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How To Play Curling in 45 seconds

How To Play Curling in 45 seconds

How to play Curling Curling is played by two teams of four
players Sixteen rocks are thrown alternately
whereas the players are trying to get as close to the center of the house as
possible At the end of a round only the team with the rock closest to the center scores It scores as many points as it has stones
closer to the center than the closest stone of the opponent Only rocks inside the house count A full game consists of eight to ten
ends and lasts for about two to three hours Brought to you by “Age of Curling” Available for PC, Mac or the iPhone and
iPod Touch!

21 thoughts on “How To Play Curling in 45 seconds”

  1. @MoogatoMac Americans just took the English literature and put some slang and a dodgy accents on so without English there would be no American just goes to show how much Americans think for themselves…please get an IQ above 3 before commenting thanks.

  2. Germans are called squareheads….. This guy sounds like a squarehead….. My background is German American…… Good cars, beer and soccer, but curling was invented in Scotland.

  3. People sweep in front of the rocks to slow the "rock" down. Not doing it speeds it up, usually to make it collide with an enemy rock.

  4. oddly curling is on nbc primetime right now. only bc its usa vs china and culture/economy of conflict masters need to reinforce silly contrived red,blue games. increasingly every bad guy for 100+ years being fabricated. never any talk about usa's pre1949 chinese kmt government in china that was swept under the rug into this post ww2 US territory of taiwan. no mention that mao was from yale china. the greater benefit of having oppressed bad guy china vs democratic powerful china last century. usa generals meeting with mao in mountains. usa many times directing/threatening kmt to not decimate the communists. major general smedley butlers war profiteers…

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