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I Found a Working Bugle Underwater in the River! (And Other Surprising Finds!)

I Found a Working Bugle Underwater in the River! (And Other Surprising Finds!)

100 thoughts on “I Found a Working Bugle Underwater in the River! (And Other Surprising Finds!)”

  1. Good morning/night all you beautiful people! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me reach 800,000 subscribers earlier today! Each of you have changed my life, and I can't believe how blessed I am to have all of you enjoying these adventures with me, and supporting me every step of the way. Hope you're having a great day!

  2. I am very sorry, what I want to say is, did you think to evaluate the museum with these special losses !! I think you should do this. All the friendliness

  3. Dallas: I FOUND MY FIRST RING!! 😀 Me:Wohoooo! ring falls both and music:…. Him:*finds ring again Music:YAAAAAAAAA! XD

  4. I’m new. Someone please tell me what happens to all of this stuff? Especially the glasses. He has enough to open a thrift shop

  5. HEY !!! What ya doin' with all those sunglasses???
    You could sell it for charity! 😀
    Also, you could sell those touch-screens of iPhones for parts! Those that you didn't find owner, and are locked, but still works! 😀
    And tell us, I'm curious, how much value you find, per month/week/dive?
    BEST REGARDS FROM SERBIA – EUROPE, and town NOVI SAD, which have the MOST beautiful beach called "Shtrand" on a river Danube! <3

  6. Are you guys qualified scuba divers? Cause I want to try thisbut I don't know if I should get the certificate… although I think I should but just asking

  7. I found this channel today like wtf is this man doing in a river but I have watched more than I would like to actually say ?

  8. Do you do your finds in order because u found the walking stick and when u went to set it down the bugel was where u were put the stick at in the beginning when you found the bugel later in the video? Still love the videos tho

  9. Here at the Philippines we call it KAPA. and we do it not in a river. We used to do that in KANAL. Hahaha pinoy fan here pls notice me.

  10. I spending my whole day with your channel . I really love watching all your video and its give me goodvibes when you return their things in the owner . Love it godbless you dallas keep doing a great job .

  11. You should go to lake Blue Ridge in Blue Ridge GA it is such an awesome mountain lake very clear would be great for what you do!!!

  12. Am i crazy or did i see the bugle already found on land when he finds the hiking pole and throws the pole out of the water?

  13. Hey bro man plus the river! I am a small guy from the Philippines and I've just found your video on facebook, and I really find it satisfying to watch you guys diving around rivers and collect things! And the most awesome thing is you're returning it to the owner if it's possible! You really guys have a great team right there! You're awesome guys, you inspired me! I loved iiiiit!!!! I got full subcriptions and notification on you guys! And I want watch more of you guys!

  14. I laughed so hard when you dropped the ring, and the music stopped. Then you found it and the music started again. So funny.

  15. excuseeee meeee. Those are VANS which are expensive. Instead of throwing those away, wash them and give them to someone who needs them.

  16. Are u afraid the some animal is gonna surprise you?? I live in Florida ain’t no way I be diving with all the alligators ? in here ?

  17. im Terrified of the water.. this is great…… do you edit out the monsters you find……. huge fish any thing scary??

  18. Hello man + river i always watch your videos and i subcribe your you tube channel and I im your big fan and im John igel rain R. Edquiban thats my full name

  19. Great videos. you are quite the strong swimmer. It is no easy feat to swim against the currant the way you do. Keep it up.

  20. Every time I watch your video I've play… It feels me not much time,,, I want more times, very interesting ,I swear. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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