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How To Turn In A Small Confined Space – Inline Skating tutorial

How To Turn In A Small Confined Space – Inline Skating tutorial

Step one is you have to push. So it’s… it’s really simple you just, I’m going to, I’m going to push with my right
leg so you just push out. And If I’m going to turn to my left, Now let’s see if I can, there’s a, the, the
little area on the floor is hard to but, I’ll give it a try. You push So if I’m going to turn to my left, you give
it a push. With your left foot. And that’s basically it, so for step one… That’s step one. So we’re going to be turning to our right
so this foot comes up, and comes down. Now Watch what happens here. When this push, when I push off and this foot
comes down, See how that foot is automatically on an angle? Because this fot is going to be pointing in
the direction in which I want to turn. And the same thing with if I’m going to the
left. I’m I’m, I push off And put my foot down, into, onto an angle. Alright so, one more time. Push off, and put
it down onto an angle. You see this foot positioning here? You see how… You see how my knees are sort of bent and, I have sort of like this uh… How does one say, sort of like a martial arts
type of crouch. You know, you’re sort of in… in like uh,
a “V” stationary position. Well same thing on the other side. when you push out, you want to be sort of
almost in this kind of position. But the idea is in step three, is… You want to start, really, pushing. See how I’m almost turning like this with
my foot. You want to start leaning and pushing over,
and… Getting on, …this, sort of, axis. This…or rather this, circular turn. And same thing here so, Push off, push down, and, I’m pushing on an angle to the center of my
turn. SO the knee comes sort of comes in, You don’t have to do this but this is, this
helps. But definitely, on the leading foot on the
inside, You definitely want to… Guide that foot with the knee. Part of step three is, you want to use your
oblique muscles to To help turn you in a small confined space, So you know when you sort of do this, It could be like uh; A lot of people do this as an exercise at
the gym where just like a warmup exercise. You know where you use your oblique muscles
and your abdominal muscles to turn into, Just to turn. Well that’s the same thing you’re
doing here on this turn. So when you push off push down, now I’m using
this whole, I could feel this whole section of muscle,
this whole, uh core, region of my abdominals, To put, to turn my torso, And… and my knee into this circular. Uh… into this circle, rather. Or circular momentum is what I’m trying to
say. Down, and then now I’m really I’m almost, it’s like I’m guiding with my
toros. You could see this section here. I push off and I… And now I’m really turning, and I’m Almost like pushing my heel out. So the other way, the same thing too. I turn
and, So… Again. See this center region here almost in like
this, Almost like if you could see a center down
here. And here’s a circle. Here’s the center. And I’m pulling it, around in a circle. Same thing here on the other side. You could see here’s the section. Here’s the circle. And here’s the center. And, I’m almost pivoting in a circle. Well that’s what you want to do, essentially,
is When you turn around, You want to really pull this toe forward,
this toe this way, and heel this way. Don’t do this fast you might fall. So be careful
about this. You push down, around. Use your torso. And in step four, you really pull this…heel
out. Get that heel over. And that will really, help you turn in a small
confined space. So push. Down. Torso, sorry. Push. Down. Torso. And heel. Now back to a comment on step two is when
you first come down… This is, this is a good step here, to learn. Because it will help you, Get into thinking into this directional turn. So, but it’s but in regards to making it work
smoothly, I would say now the final step in step five,
is… You want to. You don’t want to sort of be
in a “V” now, You want to be where your toes are both, At least facing forward. And the reason why I’m… I am adjusting this last step is because… In step two, you wanted to get used to the
balance. Okay so now you’re used to the balance. Now you want to get, Now that you’re flowing with it a little bit, It is now flowing, you’re moving, you’re getting
used to the trick. Now you want to… have your toes facing the same direction.
So push, and see how my toes, when my toes come down, Once more when my toes come down. My toes
are almost sort of facing the same direction. As opposed to the “V”. The “V” in the beginning, is just to say:
“okay now I’m getting used to that, feeling.” ANd this direction too. See here how my toes, One is this way. ANd one is this way as opposed
to being like this. So NOW you’re going to form that cirle. Push. Toes down. Torso, and pull out heel. And… And keep bringing, keep bringing the torso
at the final. You can even use your arms too if you want. And that’s basically about it. And than you can get creative with it. You can push your heels around as such. Uh there’s other things you can do. You can
do like an “Eagle Turn.” Where you… You can turn like this. Which would be a completely different tutorial. But what I’m basically doing, is… I’m using my torso to push down, In a circular momentum. So from this side to my body to mm this side. And if I’m going this direction it’s from
this foot to this foot. My right foot to the left foot. And I’m using, my arms to assist. And that’s it. So… Happy skating, and good

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  1. ohh Dan I can't thank you enough.that’s truly awesome! ! turorial was more than i could have ever expected or imagined ! It was really helpfull and your phrase is very nice ! i v got to wear my skates and start trainig right now ! 🙂
    KIind Rgards !

  2. What kind of inline skates do you wear? Ever heard of Seba? I think they are the right skate for your skills. They are used a lot for slalom

  3. i am learning inline skating but m getting difficulties on getting speed too.. i cant control… i dnt know whats the best method to do…. can u help please?

  4. Thanks a lot, I finally got it! Now let's see if I'm able to get it in practice too! You explained it really well

  5. Thank you soo much man! Ive been searching this kind of tutorial! Really helpful. Subscribed 🙂

  6. I have been watching a tons of videos and spent a lot of time trying but i couldn’t do it. Then i saw your video and i did it! GREAT EXPLANATION. Thank you! Hopefully you upload more vids in future

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