guys!

  38. Wow I don't know how to ice skate .it is really hard . When I skate on rollerblades it is hard . Omg they are Younger than me and I can't even skate

  39. I do figure skating and when I just got my axel (a kind of jump) I twisted my ankle mid way through the jump and I broke my foot on the landing! I had to take 4 months of

  40. so i do ice skating and it is fun but……. i got n=nowed out before and i got a free hot cocoa but yeah luv yall

  41. Bailey,your not the only person! When I went ice skating for my first time my body was way faster then my head and my body was in front of my head! I had to hold on to my dad so much!

  42. No offense but why would you want to 'vlog' about iceskating for the first time, it's not like the world hasn't seen it before ?

  43. I'm a figure skater and i have been to many competitions and i also love watching people skate for the first time! sadly,(or not!) i dont remember the first time i went skating because i was 4

  44. I love ice skating! Parker is absolutely right, first you have to hold your daddy's hands for awhile, but then you get to do it on your own. I'm so glad you guys had the chance to try it, and I hope you're able to skate again sometime! That's definitely my favorite thing about living somewhere cold. Ice skating on the pond is the best!

  45. I once had a hockey game at bryant park, btw as a travel hockey player I assure it is not nerdy to wear a helmet

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