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How to Play Roller Hockey : Skating Forward in Roller Hockey

How to Play Roller Hockey : Skating Forward in Roller Hockey

Alright, something else you need to get familiar
with is how to skate properly. The best way to learn how to skate is just getting out
there and practicing and doing it. All you’re going to do, all you want to do is bend at
the knees, and all you’re going to do is push off, and you should be able to get a nice
stride. The more you practice, the better you can get at it. The longer the stride,
the farther you’re going to go, and the less stride you have to make. So try it out. As
long as you keep practicing, you should be good. So that’s pretty much forward skating
at its best.
As long as you keep bending at the knees, though, you should be ok.

12 thoughts on “How to Play Roller Hockey : Skating Forward in Roller Hockey”

  1. dude, you shouldnt be doing this lesson, you kinda suck at skating… and if anyones seen my videos, my skatings improved much since then, so yes, i can tell him he sucks

  2. It's for beginners jerk! If you're sooooo good why are you looking for instructional videos on skating?

  3. my best wishes for you, it´s a good thing teach others for free what you know, greatings from Uruguay. Ramiro

  4. Okay, now push and stride right, wobble, stride, wobble, stride, almost fall down, stride? Is that how you do it? And I thought the "how to wear a cup" vid was stupid, this is the all time stupidest hockey video of all time. And to tifferdile1, we watch this shit to see if theres any actual educational purpose, and even when I was fuckin' 10 years old, I could do better without this guys how to videos. Its also fun to watch for a good laugh though.

  5. go back to ur cat at home u probally miss him more than he misses u. im 11 and i can skate way better than this fagett. -cough cough-

  6. man some of u guys r messed up. just down right mean. he's taking his time to try teach people about the sport of roller hockey. i find these vids pretty helpful. if u dont like them then let it be

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