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Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Ice Skating Crossover Tips

Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Ice Skating Crossover Tips

Step over your leg with the other just on
the spot. Now cross your leg over the other leg, on
the spot like that. That was the other direction. Now we can take
some crossover steps during skating forward.

13 thoughts on “Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Ice Skating Crossover Tips”

  1. These are excellent, helpful videos which suggest good exercises to do while learning to skate…makes me want to visit Hungary too! The woman shown here is pleasant, informative, a good skater, and deserves praise and appreciation for the altruistic act of posting these for free.

    I am embarrassed to see all the offensive, unnecessary criticism and insulting comments being posted here! YouTube needs to develop some kind of system to eliminate comments from trolls.

  2. people say I am. Some hate me for my unorthodox but completely natural methods but 90% agree that they are extremely effective. You always find those who are in denial.

  3. I have to agree with Vancouvertie, whilst she may not be skating fast and she may look silly, this is a very common drill to learn to crossover. Please only post with constructive comments if you actually know how to skate.

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