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How to Pin Curl Long Hair | Long Hairstyles

How to Pin Curl Long Hair | Long Hairstyles

13 thoughts on “How to Pin Curl Long Hair | Long Hairstyles”

  1. What happened?! Camera Came back and you did flat pin curls. The stand up curls in the beginning would been best for her.
    More product. Nubian foam setting lotion.
    Moose, spray each and let dry.
    Her hair would be flat in now time from the weight.

  2. I feel like the model here has a very neutral facial expression which is quite professional as she is not diverting attention away from the hairdresser. To everyone saying she looks "bitchy", that's just your biased interpretation of her (maybe you're intimidated by her?)

  3. I don't get it… all that effort and her hair looks nearly the same afterward as before. And she has really thin hair, so it should take curls well. What about thicker hair that starts out straight? How do pin-curls work for that?

    I do like the way he demonstrates the making of the pin-curls, though. Most tutorials I see suggest starting the roll at the bottom of the hair, which in practice is frustrating. I tried his way (holding the hair near the scalp and flipping the length around the fingers) and it worked really well. So that's good!

  4. Weird how many people are commenting on the model's expression. Who tf cares? Is she supposed to be grinning insanely? That would be really off.

  5. I love the look of pin curls! But I never comb or brush them out. I prefer the tight twist so I loosely run my fingers through to remove the definition of the split of the curl close to my head. They are a lot of work though!

  6. 1. that is not how you pin curl

    2. when he "took the pin curls out" really what he means is he heat styled her hair with a curler.

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