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  1. Great tips, along with a great job of explaining them. I almost feel as if this is a intermediant tip, with applications in advanced skiing, also how many more videos are there in the apps vs. what you have here on youtube?

  2. Darren, another great video! Camera view at 2:04 is extremely useful – I can "mimic" your movements while watching the scene (your shadow is also informative). More such camera views, Darren. BTW. Beautiful mountains and weather – where is it?

  3. @bcarr1009 This is intended as a good solid introduction to the pole plant, we will have another video containing more information about a good pole swing in the future. Have a good New Year.

  4. I guess I don't understand what the pole planting is actually for. It "links the turns", but what do you mean exactly? Is it just a guide? I know you aren't leaning on the pole or anything.

  5. I adore your videos so far. I'm new to skiing, but have taken to it very easily because of my past experience with figure skating and X-Country Skiing. But this has put me at a disadvantage with terminology. Your videos really break down what people mean when they say "stacked" or… soften the knee, ect. Thank you so much for doing these.

  6. @SonyMouse I'm glad you like the films my philosophy is always to keep it as simple as possible,I hope these ideas and techniques will help you when you get on the snow thanks again.

  7. Great vid and helps explain pole planting a bit more. Fantastic to have the slow motion footage helps me get it. I realise i've been doing it while my skis are still carving, instead of waiting till i've released my skis. I'm still a bit confused about when you should and shouldn't do it. when does pole planting really help? i'm intermediate. Feel reasonably comfortable on easy to medium reds.

  8. @Mangoed22 Glad you like the films, a pole plant will be most useful on steeps bumps and powder but when learning the pole plant you may find it more awkward when skiing on the piste at higher speeds ( your timing has to be perfect). I personally always pole plant it really helps with linking the turns together.

  9. Great!
    Your set of videos with the short, simple but very useful explanations helps me so much!
    Thank you for the good job.

  10. Great videos but you might want to demo with proper technique! You drop your uphill hand!! keep those hands up brother!!

  11. You're kind of half right, the poll does actually touch the snow but it doesn't have to be poked and jabbed in the snow like your life depends on it.Pole planting normally feels awkward when you are starting, make sure the timing is right and keep practising I'm sure you will get it.

  12. whenever I find myself intimidated by the terrain (steep, icy, bumps, whatever) I find my skiing improves dramatically when I get aggressive with my pole plants. I concentrate on keeping my hands forward, make quick/positive/strong pole plants and my skis/ankles/knees/hips come along for the ride. Works for me every time!

  13. If it works for you keep doing it, but try to connect the speed of your poll plant to the speed of your turn, quicker turns quicker poll plant slower turns slower poll plant, thanks for the comment.

  14. I feel your a fantastic skier but when I watch your videos I see you dragging your poles through out the whole entire turn? I feel that is bad technique?

  15. It is a bad technique when your hand is dropped and your poll is dragging in snow but when you are skiing steeper slopes or beginning to create angles the poll will slightly drag on the inside, have a look at some racers skiing giant slalom as the angle increases the poles will be touching the snow as long as the hand position is good it does not create a problem. Thanks Darren

  16. Very informative video! Thanks for making these! I have a question about the straps. Is it a bad idea to remove the straps from poles if you don't mind walking uphill to get them if the fall? Are the straps used for anything else?

  17. i started skiing again this year after being absent for the last five years. with help from these videos i am skiing better than i ever was before. Thank you

  18. Thank you very much, it's great to hear that the films really do make a difference and improve how much enjoyment people can get from skiing. thanks again.Darren

  19. If you prefer the feeling of not having straps then don't use them. I know quite a few people that feel the same, whatever makes you enjoy your skiing the most.

  20. That's really great to hear congratulations, thanks you very much for the kind words it's great to hear it helped you pass your exams.
    thanks Darren

  21. Thanks for the feedback pleased you're finding the apps useful, I will certainly try and get these topics filmed we have a long list of things to get through. I will certainly try and get these films.

