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I Trained Like A Professional Figure Skater | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I Trained Like A Professional Figure Skater | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I’m Lucie Fink. I’m a video producer at Refinery29, but
every so often I like to try — I’m gonna do it again and just do it slowly. But every so often I like to try other people’s jobs. Today I’m at the Chelsea Piers Sky Rink
to see if I have what it takes to be a professional figure skater. This is Lucie For Hire. I’ve been ice skating a handful of times in my life. I went to a few ice rink birthday parties as a little girl, and I even find myself visiting some of New York City’s top skating spots in the wintertime. But, when my audience challenged me to try becoming a figure skater for the day, I was honestly a little nervous. I’ve never felt very comfortable on ice
skates, and I’d never attempted any risky moves before. So today we changed that. I met with a professional figure skater and
we spent the day together at the Chelsea Piers Sky Rink. I’ve been skating for 29 years. Definitely an intense sport. It takes power, endurance, flexibility, stability. You’re working your whole body. My first challenge was to warm up. We are prepping to get onto the ice so we’re going to get your heart rate going, we’re gonna stretch. Oh, that’s about as far as I go. That’s okay. Warming up for the ice rink is pretty particular. We did a few stretches that can warm you up for almost any sport, but then we focused on certain moves that are specifically tailored to ice skaters. Beautiful! We played with my balance, flexibility, and
coordination. And even before we stepped foot on the ice, I was wiped out. Ready? My second challenge was some basic skating. Many people feel a little bit shaky the first
moment that they step out onto the ice. So I started out with a helmet on just to
be safe. We began with a quick lesson in how to fall. So if you ever feel like you’re gonna fall
down, to catch yourself you want to bend down and grab onto your knees. So when we fall we never want to fall backwards. Right. You’re gonna try to fall on either side. And slide. Ooh! Ooh. Let me get back down. Oh yeah! I think I had a little bit too much fun with
this one. Angela then guided me around the rim of the rink until I was finally starting to get the hang of it. She taught me the forward swizzle, the foot stomp, the toe touch, and then she taught me how to skate backwards. I told you you can go backwards today! I’m doing it! We also did a little bit of edge work, where
she had me skating on one foot, and putting pressure on a specific edge in effort to turn. This was a lot easier for me on my right foot. My outside edge is a little rusty. And then it was time for my third challenge: tricks. By this time, I was feeling a little more
confident on the ice, so I finally took my helmet off. Okay, maybe that was a bad idea. Learning tricks was a lot scarier than I thought it would be. Angela taught me the bunny hop jump, the lunge, a twirl, She spun! and how to come to a complete stop. Wow. I practiced these moves various times, and also hit the ice various times. As long as you remember how to fall, you should be okay. I’m an expert faller. My final challenge was to perform a short
routine. As I know from watching both the Olympics and “I, Tonya,” the final performance is everything. You’re judged not only on your skills and
grace, but also on your appearance, including your choice of outfit. Angela walked me through a basic routine, and I practiced the choreography a little bit on my own before I was ready for the final presentation. Dun dun da da! I changed into a beautiful skating costume. And then I was ready to perform my routine. There were parts of the routine that I needed Angela for. It just wouldn’t have been wise for me to
attempt them on my own. But other parts, I nailed. Ice skating for the entire day wound up being one of those experiences where I started feeling muscle soreness during the activity. So you can only imagine how my body felt the next day. To be honest, this was the first episode of
Lucie For Hire where I truly felt like I was just not made for the job. Not as easy as it looks. Lucie did much better than I expected, not
to say that I was expecting anything bad. But she really was a quick learner. Would I hire Lucie as a professional skater? Maybe not yet. If she keeps practicing and hones those skills, then I don’t see why not. You know how they say Rome wasn’t built
in a day? Well, Lucie definitely didn’t become a professional figure skater in a day either. This is a tough sport that takes a lot of
practice and years and years to master. But at least I had fun trying! Let us know what job you want to see me try next and we’ll see you then on Lucie For Hire. Bye! Hey YouTube, thanks for watching! Comment below and let me know what other jobs you want to see me try. And click here to subscribe to R29 on YouTube, here for another video, and right here for my personal YouTube channel. Bye!

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  1. I'm an Adult figure skater/Coach. For a first-timer, you did well! Consider enrolling in either Groups, or Private lessons. I think with practice and determination you could even compete in local competitions. Good Luck.

