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How To: Straight-Bar Bicep Curl

How To: Straight-Bar Bicep Curl

What’s going on guys? I’m Scott from I’m here Answers Fitness gym, and I’m gonna show you how to properly do a bicep curl so pay attention We’re gonna do a straight bar curl today, although the same mechanics Apply to dumbbell curls what you’re going to do when you’re doing a straight bar Get a nice tight grip You’re gonna pick up the bar like this and now step back When you do a curl you want to keep your elbows in front of your hips at all time Maintain a neutral spine elbows in front of hips keep your wrists straight and bring the bar up When you get to here keep your elbows in front of your hips and come down like that Now I’m obviously going slow, so you can see what’s going on, but as you notice my elbows are not going backwards This is how a bicep curl should not be done Okay You know you’re taking all the pressure off the bicep and putting a lot on the shoulders so again elbows in front of hips, bent knees, neutral spine wrists straight Breathe out as you come up you always breathe out when you exert the force so Up down Make sure you fully extend too, its best I found that works best if you disengage the bicep by fully extending And then re-engage it, don’t stop like this, then use your back to bring it back up not good. That’s how you properly do a bicep curl. Thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe to my videos more good stuff coming soon later guys

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  3. i curl 60lbs (30lbs each side) on the stright bar and I'm 22 how much should i be curling for my age

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  5. this blew my mind. I never understood why I was feeling more pressure in my shoulders than my bicep thanks man! time for some gainssssss

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  14. Thank you for this. I am new to weight lifting and I don't have a spar or anybody to teach or advise me how to do this correctly. So for me your YouTube page is of true value to me. Please please, continue what your doing on here, your not doing this for nothing, someone out here appreciates you. I do from here in the UK. Bless you xox

  15. funny how he tells you to not bring your elbows behind your hips, yet ironically he posted an exercise called drag curl which is exactly what he's telling us not to do hahah ;p

  16. i notice that scott is kinda moving his back in the last few reps? is that alright or should the back not budge at all?

  17. Should I do this with an EZ-Bar Curl exercise in every workout session, or should I just do one to train my arms?

  18. can anyone enlighten me as to why whenever i do this i get a shooting pain in my lower right back? its very debilitating and no matter how good my form is it keeps happening! same goes for barbell curls if im standing

  19. Seriously. Who says I have a super weak core. If you only strengthen your core by doing curls you are pathetic and should get some serious instruction or quit using exercising and become a couch potato.

  20. Absolutely shit form. Elbows should not go in front of the body when lifting the barbell up and should stay at the sides.

  21. I find is absolutely hilarious how people who comment give the instructor advice or tell them how it's actually performed. Question to those people: Why the hell are you here? Haha

  22. Hi do you have a video o how to do a French press? If not are you going to do one or can you recommend to me a video to check out? Thanks!

  23. False. Your muscles need 2-3 days rest before being worked hard again. If you're on a schedule that takes 3+ days there is no need to rest.

  24. I don't understand people who criticize your form in EVERY video. You can obviously see your results and i don't know why people who supposedly know the proper form would be watching how to videos.

  25. Thanks Scott,

    I took your advice into the gym yesterday and I could definitely notice a great improvement in form.

    Look forward to viewing some of your other videos

  26. I have a question: Whats more important in muscles growth: the maximum weight to lift, or the maximum of reps with this, or how long we can hold on with the max weight, I mean whats the best combination?

  27. If you're getting wrist/forearm pain while doing this exercise, it's becuase your forearms are not as developed as your biceps. Stop it, and rest. If it starts hurting outside the gym, you've developed tendinitus, a tendon inflammation. I had it in both my wrists and arms a few weeks ago.

    1. Rest until you no longer feel any pain at home. You should with no problem grip things, shampoo your hair etc. I rested for about 9 days, no gym during this time, and had a warmth pillow I bought at a farmers market rested on my wrists about 20 minutes each night.

    2. Go back to the gym, and try doing dumbell curls instead, if that does not work, do hammer curls. Both is what I started doing. And make sure to keep proper wrist form. Scott in this video is a BAD example. You should bend your wrist OUTWARDS, with your palm facing the roof.

    3. Do barbell/dumbell wrist curls. Both normal and reverse, with a weight that you can handle. And by doing this for weeks, slowly go back to barbell curls.

  28. How are you sponsored by a big brand like BSN? Not to sound like a dick but was it just because you already had a youtube following ? Just curious is all

  29. You should always have tenchion to your biceps wile doing it, you shouldnt put your arms all the way down but alittle more then half the curl on the down road Good fucking english by me👌

  30. I got question about the length of the bar. does the length of it affect the the way you curl? I mean I got long bar and I tried curling just recently and it didn't go well, so does the length matter and should I buy a medium sized one or should I do lighter weight till I'm able to do what I use to be able to do?

  31. The reason most cant do barbell curls without pain is you dont warm up properly.
    I recommend before hitting your main working set. Do a LIGHT SET OF REVERSE CURLS FIRST. For 15 to 20 reps. With about 20lbs
    Followed by a light set of regulars curls. For 15 to 20 reps. With 30lbs
    Hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
    Then do ONLY ONE WORKING SET TO FAILURE. Blood is a great healer and protector.
    Get it into the muscle first. Then do your hard working set.
    And you will see a vast improvement in the comfort factor of this great exercise.
    And do not use too much weight. Pick a weight that makes you fail in 6 to 8 reps. And stay with it until you can do 12 reps. THEN AND ONLY THEN increase the weight.
    When I first started curling I didnt warm up like this. And strained my upper right forearm. Using a weight I could barely get 4 reps from.
    It took 3 months to heal properly. And since then ive ALWAYS warmed up properly as I just described. And never had any nagging injuries.
    And can now curl 100lbs for 8 reps.

  32. wrong. Each person's biology is different. I know these things in German, but i'll try to explain in English. Certain people are Lunar or Solar types. I'm a Lunar type (originally a question mark, but that's another story) which means when i lift something i have to inhale. Lunar types lift things easier when they in-hale. Solar types are the opposite. That's one of the things that westerners still haven't learned. NEVER – and I mean NEVER to something inhaling/exhaling opposite to what your biology is supposed to do.

  33. Should I fully extend or not? He first said you should fully extend then he said you shouldn’t disengage biceps?

  34. If bar is spinning in hands when I lift does that mean too much weight ? Should I lower weight ? Just getting into working out and don’t want to cause injury thanks

  35. I like having my hands close to one another it feels like I can control more weight is this bad or should they be spread out like you do it

  36. Weightlifting is not about building muscle… he's not building his biceps, he's just getting better at weightlifting!

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