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How to Wax Your Skis

How to Wax Your Skis

How to Wax Your Skis. Why pay a ski shop? Follow these steps to hot wax your own skis,
and use the money you save for more time on the slopes! You will need A heavy rubber band Two vises
A ski scraper Two nylon ski brushes A clean cloth Ski wax Waxing iron or regular iron
and a plastic dish scrubber. Step 1. Push down on a ski’s brake pedal to raise
the brake arms. Loop the rubber band around one arm, over
the binding, and around the other arm to keep the brake arms up and out of the way. Step 2. Fasten the ski securely in the vises, with
the base facing up. The vises should be spaced so that they hold
the ski at about one-third the length from either end. Step 3. Scrape off old wax with the scraper, and then
brush the ski thoroughly with the nylon brush. Wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth. Step 4. Rub the entire base of the ski lightly with
the wax. This will leave a thin base that will protect
the ski from scorching when you iron it. Use the right wax. Read the package to check its temperature
range, which should reach at least 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Step 5. Heat the iron to 240-250 degrees, or just
above the low setting. Hold the bar of wax against the iron so it
melts and drips onto the ski. Cover the ski with a zig-zag trail of wax. If the wax smokes, your iron is too hot and
you risk damaging your skis. Step 6. Iron the wax drops into the ski with a smooth,
firm, straight motion. Work from the center to the tip, and then
from the center to the tail. Then go over the whole ski again from tip
to tail. Move the iron in a straight line up and down
the ski, not back and forth. This will help prevent scratching the ski. Step 7. Let the ski cool for 20 minutes, then scrape
off as much wax as you can. The wax should penetrate the surface of the
ski, not sit on top of it. Remove wax from the edges with the dish scrubber. Step 8. Brush the ski with the other nylon brush until
it shines. Repeat the process with the other ski. Did you know The world’s fastest skier, Italian
Simone Origone, was clocked at 156 miles per hour in 2006.

25 thoughts on “How to Wax Your Skis”

  1. Don't blindly set the iron to 240-250 degrees. Set it to the melting point printed on the wax package.

  2. you did it sooo wrong, first you wasted a tone of wax, second you used the nylon brush the wrong way to, you're suppose to follow the arrow on the brush, not brush sideways.

  3. The process looks pretty similar to waxing a snowboard; not sure why anyone would pay to have it done for them when it's so easy!

  4. I read somewhere that in some circumstances you'd need something else beside wax, as paraffin for example. Why?
    And would it be any change in the process if I have clear ruts and grooves on the base of the skis?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Thanks for a great, concise HowTo. It's refreshing to find a Youtube video without the usual bla bla that turns a 2-min guide into a 20min bore.

  6. I love DIYs,  but it only costs like 10 bucks to do this at a shop professionally. it would take years to justify buying all the equipment and doing it yourself. Also you run the risk of doing it improperly and ruining your skis

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