HOW TO REMOVE YOUR BEARINGS- Inline Skating tutorial #3

fast tutorial today I’ll show you how
to remove aberrant she professed and very easily you will underneath the
allen wrench that comes with escape or an allen wrench with a bearing remover
let’s start with the classic way with the allen wrench becomes the first case
this one can be a little tricky at first but don’t worry you can do it you have
to put the allen wrench inside of the bearing but not too deep
otherwise it will be more difficult to remove the bearing now choose the allen
wrench to remove a bearing like if it was a crowbar if or a chick accomplice
now do it a few times until becomes natural no my favorite the bearing
remover so much faster and easy to you what’s cool with it is that it’s not
expensive everyone skater should have this in
their bag this has been special design for this task how to use it the same way
as the regular allen wrench but you’ll see it’s way easier to remove the
bearings look how fast it is now I suggest you to
do the second method much easier thanks for watching please subscribe for more
and don’t forget to watch my over tutorial see you in the next episode

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