  2. Where i’m from, the bunny hop is definitely not that that simple lol. But she still got so much higher off the ice than most people do when attempting that

  3. I love how you called it a “sport” so many people say that figure skating isn’t a sport but they don’t understand the athleticism that goes into it and all the early-morning hours (alarm clock for 3 am, anyone?)!!

  4. Fun video but misleading title, you didn’t train like a professional figure skater, you just had a lesson and skated for a bit. Not saying the video wasn’t fun, but just a bit of a clickbait imo

  5. Went ice skating for the first time yesterday and I couldnt get up this morning lol
    It was amazing fun and I cant wait to keep practicing!

  6. You're very brave Lucie. You have the wrong body type for figure skating. You're too tall – high center of balance – and you have long limbs – harder to rotate. And it's twizzle not swizzle, FYI. Good try.

  7. This was funny because I am a professional ice skater but I'm turning 13 in a month and I have been skating for 6 years

  8. I’m a skater from Australia and I find all these things way to easy while I watch I keep saying flying camel,flying camel,come on do a flying camel if anything

  9. This was the rink I learned to figure skate in. Man, does it bring back many happy memories! I loved skating there and being able to look out the picture windows at the Hudson! 😄❤️⛸⛸

  10. When everyone starts skating at 2-4 and I’ve never been on the ice at the age of 14. And I’m just learning to ice skate next week and then learning to figure skate… I feel like I’m too old to start ice skating/figure skating now…

  11. Lucie, your progress in one day alone went from shuffling to doing tricks which is nothing at all to sneeze at.

  12. i am so glad she changed out of a costume when she was just learning how to skate. i was so concerned she was going to learn in a dress because 'that's what they wear in the olympics"
    staying warm and safety are both very important!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. LOL im a figure skater and watching her struggle on all the moves i did when i was 5 is so funny. i also love how you showed people how hard this sport is, and me doing doubles at 12 i really dont get much credit for my hard work so thank you 🙂 <3

  14. I am a figure skater and I have been skating nine to ten years and trust me when you get into it there’s no stoping

  15. As a kid I always had this fear that I have the capability to accidentally chop off my fingers in the ring while skating, with the help of my own ice skates by falling at an awkward angle

  16. I'm a professional figure skater and I hate when people say figure skating is not a real sport or it's one of the easiest thing in the world no figure skating is one of the hardest hard core complex dangerous sports ever and please respect it

  17. I'm pretty sure Lucie won't read this but I just wanted to say as someone who was a figure skater for 20+ years, you are actually pretty good for a beginner. You have good natural balance on the ice, your feet are quite steady actually and your lack of fear is a big positive for someone who starts skating after childhood. And, to be honest, being so slim doesn't hurt in figure skating (it makes it easier to rotate in the air). If you actually took lessons and trained I think you would be a really good adult skater.

  18. I’m sorry to be salty but she didn’t exactly train like a professional, it was more of taking a beginners class in skating. I think that if you want to call it “training like a professional” she should do more off ice training (if we take figure skating as an example) figure skaters do a lot of off ice work, more than what is showed in the video. I think from what is happening in the video you don’t really get the full experience of what actually goes on behind the scenes. But still great episode!

  19. you did so well for your first time attempting it! figure skating is so grueling, but also so rewarding, and I'm so glad that you got to experience it for a little bit! it's often assumed that because we make it look easy, it is, but that's just our jobs as skaters. I'm sure you felt the bruises and muscle soreness the next day 😉

  20. I was wondering If I could do Ice Skating Lessons (The Basic) and probs if I master it,I probs do Figure Skating but you guys showed me how hard it is..I don't know if this could be easy,clearly it's hard, I don't know why people think it's easy, I wonder if they can do an axel 😂

  21. I actually want to do figure skating (competitively ? maybe not) . But Im too late to do that (im almost 16 yrs old) plus, Im from a tropical country that only has around 3 rinks nationwide. Would it hurt to try?

  22. "When we fall we never want to fall backwards"

    Here I am as a professional figure skater falling backwards on my butt or hips 24/7 that I invested on a butt pad 😐

  23. Any other figure skaters get annoyed when people call jumps and spins “tricks”? Lol just me probably

  24. she acts like a lundge is easy. It is not easy you need to keep your hips squared. And the routine? you mean pratice program.

  25. I would like to see Lucie try and work at McDonald's in Lobby cleaning because that is what I do for my job and working in the back with the managers

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