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I Got a SWEET NEW TOY! Reviewing LeFeet S1 Underwater Scooter Jet – How Fast Can It Really Go?

I Got a SWEET NEW TOY! Reviewing LeFeet S1 Underwater Scooter Jet – How Fast Can It Really Go?

Hey. What’s up, you guys? I am super excited today because today I have
a toy to try out. I didn’t want to wait until I had to get to
the river to try this thing out and so I’m actually going to test it out here at my parents’
pool. I got this box in the mail just last night. Just cracked it open. I actually charged it last night and it’s
all ready to go. So, this is called LeFeet. It is a underwater scooter, little jet, that
pushes you, pulls you, through the water. There’s a lot of these on the market right
now. There’s ones that are, like huge, there’s
ones that are a little bit less huge, but none that are this small. This thing is literally, like, one hand. You can hold it one hand and it’s modular. What that means is that you can actually take
it apart. Like, you can take these handles off, you
can mount it to, like a paddleboard or a kayak, but the cool thing too is they sent
me two of these. What you do is you unscrew this thing, you
mount it to right there, and then you double up. Twice the power and you know I’m going to
be trying that in this pool. We’re going to start out by just trying the
one motor and we’ll start slow and we’re going to speed up as we go. So, make sure to keep watching to the end. We’re going to see how fast this thing can
go. So, LaFeet is actually a startup company and
and they just launched their Kickstarter, literally just last week. I’m going to put a link in the description,
if you want to click on that to go to their Kickstarter page. Preorder one of these things, get this thing
funded, because they have a lot of potential. I’m super impressed already with how this
thing is so solid, so sturdy. This is a little trigger. This thing is actually bluetooth connected
to the actual motor. There’s no wires. I’m really impressed with how compact this
thing is but also how advanced it is. Alright. So, the directions say push this button once, it blinks, push this button. Hey, dad. This is my dad, everybody.
Dad: Hey, everybody. Dallas: We’re using his pool today. Check this out. Dad: What the…? Dallas: Yeah. So, I’m testing it out.
Dad: Oh my gosh. I’ve thought about one of these. Dallas: Have you really?
Dad: Yeah. Dallas: You should get your swimming suit on, come try it. Dad: This is so cool. Dallas: And then once you turn this on, you
press the trigger once, it stops beeping, and now it should be connected. Let’s see. Cool. Alright. So, we’re going to start. Here is the slowest mode, we’ve got medium
mode, and then we’ve got the rocketship mode. We’re going to start off with the turtle. Dad: Don’t run into the other end of my
pool and break it. Dallas: Hopefully turtle mode won’t do that.
Dad: Okay. Dad: So what do you think of turtle mode?
Dallas: That’s crazy. That’s the slowest mode. Dad: Does it pull you?
Dallas: Yeah. It’s pulling pretty good. Dad: Wow.
Dallas: So… Dad: So it’s literally pulling you at that slow mode.
Dallas: Yeah. That is crazy. Watch this. Dad: Oh wow. That’s unbelievable how much torque it’s got. Dallas: That’s turtle mode.
Dad: Amazing. Dallas: And I can use one hand.
Dad: Yeah. Dallas: The other underwater scooters, you
have to…it’s, like, this big and you have to really hold on to it. I have my other hand free to hold this, or
to find treasure, whatever I want to do down there. See how there’s a little GoPro mount right here?
Dad: Oh wow. Dallas: So, I can mount my GoPro right here,
so you’ll see exactly what this thing is seeing. Dad: That’s awesome. Dallas: And, remember, this is turtle mode
on one unit. I still have a second unit that I’m going
to hook up at the end and put them both up on full power and we’ll just see how fast
that goes too. Dad: Awesome. Dallas: So, I’m going to go to muscle mode. These aren’t the real modes, by the way. I’m just naming them what I think they’re
called. Let’s go to medium and here we go. This is awesome, guys. I’m already impressed with this thing. Dad: Yeah. That was at least twice as fast as the first.
Dallas: That was way faster. Yeah, the slow mode is just for if you have
a long ways to go or if you are like on a paddle board or something… Dad: Yeah. Dallas: …and you don’t want full power,
you just want something to last long. Dad: Yeah. Dallas: This mode was more like getting me
where I need to go but still not wasting all the power. Dad: Right.
Dallas: Alright. Let’s do full power. After full power, I’m going to hook up the
other one and we’ll have double power at full speed. I’ll skip straight to the full speed on both
of them, so full speed rocketship mode. Alright. Here we go. Dad: That’s amazing. Wow, that moved you… Dallas: Holy crap. Dad: …that moved you right along. Did it feel like it was really pulling hard? Dallas: Yeah. That was crazy, and it was almost yanking
out of my hand, so I need to have you hold this. Dad: Okay.
Dallas: Yeah. That was too much power to hold with one hand. Wow, that’s just one. I’ll go probably double the speed with the next one on. Dad: Yeah. That’s going to be awesome. It might even move me along. That is so cool. That is really cool.
