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How To: Prone Leg Curl (Cybex)

How To: Prone Leg Curl (Cybex)

Hello Everyone I’m Scott from if you’re looking for a great way to target your hamstrings in the gym We’re here at the Cybex Prone Leg curl machine now in order to use this machine you have to first make an adjustment to this pad What you want to do Is Make sure That when you lay Down This pad Is resting above your ankles right here and for me that setting Is three, now there’s a trick to adjusting this a lot of Times It’ll Feel like it’s Stuck if You Just Take your Hand and Simply put it here you you can jingle it Up and Down as you’re Twisting this and it Comes Right Loose Then you’re going to move it up to your setting, my setting’s three Then as you tighten it make sure you hold this over here so that you get a nice tight grip and you can even jiggle it as you’re tightening it next you’re Going to lay Down Adjust the weight to A weight you can do And what you want to do is put your arms on these pads. You want to Make Sure you Maintain A neutral spine don’t Have your head Down too much or up too high and then You’re Going to Make sure that your feet Stay straight during the whole Exercise you Don’t want them to go out or go in and you’re going to breathe out as you lift the weight up, cuz you Always Breathe out When you exert a force so Breathe out Come all the way Down to almost touch breathe back out Breathe in Breathe out breathe in And that’s how use the Machine for more Information Feel free to subscribe to my channel as I’ll be Putting out More Exercises All the Time. Have a great day guys!

77 thoughts on “How To: Prone Leg Curl (Cybex)”

  1. Like I said before, you have the sexiest tush!. One I wouldn't mind squeezing a least four times a day, just consider it part of your exercise routine*lol*.

  2. Definitely, I have been working out for a long time at home but I just got a gym pass about a month ago. I go to work on my swimming but I always want to work out. I have good knowledge about lifting from P90X but I was very afraid of doing things wrong and getting injured on the machines. Your videos are very helpful and I'm glad I found your channel. Its boosting my confidence of actually going up to the weight room.

  3. Scott, I am Amazing (nickname in your website) but your The Master. Excellent. demonstration. I like this exercise but I never knew if I was hitting the right muscle or how my feet should stay, Bravo!

  4. the postion of this machine remind me of the heres the improper name but everyone who hits the gym will known what i mean,,,,,…. butt machine… althoguth the leg movement is diffrent…. sigh butt machine is a hard machine… yeap…

  5. In my case Sumo Deadlift has worked absolutely the best for the whole lower body + Posterior chain but Curls are good to do also from time to time.

  6. Noo you should definitley be doing wayyy more reps than 8 that's too low. When it comes down to legs you have to do a lot of reps. Low reps for legs is 10-12 that's really low. Aim for at least 15. I say 15-25 you should be doing change it up so you're not used to it and you gain muscle but keep it between 15-25. You need to do the same for abs aswell. As for the other muscles do 6-8 but not every single week change it up and do 12-15 one week for muscle confusion.

  7. hahahaha that's funny. If you don't give your muscle a challenge they will not grow, or they may grow but not nearly as much as one would want. I seen crazy results off training to failure. I regret not taking before pics though.

  8. I wish I had a whole gym to work out all by myself like you do. I absolutely hate working out with other people around staring at me, or occupying the machines I need to use.

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  11. I think people are full of shit when they say leg curls lead to hamstring strains or hamstring dominance. These Internet gurus are getting way out of hand with these bogus statements.

  12. Love this exercise . I do heavy to failure and my last 2 reps I can feel a cramp while I'm curling feeling

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  14. Wow. Fabulous clip.

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  15. Do you feel lying leg curls are better than seated? I just left the gym doing legs and they don't have a lying machine but now that I critique my form more it seems my legs don't fully extend in the seated machine 

  16. Scott Herman is the best I've seen. He is a regular guy in great shape and talks to us like we are real people. I notice his moves illustrate safety. I will be looking at him more; not these crazies who sound like they're pumped with drugs.

  17. Thanks Scott, I am scared of the weight machines except for like 3 of them. I had this at my calves. Thanks to your video I now do it correctly.

  18. This video is a classic! Helped me out a bunch and I am now using it to help somebody with their PT. Great work man!

  19. I think this is the oldest ever Scott Herman video I've come across. Amazing it's been 10 years! Keep up the great work Scott 🙂

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