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Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Stopping on Ice Skates

Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Stopping on Ice Skates

Now you will learn to stop. You can start
with this exercise. Try to slide your feet on the ice. Now, now try with both. Like that. Do the
same with lowering your weight, immediately. Like that. Other kind of stop is the hockey
stop. When you have to turn to the sides, while breaking.

28 thoughts on “Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Stopping on Ice Skates”

  1. she didnt seem so comfortable on the ice (stiff body) and those were hardly stops..more like sharp turns that slow you down..but not completely stop.

  2. I think the way she stopped is so much more elegant. When I skate you always get the hockey player types that skate around and stop right in front of you and you get sprayed in like a tonne of ice!

  3. A little discussion about edge angle would have been helpful.
    Also, it might make sense to teach the snowplow before the hockey stop.

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