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How to Snowboard : Body Positioning & Stances on a Snowboard

How to Snowboard : Body Positioning & Stances on a Snowboard

Hi, my name Matt Vansteenis and on behalf
of Expert Village we are going to learn how to snowboard today at Cannonsburg Ski Resort
in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. In this segment we’re going to talk about body positioning
while you’re on your snowboard. Now there’s really only one way that you can kind of do
this right so it’s going to be comfortable for you and you’re not going to hurt yourself.
So, you definitely want your knees shoulder width apart right even with your waist. And
when you start going you want to keep your shoulders, waist and knees all parallel to
each other, so all in a line. So, when we set up our board we want to make sure that
we’re wide enough apart, so it kind of lowers your center of gravity and keep your knees
bent. So, you’ve got your knees bent, shoulders parallel with the board. Then, once we start
riding we’ll work on how to turn with our shoulders. This is the proper position like
this. You definitely don’t want to ride with your shoulders open to face where you’re going,
you want them squared up and you want to be looking over that front shoulder. So, just
like this.

34 thoughts on “How to Snowboard : Body Positioning & Stances on a Snowboard”

  1. im great at skateboarding i was wondering because te first time i tried snowboarding i couldnt get it and i had never had skateboard but now a year later i rock at skateboarding would that help me at all with snowboarding?

  2. yea same thing here

    im a snowboarder and surfer, i master both
    but skateboarding..uhmm
    im not used to wheels on the board! lolz..

  3. wow, such poor info out there! keep your upper body 'quiet' and turn with your hips and legs, just like skiing, then you won't look so much like a zombie or frozen snowman! look DOWN the mountain, look WHERE you want to go (NOT where you DON'T!), keep that lower body loose and suspended like the suspension of car and it will make it super easy to follow terrain and soak up anything while making the turns SO natural. Spend a day on hard boots and a real carving board and you'll really get it!

  4. Unless your riding my 2009 Burton Malolo. Sweet board. No rear leg burn in the powder!

    Sounds like he was teaching you on an old Mogul Monster from Sears. 🙂

  5. are you kidding. look a jeremy jones and craig kelly, do what they do. dont listen to these guys

  6. haha its not basically the same at all. ive been skating for about 16 years, and snowboarding for a little less than that. the only things that might carry over are the orientation while riding, AKA standing sideways.

  7. Really? You think that most snowboards only allow one binding position along the running length of the board?

    You couldn't be more wrong. Pretty much all snowboards have some sort of multiple-location setup. Dumbass.

  8. Wait, what? Those are what you call mountains in Michigan? They seem more like hills.

    Then again, I'm from Utah. Very big mountains over here.

  9. @harharharb I totally agree! I found that out first hand. I was skateboarding all through high school and then tried snowboarding senior year. lol It was embarrassing, took a whole day of riding to make it down the mountain without falling! hahaha

  10. I sucked at skateboarding but my first time on a snowboard I was able to go down the black diamond hills and stop and turn pretty easily. Some people just got it I guess.

  11. @TheBoxHasOpened your wrong i skated for 5 years but when i started snowboarding it took me near a whole day to learn.

  12. @TheBoxHasOpened lol i though it was long. but i swear me and my friend who skate were taken by my moms friend on expert hill the first time it took us and hour to get down than beginner hill was easy. 3 days ago was the second time i went and it was very smooth experience. we adapted quick maybe skateboarding does help at least we live prove

  13. @gltron1 To go forward on your snowboard, instructors at Kirkwood, CA told me to bend my leading leg and keep the back leg straight in sort of a semi-lunge / Saturday Night Fever stance so that sounds about right. You can steer left or right using your bent knee.

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