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How to Roller Skate : How to Do a Front to Back Roller Skating Transition

How to Roller Skate : How to Do a Front to Back Roller Skating Transition

Hi, this is Rahel Cook, on behalf of Expert
Village and today I’m here to talk about how to roller skate, more importantly, doing front
to back transitions. Front to back transitions are quite tricky and the first thing that
you need to know is that you need to be in the proper stance, knees need to be unlocked,
slightly bent, and you need to be at a comfortable momentum, speed, so that you’re not going
too fast nor are you going too slow. Then what you do is get very comfortable and you
pick up your dominate leg, being either your right or your left, whichever leg that you
feel confident being able to pick up and move around, without losing your balance. You would
pick up your dominate leg and you would bring it slightly behind you in an exact opposite
position to your front leg and then transfer all of your weight to that foot. It has to
be very fluid otherwise you will fall, so transfer that weight and then bring your other
foot, your non-dominate foot, around to be able to face the exact same direction that
you have just turned your other leg in. Going backwards, so that would be a front to back
transition, going the other way you would do the exact opposite. You would bring your
non-dominate leg around, or your dominate leg, whichever you feel comfortable with,
turn it in a completely opposite direction, in the momentum that you’re going, and then
gently apply all of the weight to that leg and then quickly bring your other leg around
so that now you’re facing in the appropriate and same direction. And that is how you do
front to back transitions.

53 thoughts on “How to Roller Skate : How to Do a Front to Back Roller Skating Transition”

  1. Please demonstrate going from back to front.I can go front to back, but not back to front. Very hard for me and I need to SEE how it's done.

  2. You are correct, I do not know why she is called an Expert skater, because she looks to be very uneasy on skates, and when she is skating backwards, she is leaning forward over the front of her skates, and that is the first thing you learn NOT TO DO!!! she will end up tipping onto her toe stops, and falling.

  3. carlacaca:
    Usted es correcto, ¡no sé por qué es llamada un patinador experto, porque parece estar muy incómodo sobre los patines, y cuando está patinando de atrás para adelante, se está inclinando sobre el delantero de sus patines hacia adelante, y ésa es la primera cosa que usted aprende a not hacer!!! Terminará dar propina en sus paradas de dedo del pie, y caer.

  4. i love when she paused in between "then quickly bring your other [pause] LEG around". i could swear her mind said arm or dick lol

  5. I warn you this isn't they way you should turn around. I'm an artistic skater and this is the most improper way to turn from front to back.

  6. @cloudsbringnsexyback please enlighten all of us and tell us .. i dont wanna fall cuz shes teaching me wrong… would you explain?

  7. @chrisJongil Sure….basically the proper way to turn forward to back and vice versa [or mohawk as it is the proper name for this step] when going forward, is to pick up one foot and turn it so it is heel to heel with your grounded foot, then step onto the free foot and turn your new free foot to the diriction your body is facing. To turn back to front repeat the movement. If you are confused or would like a better explination let me know and I'll make a video.

  8. i can just imagine someone turn their domamant leg behind the other leg than they put there wheight on that leg and snap breaks there ancle lol

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  10. if your a proffesional skater, why do you where wrist guards.noone wears them at our rink and we're doing much harder stuff then this shit!!

  11. Well if I fall I like to fall on the cheeks with a nice slow painful crash and then get back up and leave with a limp

  12. I'm not a roller skater but I'm a high level ice skater and I agree too many words and she just doesn't seem to know mechanics/technique at all.

  13. Bonnie D.Stoir from San Diego Derby Dolls got waaay better instruction videos, and she's infinately better at explaining how things are done…i'd check those vids in stead…oh, and yeah, BIG safety FAIL on this vid ! where's her freakin helmet, kneepads and elbow pads ?! Looks like, and sounds like, a fresh meat XD

  14. I am a very experienced skater and this is the only step that i can not do. I was pleased to find this but highly disappointed at the video. She used confusing words at a too fast pace that i wasn't able to understand at all. She also spoke as if she was a robot, and it would have been nicer if she was narrating in the background as she did the step.

  15. @honeybunny230 because accidents happen…doesnt matter if you are an expert or not…just sayin its better to be safe than end up with broken bones or your head split open…

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