hey guys I’m Mary and welcome back to my
channel today we are going to review ice skating for beginners some basic skills
you need hope you guys are ready for this well this seems silly but the first
thing we have to learn is how to fall fall over and lean to the side get on
all fours place your foot in the middle both times on one knee and slowly push
yourself up goofy face definitely necessary practice off ice so it is
easier on ice because the ice is quite slippery next we are going to practice
marching off the ice watch your posture stand nice and tall arms slightly in
front below the shoulders not too high not too low bend the knees and keep your
core tight woohoo we are ready for the ice now let
me tell you the best part of skating is watching Falls in slow motion again the
puppy-dog position on all fours one foot between your hands rise up chest up both
palms on the knee to slowly stand up for marching step out on the ice carefully
we’re going to march right by the boards until we get more uncomfortable
notice I am standing nice and tall feel free to use two hands or one and take
little baby steps avoid leaning into the wall this is an easy way for the feet to
slide out under you and to wipe out once you feel comfortable we’re going to take
it a few feet away from the wall practice stepping in place stand nice
and tall I’m slightly in front and slightly below the shoulders let’s kick
it up a notch try to get moving try to move as fast as you can keep
picking up the feet and looking forward to try not to look down
a common mistake is forgetting to lift our feet and shuffling instead don’t be
afraid to fall you will slip and slide it’ll be fun
also don’t look down don’t bend at the waist and don’t step with your feet too
wide next up two foot glides take ten big
marches feet together and let’s see how far you can take off notice my feet are
adjacent when gliding be careful not to have the feet too wide apart this will
make life very difficult time to graduate to one foot glide start
off on the two foot glide stabilize yourself and slowly pick up your foot
notice my feet my thighs are glued together my toes are glued to the heel
of my other foot keep the core tight and look in the direction you would like to
go try not to lift your foot up too high
because you will lose your balance and don’t let those arms go crazy also try
not to drop or tilt the shoulders or hips because that will make you go off
of your straight line next we have to learn how to stop on skates no crashing
into the wall for us we are going to glide bend and make an upside-down V
while we push out with our skates a nice exercise is to hold on to the wall or do
it in the middle of the ice and just practice scraping our foot side to side
making snow remembering to bend and just getting used to gripping the ice and our
edges whoo-hoo we’re ready to learn swizzles this is going to set us up for
stroking and crossovers we are going to make a V with our feet bends creating
the glide and slowly rising up as our toes tap start off with little baby
swizzles and as you get better gradually make them larger remember not to look
down at your feet keep looking forwards we can also do this backwards start off
with an upside-down V same thing but backwards bends push and glide back and
as our heels tap slowly rise up we’re ready for scooter pushes now our frozen
leg the knee is slightly bent our pushing leg start off in a T position
slowly extend back to the 45-degree angle return to a gliding position and
keep repeating remember to practice on both sides last but not least time to
learn board stroking here is that T position I was talking about earlier
when you’re stroking we’re advanced now try not to hit the toe pick pushing off
the middle of your blade at all times slowly pointing your toes thanks so much
for watching I’ve be sure to LIKE subscribe and save as always my tips are
down below and the description thanks so much for watching and see you

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