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Hypoxic training. Workout #8. Control your breath while swimming

Hypoxic training. Workout #8. Control your breath while swimming

holding your breath while swimming is very
different than holding it like this, not moving. So to get better at underwater dolphin kick
or controlling your breathing patterns while swimming you must do these following exercises. remember that you must never do these exercises
without professional supervision. Shallow water blackouts are very dangerous. So don’t push yourself to the point where
you feel like you will pass out. Usually when we get tired we start breathing
way too often and our stroke technique starts to fall apart. On this video I will give you some exercises
you can do to get more comfortable with that excess carbon dioxide and the lack of oxygen
in your lungs. Our goal is to do 25s underwater, or as they
are often called shooters. The easiest for you to try if you haven’t
done them are breaststroke pullouts. So try doing the whole 25 underwater. go as far as you can and come up if you can’t
hold your breath any longer. But don’t stop, keep swimming to the other
side. Do 5 of these resting as much as you need. Then put fins on and try doing the whole 25
underwater but this time doing butterfly kick. If you know how to do the butterfly kick this
should be easier, and if not it is good practice. obviously The slower you kick the longer you
will take but the easier it will be to go further because your legs will consume less
oxygen and produce less carbon dioxide. So start slow and then increase the speed. Do 5 x 25s, resting between 20 and 30 seconds
if you feel able. Now up to now we have been doing easy pace
shooters, but you would never swim a 50 or a 100 in a competition slowly so let’s practice
at a fast pace. Swim 4 x 25s sprint without taking a breath
or at least trying not to. Resting 20 to 40 seconds to catch your breath. Swim at least 100 meters backstroke to get
your breathing pattern back to normal. We will finish this set by doing 4 x 25s butterfly
without taking a breath, resting 10 seconds less than in the last set. So if you rested 30 seconds on the freestyle
ones, trying resting 20 for these ones. Another important part is not losing speed
on the turn and sometimes our breathing messes that up. So try doing 4 x 50s but don’t take a breath
for 6 strokes before the turn, then do the flip turn and breath until the second stroke
after the turn. Now do another 4 x 50s doing 2 stroke without
taking a breath before the turn plus 5 or 6 underwater dolphin kicks and breath on the
second stroke. If you feel like you can do shooters very
comfortable and you are sure there is a certified lifeguard watching you, try doing 50s underwater
with breaststroke pullouts or dolphin kick with fins. This is more than you would ever need to do
really but they are good to get used to the uncomfortable feeling of wanting to take a
breath. Remember to come up for a breath if you feel
dizzy or weak. To make the video shorter we didn’t include
warm up or warm down, but if you want it you can download the whole workout on a pdf format
on the link in the description. And if you want a 10 workout program that
will make you a faster swimmer with tangible results and 100% money back guarantee click
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to subscribe. thanks for watching! see you next time Skillers! Swim fast!

22 thoughts on “Hypoxic training. Workout #8. Control your breath while swimming”

  1. I can do 25m underwather but i dont trust to do 50m can u help me?

    Btw the workout isn in the workout list

  2. 저 산소 훈련. 훈련 세트 #8. 헤엄치는 동안 호흡을 제어하세요

    헤엄치면서 숨을 참는 것은 이런 식으로, 움직이지 않으면서, 숨을 참는 것과는 아주 다릅니다.

    그러므로 물속 돌고래 차기(dolphin kick, 돌핀킥)를 더 잘하거나

    헤엄치는 동안 호흡 패턴을 더 잘 제어하려면

    여러분은 다음 운동들을 해야만 합니다.

    전문적인 감시가 없는 상태에서는 이 운동들을 절대로 하면 안 된다는 것을 기억하십시오.

    얕은 물에서의 기절(SWB, Shallow Water Blackout)은 너무나 위험합니다.

    그러므로 기절할 것 같은 지점까지 자신을 내몰지는 마십시오.

    일반적으로 지치게 되면 너무 자주 호흡하기 시작하고

    영법 기술이 무너지기 시작합니다.

    이번 비디오에서는 폐 속의 이산화탄소 과다와 산소 결핍에 익숙해지기 위해 할 수 있는 몇 가지 운동들을 소개합니다.

    비디오를 짧게 만들려고 웜업(warm up, 근육 덥히기)과 웜다운(warm down, 근육 식히기)은 이번 영상에 포함하지 않았습니다. 그렇지만 원하신다면 아래 링크를 통해 pdf 형식의 전체 훈련 세트를 내려받으실 수 있습니다.

    PDF 훈련 세트 #8:

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    황새치(SWORDFISH, 스워드피시) 프로그램

    Skills NT 가게:

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    시청해주셔서 감사합니다!

    빠르게 헤엄치세요!


  3. Dear Sir, it has just been 10 days that I started to learn swimming. I am not much familiar with all the technique so following you. As you mentioned the term 5×25s pull out. what does that mean?

  4. If you want to get a new workout everyday join our online swim team!

  5. I've just swam 1 and a half lengths of breaststroke without tumbling (75m) My furthest so far. Watched this video and realised I'm only 25% away from achieving a respectable goal.
    Was only watching to see how dangerous it is, unsupervised.

  6. The one thing I learned in high school study hall was how to hold my breath for 2 minutes. The trick was more mental than anything else, kind of a meditation. The trick to being able to do 50 yards under water is to understand it is not a sprint, but an endurance/distance race…. I need to do more of the 25 underwaters….. Thanks again…

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