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  23. Hi I'm going to Chatel France in a couple of weeks skiing, I only ski once a year and  feel the last time I went I was probably covering Ski lesson 6.1 & 6.2.
    The question I would like to ask will I need further lessons or refresher lesson to get back to the level I was skiing last year.

  24. It's not just the wrist action.  A lot of the pole swing has to do with relaxing the lower fingers gripping the pole allowing the pole to swing out appropriately, reeling the pole in with your fingers again as you pass the pole after the touch. Also, for the most part it is a pole TOUCH more than a "plant" (except in the most aggressive tight/steep turns).  Remember you are attached to the poles via the wrist straps. Pole makers such as Swix have incorporated tabs on the grips so you aren't so reliant on holding onto the poles, allowing more relaxation and flow. Of course as the turns get more aggressive such as bumps you'll want to hang on a bit tighter, but if you think only wrist action you may end up distorting your body position to accommodate the pole touch.

  25. Next week I'll be a skiing instructor myself to some more advanced skiers. I've been looking around for video's a lot and this serie is by far the best there is. Detailed, right technique, well explained and good video. Well done!

  26. This channel is everything we need to study during our "home pauses" from the mountains! I truly have no idea how to thank you, seriously. Great job Ski School!

    Greetings from Italy!

  27. I really see no point in the pole plant…you're not actually DOING anything. You're just touching the pole against the snow and it's flying backwards while you initiate a turn. I do not see how it helps in any way. Can someone enlighten me? What does it DO?

  28. I LOVE your videos Darren, thanks SO much, you finally explained something that has bothered me for 10 years and not one single instructor ever picked it up. I can't WAIT for this ski season now xxx

  29. I absolutely love your videos and they have made better at skiing. In preparation for the coming season I started re-watching videos. I never understood the purpose of a pole plant. I know it looks cool but what does it do?

  30. I drop my uphill hand when I'm carving groomers. I can't help it. I know it's inefficient and got me docked by PSIA, but I don't care. It looks a lot better on video, too. Now, in the bumps, that's another story….hands in front always 😉

    All that said, I'm going to look back at this video when my nephews get a little older. Good stuff in here.

  31. I happened upon your site, thumbs up…but now 2:22 into #6.1 vid, and you are still doing "lazy" turns on groomed. You could have showed some "real fall line turns", quicker, w/ pole "plants" ha ha – right next to your skis. We don't have to be in "bumps" all the time to turn like that. IN FACT – if you can crank out short fall line turns on groomed, you will be one(maybe MANY) step(s) further ahead to your mogul and off-piste skiing. You gotta get comfy turning quick – and down the fall line – and dealing w/ the irregularities of "groomers", etc. Maybe that's the next…#6.2B? TURN "EM!

  32. Thank You very much !!!
    I just finished a ski vacation in Europe, and your videos helped me to improve my ski level very much.
    I watched them a few times before the vacation.
    Thanks !

  33. What layering do you recommend when wearing under a hard shell jacket? I'm moving away from a insulated jacket for more flexibility. Thank you

    Your videos are great! So helpful!

  34. Your video series is exceptional! I have been skiing for 37 years now, but my wife is just learning for the first time. We have been watching your videos, she has taken a few group lessons, and after only 5 days of skiing ever she is already confidently making smooth, linked short radius turns down intermediate runs, complete with pole plants, in difficult heavy mashed potato crud snow conditions. I would say she is solidly an intermediate skier just after 5 days. I'm confident that with your videos she will become an expert skier in just a couple of seasons. Thank you!!

  35. In addition to being a timing mechanism while you ski, it can be used to escape bad guys. James Bond left a ski pole across two trees on a trail to close-line a bad guy in For Your Eyes Only. While I have yet to need to use this tactic at Whistler or Big White, it is reassuring to know the option is there.

  36. These videos are a way above anything else I've seen on youtube, the clarity of the teaching is excellent, I have just been to a snowdome after a year off the slopes and, after watching the beginner and intermediate videos immediately felt confident and skied better than at the end of my last trip to the alps.

  37. I find it much more beneficial to focus my pole plant at the end of the turn. Speed of the pole plant matches the speed of the ski..

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