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How to Snow Ski : Proper Snow Skiing Stance

How to Snow Ski : Proper Snow Skiing Stance

So now I’m going to be teaching you about
the proper stance for snow skiing. What people have done in the past and is what you don’t
want to do now is you don’t want to have your feet directly together and kind of wiggle
down the mountain. You want to have your feet about shoulder width apart. This helps with
your core balance and it makes it so if you need to you can recover yourself and it allows
for more strength to be distributed down to your feet from the upper part of your body.
Also note, that key placement of your hands and ski poles is very important too. You don’t
want to have your hands down here because it’s going to drop your center of gravity
down and it’s going to make it so it’s hard to do a turn like this and you don’t want
them out like this because making a turn like this is not very effective either. You want
to have your hands right here, thus making it so it’s constantly driving forward and
it keeps your poles, so if you do need to push, they’re right here and it helps with
your balance. So you want to make sure that your hands and poles are right here in front
of you.

14 thoughts on “How to Snow Ski : Proper Snow Skiing Stance”

  1. Learning how to ski from a youtube video, and shitty skiers/teachers at that.. Grab some skis, go to the mountain, maybe you'll actually get better.

  2. I keep my skis together, find it much harder to turn when they are apart so much.Specially in powder. (Unless i m going realy slow or straight down). Should I practice sking skis apart ? πŸ™

  3. You are wrong about keeping your feet apart. You keep your feet under you so that your weight is on them, bend your knees, and keep gentle pressure on the front of your boot.

  4. i ski with my legs about sholder apart maybe a bit less b/c its like standing on two legs and someoen pushing you form your side u can try and catch yourself from falling but if u stand on one leg then you cant stop yourself if you slip from falling plus your body will still put the weight on you skiis if they r shoder length apart that how i see it there are thousands of ways to ski see whats best for you and work on that no harm in trying all ways until you find that works best for you

  5. yea. never keep your tips apart. You lose speed and control. Keep your skis as close together as possible. Of course, when you are new at skiing, this will be hard.

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