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How To: Rope Hammer Curl

How To: Rope Hammer Curl

What’s going on Nation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you how I do a rope hammer curl Now the way to do this exercise is the same as the dumbbell hammer curl, you’ll be using a rope So you need a cable machine now what’s great about this exercise. It’s not only get the brachioradialis But it’s also going to really hit that peak of your bicep all you’re gonna do You’re gonna grab the rope like this thumbs up. You’re gonna plant your heels into the ground keep a slight bend in your knees and you’re gonna hold the rope a little bit farther than short length apart and Then you’re gonna curl up just like this squeeze the rope as hard as you can with your hands keep your core tight Breathe out on the way up Breathe in on the way down one more I’ll do one more. How’s that ready? Come up Just like this That’s how you do a rope hammer curl. Hope you guys enjoyed this demonstration video and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

93 thoughts on “How To: Rope Hammer Curl”

  1. Scott is so awesome and everything he shows us is really cool, so I really think he needs a new opening that is also awesome 😛 I don't know why but the monkey opening has always annoyed me haha.

  2. Dude, I saw your twin in my Gym today… He had the same body as you, the same hair, the same face and the same voice :O

  3. Hi nation, try to grab the rope palms down and turn hands through the movement, at up position you have palms up and the rope twisted around hands

  4. @CasualKindness too many reps imo, try about 5-8 reps and lift heavy. most important thing is to calculate the amount of calories you need to eat so u take in more than ur body burns off

  5. @ikindahateu Genetics brah, I'm also like this, one of his descendants may have been a native american, they have little body hair, and thats the reason why I'm like that.

  6. @MrSwedishJesterhead before making outrageous claims, pay attention.. that is an INSIDE-GRIP rope curl which works the outside of the bicep. The HAMMER CURL will hit more of the peak. Thanks

  7. Thanks for the help Scott! My body really got better, more muscles with your teachings. They can say wahtever they want from you, but at least you're doing positive things to help people. Thanks again man.

  8. Had to change my routine. Been doing dumbell hammer curls for quite some time now and figured it's time for a change in my routine. Gonna try this excersize out. 🙂
    Thanks scott.

  9. Thank you for this brilliant channel, best for beginners to get form correct..helped me to get the best from my time in the gym

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