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How to Roller Skate

How to Roller Skate

How to Roller Skate. Step into your roller skates and learn to
get your glide on! You will need Helmet, wrist guards, and pads
Smooth surface Roller skates and patience. Always wear protective clothing, including
a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, and kneepads when you roller-skate. Children under the age of 10 should only roller-skate
with adult supervision. Step 1. Find an open area with a smooth surface, like
a roller rink or a smoothly paved parking lot. Make sure there are few obstacles to get in
your way. Step 2. Put on your roller skates — often referred
to as quad skates — and stand with your knees bent slightly, your shoulders directly over
your ankles, and your back straight. Step 3. Practice finding your balance by taking small
steps forward on your skates, keeping your chin up and looking straight ahead. Try to stay relaxed, and don’t get discouraged
if you fall. Step 4. Start going faster by developing your scissor
kick. Keeping the wheels of both skates on the ground,
bend your knees and push your feet apart and back together in a fluid motion, leading with
your toes. Step 5. To glide, shift your body weight from leg
to leg, pushing one leg out while straightening the other one and letting the skate come off
the ground. Alternate your feet to continue moving. Step 6. To turn, point your head and shoulders in
the direction you want to go. Lead with your shoulders into the turn while
leaning your hips in the opposite direction. Feel the lean in your ankles, which actually
turn the roller skates. If you feel wobbly or are unable to adjust
on turns, you may need to adjust your skates’ axles. Step 7. To stop, drag one toe behind your other foot. If you’re moving fast, drag one foot behind
the other at a 90-degree angle to form a T, and shift your weight to the back skate. Once you’ve mastered the basics, start learning
some tricks! Did you know The first recorded use of roller
skates took place in 18th century London.

100 thoughts on “How to Roller Skate”

  1. I'm a girl that i am 10 years old, it look easy but it hard.i keep falling falling and falling. ….it not fair that i can not skate

  2. Hi I'm an eight year old girl I can do roller blades with tricks. I can also do the roller skates. I start rollerblading and roller skate when I was 6 years old

  3. Thx so mush because I wanted to buy roller skates I thout it would be hard but it looked kind of easy I know it's hard but that helped me a little

  4. My rollerskates finally came today I need to Learn tho but I put them on in my house and starting practicing and I finally feel awesome😊

  5. "The fear of falling is worse than the falling itself" I just have to remind myself that. Can't wait to get my first roller skates, they should be delivered pretty soon.

  6. I think that for making the T stop, it's better to keep the four wheels on the floor. I mean, don't T stop only with the internal two wheels, it will be way more difficult, less stable and it's bad for the wheels! I used to do it that way, and it was a complete change when I learnt to do it with all the 4 wheels on the floor!

  7. keep in mind. this isnt a perfect guide to master roller skating. its trying to give you the "oh, so thats how i do it." factor. learning how to skate is like trying to learn gulf using a book

  8. I am a skater. I have played state level many times .I know to skate properly. you have not told main step that you have to bend.

  9. what kind of roller skates are those? I want some of those instead of the other kind.can some one plz reply and tell me what kind roller skates are those?

  10. She not wearing protective and are look like a idiot if I turned up to the roller disco in a helmet 😂

  11. Does wheel size matter like if i have kids roller skates and i want to switch the wheels to my roller skates that are for adults both are quads please reply

  12. sees vid oh maybe I should buy this
    buys it wow
    roller skates in house with carpet this is really easy
    goes outside um…
    falls ow
    calls dad daddy help me!!
    holds dads hands thank you
    (3 weeks later) roller skates amazing now this is amazing.

  13. – Wear helmet, writs guards, elbow pads and knee pads

    nothing on

    – Find a flat surface to practise on

    practising on a road full of cracks

    great video 👍

  14. I sprained my wrist trying to rollerskate… AND I WANA GO AGAIN BUT I CANT UNTIL A WEEK😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. I just got skates and it took like an hour to put them on. I fell down twice within the first five minutes!😫

  16. tbh as a figure skater, a lot of this stuff is similar to ice skating. the t stop, the gliding, and the scissoring with the blades/wheels, its all pretty much the same :v

  17. I've got those same skates. Tryouts don't need nice skates like those, those skates are around 80$ in the USA. Just buy a cheap pair for target before you get to into it, don't invest a ton of money on something new. Wait till you learn to like it.

  18. The other day as it is almost Christmas, I saw that I had a big box wrapped under the tree for me and I asked my grandad what it was behind my nans back and he told me they were rollerskates and my heart jump from my feet to my head and I was so happy because I have wanted then for a very long time and I even started to ask the color and stuff and I told everyone I even told my auntie that I was getting some and she said that she will get some and go skating with me one of the days and got very excited, but yesterday as soon as I came home I had my dinner and while we were eating I kept asking what they looked like and my nan said that I haven’t really got any, my face sunk as they all laughed at me and they said that my nan would never get me any and once she said that I slammed my plate on the kitchen side and ran up to my room crying and now I don’t have a clue what to say to my auntie…

  19. Has anyone tried these tips and do they work? Also how fast can u learn to skate? Any professionals out there give me some tips I have a skating party in two weeks and I’m nervous. Never skated before 😥

  20. Your supposed to apply pressure to all four of your wheels when you T-Stop. But at least she didn't drag her foot super far behind her.

  21. Tip: if you do fall, laugh at yourself! Others probably won’t laugh AT you but may laugh WITH you if you’re laughing.

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