Dallas: Holy cow. Dad: Does that have a battery that you can
pop out and put another one in? Dallas: Yeah.
Dad: That’s cool. Dallas: It came with two modular batteries. So, you just charge them separately… Dad: So if you were going on a dive, you could
take several extra batteries. Dallas: Yeah. The battery just plugs straight in. When it’s done, you unscrew this top. This is waterproof sealed right here. Pop it out and you can pop a new battery in. Just easy. There’s no extra wires or anything like that. This is modular so it separates. You can take this off. I’m going to stick it right here. All you have to do to do that is unscrew,
pop it off, stick it on, and then screw it back on. Dad: Wow. That’s super simple.
Dallas: Yeah. No extra tools for this, and then you’ve
got your little trigger right there, and then… Dad: So that’s a wireless trigger.
Dallas: Wireless. It’s bluetooth connection. So far, on the three times that I’ve connected
it, it didn’t take any extra time. There was no messing around. It just connected right away. Alright. So, now, all I have to do is unscrew thesetwo little nut…little bolts right here, slide this guy off, and then stick them right
under here. Boom. Dad: So now you’ll need to pair both of them?
Dallas: Yeah, and I did it last night… Dad: Oh, cool.
Dallas: … and it’s actually really simple. Tighten that down. Okay. So, now, we’ve just got to pair them. So, you push this button once till the light
goes on, beeping, push this once, push this once, and then all you do is hold this down
for a quick second, light stops beeping, and now we’re good to go. Dad: Sweet.
So, that was really easy pairing. Dallas: Alright. I’m excited to try full power on this thing, the rocketship mode on both, and let’s test it out. Dad: Did you read all the warnings on that?
Dallas: Yeah. Dad: Okay. So, it doesn’t say anything about losing your trunks or anything? Dallas: We’ll find out. Dad: Okay. Hold on to your trousers. That’s unbelievable.
Dallas: Holy crap. Dad: That’s amazing.
Dallas: That’s fast. Dad: Yeah. So, just to give you an idea, our pool is
about approximately 30 feet long, it’s a 28,000 gallon pool, and he’s zipping from
end to end in just a matter of a few seconds. Dallas: That is pretty sweet.
Kid: I know. Dallas: Isn’t that cool?
Kid: Yeah. Dad: 1, 2…oh, he hasn’t started yet. Dallas: Fastest time? 9 seconds? Dad: Yeah, I just got it to 9 and you were
at the other end of the pool. That’s unbelievable.
Dallas: It’s awesome. We’re asking if my little nephew wants to
try it. He’s…how many pounds do you think he is?
50 pounds? Lady: 37.
Dad: 37 pounds. Dallas: Wow. I think he’d probably take about 4 seconds
to get across the pool. Dad: You want to try it? Are you getting ready to try that underwater
Kid: Yes. Dad: Okay. It’s called LeFeet. Dallas: You ready? I’m going to come with you, okay?
Kid: Okay. Dallas: Hey, come on down over here. Cold? Okay. Hold on to these handles. I’m going to come with you, okay? Here we go. You okay? Too much power.
Dad: Yeah. Dallas: This is a good review for age restrictions. I mean, I don’t even have the time to sit
here and run the battery down, but, it’s…so far, the battery is fully
powered and the cool thing is that it doesn’t slow down before it shuts off which is really
cool. You don’t start to get like a really slow
motor. It just stays full power until it’s done. Dallas: Say check out my uncle.
Kid: Check out my uncle. Dallas: On Man + River.
Kid: Man + River. Dallas: Thanks, buddy. High-five. Hey, guys. So, it started raining out there and so I
decided to come back home and wrap it up real quick. I’ve never done any other kind of underwater
scooter. Having said that, this was super impressive. Like, it’s the smallest one on the market. It’s one of the most powerful ones out there. Super durable. This thing is, like, built like a tank, but
I want to show you real quick how to how to charge the battery. It’s really easy. Check this out. Alright. So, it comes with this little battery charger. You plug it into the wall and you actually
plug the battery into this thing. Just unscrew the cap, pull the battery out,
boom. Line them up, plug it in like that, and then
you’ve got a readout of how much battery you have left. Oh my gosh. So, this thing is actually still fully charged. I think it was at, like, 14, so it only took
a couple of points off. So, I’m really impressed. That’s a really good battery life and then
you just let it charge up. This thing will actually tell you when it’s
done. It’ll say F-U-L. So, you guys, LeFeet is definitely a force
to be reckoned with. This thing is really, really cool, super fun
for me to use and review. LeFeet. Guys, make sure to check the link in the description. They have their Kickstarter page launched
as of last week. The next time I see you with this thing, it’ll
be at a super awesome clear waterfall. We’re going to go jump in, swim around with
it, get some cool footage, and hopefully find some awesome stuff as always. Until then, I’m going to eat one of my wife’s
cookies. Hit that subscribe button if you want to see
more of this. Click the like button if you want to see more
as well. I always appreciate that and we’ll see you
very soon on the next video, guys.

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