How To: Prone Incline Curl With Dumbbells (Spider Curl)

What’s going on Nation? I’m going to demonstrate for you guys how to do a prone incline curl with dumbbells this is a really great isolation Exercise to build muscle on your biceps you can also use this exercise when trying to rehab the area as well All you’re going to need for this exercise is an incline bench and a pair of dumbbells The first thing you’re going to do is lay on the incline bench with your chest down while holding on to the dumbbells You want to make sure you pull your shoulders back while also maintaining a neutral spine Once you’re in position let your arms hang down fully stretched out From here you’re going to curl the dumbbells all the way up to a contraction and repeat You can choose to focus on a four second to focus more on muscle gain for this exercise from here I want you guys to curl the dumbbells up all the way into a full bicep contraction and repeat if you’re doing this exercise correctly You should be able to get a full isolation and fatigue the biceps fairly quickly with the right weight Also be sure to get a firm wide stance with your feet so that you don’t sway on the bench Be sure to keep your head from moving around too much to keep the cervical spine safe I hope you guys enjoyed this demonstration exercise on how to the prone incline curl with dumbbells for more great exercises routines and tips be sure to join us on and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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