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How To Pronounce French Car Brands & Names?

How To Pronounce French Car Brands & Names?

French cars may not be the best cars in the
world, or are they? Anyhow, they do have a long and often prestigious
history of innovation and success in the racing competition scene, think Renault in Formula
1, Citroën in World Rally Championship, or Peugeot also in the WRC or at Le Mans. They undeniably have one major flaw though,
maybe more than one but this one is very real, the spelling of their names makes it impossible
to guess how to pronounce them, right? So, let’s get it right once and for all
so after watching this video you can explain to all your car loving friends why it’s
said like this and not any other way. Let’s go… Let’s start with probably the most straight
forward. Citroën. There’s no trap here, except perhaps for
the double dot on the E, which simply means you have to pronounce the E separately from
the O so that Citroën. In pure French: Citroën. How about Alpine? Is it Alpine by the way? The name of this French manufacturer of racing
and sports cars established in 1955 that’s always been related to Renault. Well, in French it’s certainly not Alpine
bu rather Alpine. Alpine. Pretty easy: Alpine. Talking about Renault. You might be surprised and disappointed that
the L AND the T to Renault are both silent even though 3 quarters of the world’s population
say them. No, it’s Renau(lt). Renault. Or in French: Renault. Now onto a brand you weren’t expecting to
see here, or where you? You’re a car enthusiast right, so you would
know! Yes, Bugatti is a French car brand, even though
you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise, as the brand was founded in 1909 in the then-German
city of Molsheim by an Italian-born industrial designer, Ettore Bugatti that was, and it’s
now owned by the German automobile group Volkswagen. Still, Bugatti headquarters is well and truly
based in France, in the Alsace region that’s been French since WWI. And finally, let’s talk about Peugeot! Why did they spell it that way instead of
using a J in the name and no T at the end? Well, it’s simply the family name of the
founders, so that’s how it is, full stop. Did you know that Peugeot has been making
cars since 1896? Quite impressive isn’t it? Oh, and yes, byt the way, it’s Peugeot,
not Peugeot as the T is silent if you’ve been wondering. And, that’s it! Now you’re an expert in French cars. Feel free to share this video with your fellow
car nerds and enthusiasts, and by the way. What is your favorite French car brand and
why? And what’s your fav French car model ever
built? I think mine is still the iconic 205 by Peugeot. As for a brand, well I’d say my favorite
is Bugatti, why not. Cheers guys… Au revoir!

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